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Pankhuri expresses her concern about Dadi’s worsening health and how only one day is left for the challenge. She laments the family’s poverty and worries that they will become slaves. She blames Sumeet for accepting Shagun’s challenge and causing suffering to everyone. She questions Sumeet about how she plans to improve Raunak’s condition. Shlok starts to answer, but Sumeet stops him, saying they’ve already figured out a solution and promises to win by the end of the next day. Shlok talks to Sumeet privately, asking why she’s doubting his family and keeping them in the dark about Raunak not actually being mentally unstable. Sumeet explains that the family is innocent and might struggle to act convincingly if they know the truth. She asks Shlok to trust her judgment. Sumeet assures the family that she will secretly call a doctor for Raunak without letting Shagun find out.

Priyanka helps Raj disguise himself as a doctor by doing his makeup. They have a cute argument and playful interaction, recalling their past encounters. Priyanka insists that no one can do the makeup better than her and encourages Raj to check himself in the mirror. Raj sees himself in mirror and gets shocked.

Vani says to Abhay after the baby is born our family will get complete and full of happiness. Abhay confesses to Vani that he can’t be the child’s father due to his infertility. He mentions getting a blood test done and implies that the child might not be his. Vani is devastated and starts crying, denying the possibility. She suggests that the reports could be fake and reaffirms that the child is indeed his. Abhay insists that she should get a DNA test done to prove it. Vani is heartbroken, and in her emotional state, she almost raises her hand to strike Abhay for doubting her character. Abhay gives her an ultimatum, saying that if she doesn’t get the DNA test done, she can’t stay with him. When Vani refuses, he forcefully removes her mangalsutra and leaves. Abhay notices Raj in his doctor’s disguise and decides to inform Shagun about it.

Sumeet approaches Raunak and introduces Raj, disguised as “Doctor Danny,” claiming to specialize in treating mentally unstable patients. Raj playfully teases Raunak and has him sit in a chair, mentioning the plan to give him a 440-volt electric shock to restore his brain’s normalcy. Shlok tries not to laugh while Raunak becomes nervous, realizing he needs to protect himself from their tactics. Sumeet and Shlok discuss how they are trying to get Raunak to confess that he’s not actually mentally unstable. Raunak mocks “Doctor Danny” for seeming crazier than him. Raj continues the act, making Raunak anxious about the electric shock and even pretends to have an animal injection. Raunak panics and identifies it as a horse injection, but Raj insists he needs it.

Raunak worries that if he’s subjected to shocks, he might become genuinely unstable. In his panic, he kicks Raj, causing him to fall. Sumeet and Shlok are concerned, but Raj manages the situation, bringing the wire closer to Raunak to give him a shock. Raj thinks it’s too risky and decides to stop. Shagun anticipates only one more day before Shlok’s family becomes her servants. She envisions Sumeet begging for her family and Shlok losing his sanity. Abhay approaches Shagun to inform her about Raj’s impersonation of a doctor and implies they’re trying to harm Raunak. Raunak screams that he’s not mad and confesses that the reports were fabricated. He declares that he’s not mentally unstable, and this confession is recorded.

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