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Shagun lifts the veil and discovers Sumeet underneath, she in shock. In a flashback, it’s revealed how everyone distracted Shagun while Sumeet quickly changed from Shlok’s attire to a saree. Shagun pulls Sumeet outside and Sumeet reminds her of their deal. Sumeet insists that if Shagun wants Raunak to stay with them, she needs to allow the family to talk to Akki. Shagun hands her phone to Sumeet, giving her five minutes to talk to Akki. Akki is crying and pleads to return to the family. Sumeet comforts him, instructing him not to reveal the kidnapping situation.

Sumeet rushes back inside and hands the phone to the family. Everyone is overjoyed and encourages Akki to come home soon. Pankhuri realizes she couldn’t text Raj due to the commotion and sends him another romantic message. Raj reads the text, remembers Priyanka’s words, and decides to confront Pankhuri. He responds, asking to meet her. Pankhuri suggests they get to know each other better first.

Raj sends a voice message, prompting Priyanka to worry that Pankhuri might be cheating on Sarthak. Sumeet and Shlok disguise themselves as income tax officers to enter Shagun’s house, pretending to conduct a raid. They instruct the staff to remain in a room and confiscate their phones during the “raid.” Sumeet tells Shlok about recognizing a similar voice during the call with Akki.

Shagun takes care of Raunak and plans revenge on each family member. She warns them to treat Raunak well, threatening to cancel the task and make them her slaves for life. Poonam remembers Sumeet’s instructions to keep Shagun occupied for two hours. They suggest that Raunak needs hospital treatment for his mental state, but Shagun insists they care for him at home. Ashok suggests that they do it their way and locks Shagun out of the room. Inside, Rajiv pretends to be Raunak and shouts as if Ashok is hurting him. Shagun yells to open the door.

Meanwhile, Shlok and Sumeet locate Akki’s whereabouts and find him, but they get trapped inside the room. They lose consciousness due to poisonous gas. Upon waking up, they are shocked to see Shagun in front of them. She taunts them for getting caught. They notice Akki hanging upside down over a vessel of boiling water, crying out for help. Shagun drops a doll into the water to trick them into thinking it’s Akki. Shagun then declares that Sumeet will be the one to face consequences. Shlok loses his temper and attacks Shagun. Sumeet tries to calm him down, but Shagun believes her plan is working to disturb Shlok mentally. She smirks.

Precap: Sumeet shos Phone to Shlok. He asks who’s phone is this. Sumeet says this is of Raunak. Shlok says ho is that possible this means he is trying to make us fool, he is acting but what is the reason behind that.
Raunak burns Shlok’s photo and says you hurt me a lot and this fire will stop burning only after your blood.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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