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Raunak tries to use a mirror to see Shlok’s face, but Sumeet notices and prevents it by pushing them onto the bed. She reminds Raunak that she had punished him for not to see her face. Raunak pleads with her not to leave him alone. Sumeet mentions that she once gave a similar punishment to Akki, making him realize the seriousness of it. Raunak chuckles and reveals that Akki is in a frightening place, hidden by Shagun. Sumeet realizes that Raunak might know Akki’s location and decides they must find out from him.

Raunak pretends to act crazy, claiming he doesn’t remember where Akki is. Shlok asks Sumeet if she has a plan to make Raunak reveal Akki’s location. Shlok is willing to do anything to extract the information. Sumeet and Shlok blindfold Raunak and transform the room into a cheerful setting. This excites Raunak, who attempts to kiss Shlok (disguised as Sumeet). Annoyed, Shlok pushes him away, leading Raunak to complain that Shlok keeps pushing him.

Raunak calls Rajiv and asks for something specific. Rajiv informs Ashok that he cannot bring what Raunak wants and suggests an alternative. Meanwhile, Shlok dances with Raunak, who keeps attempting to get close to him. They dance to a song and Raunak receives a bottle of alcohol from Ashok. Shlok encourages Raunak to drink, hoping he might confess while intoxicated.

Raj confronts Priyanka about sending romantic texts and urges her to stop. Priyanka denies sending such messages and leaves.
Raunak continues to drink and even convinces Shlok to join him, but he doesn’t reveal Akki’s whereabouts. Eventually, Raunak falls unconscious before revealing anything. Shlok becomes anxious, but Sumeet reassures him that they will handle the situation.
Anju expresses her worry about not being able to contact Akki to Rajiv. She wishes to go to her mother’s house to bring Akki home. Sumeet feels she needs to find a way for Anju and her family to communicate with Akki. Vani talks to Sumeet and reveals Abhay’s lies. Vani advises Sumeet not to interfere as it’s a matter between husband and wife.

Raunak throws a glass of milk and tries to embrace Shlok, mistaking him for Sumeet. He starts throwing watermelon around, which irritates Shlok and prompts him to push Raunak away. Shagun arrives and inquires about the commotion. Sumeet prevents Shagun from seeing Shlok under the veil by making her slip on a watermelon. Despite the family’s shock, Shagun lifts the veil, revealing the situation.

Precap: None

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