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Sumeet doing aarti, seeking strength to face her challenges and remembers Raunak telling her that he is not mad. Sumeet says to God it’s impossible to prove Raunak is wrong and he wants to harm Shlok, please help me to overcome this situation. Poonam asks her where Shlok is, and Sumeet explains that he stayed up late, so she hasn’t woken him yet. Shagun arrives and announces that only six hours remain for the challenge to end, so she plans to stay put. Raunak worries that Shagun’s presence might foil his plan to harm Shlok. He tries to get her to leave, but she remains undeterred. Shagun asks for black coffee, and Poonam offers to prepare it. Sumeet confides in Shlok that they need to find a way to make Shagun leave.

Meanwhile, Priyanka notices Pankhuri getting ready and asks about her plans. Pankhuri lies, claiming she’s attending an old friend’s party. When Priyanka mentions Mayra’s vaccination, Pankhuri brushes it off, suggesting Priyanka ask Sarthak. After Pankhuri leaves, Priyanka hears a notification sound and investigates her cupboard. She discovers Pankhuri’s phone, which contains conversations with Raj. Priyanka realizes that Raj mistook Pankhuri for herself. She decides to prevent their meeting.

Sumeet and Shlok spot Raunak near a room and pretend to have a conversation with a fictional police officer. They instruct him to raid Shagun’s house, claiming that Akki is held captive there. Raunak contemplates informing Shagun. He takes Shagun aside and shares the news of the police raid. Shagun falls for their ruse and leaves in haste. Raunak believes this works to his advantage, allowing him to execute his plan to endanger Shlok with a gorilla attack.

Entering Raunak’s room, Sumeet finds pillows on his bed instead of him. She overhears him speaking on the phone, mentioning ending the game within 6 hours. Recognizing the deception, Sumeet decides to trail Raunak. He misleads her, making her follow another person instead. He relishes her gullibility and enlists a person to lead her astray. Raunak schemes to get Shlok attacked by the gorilla, ensuring that by the time Sumeet returns, Shlok will be in harm’s way.

Sumeet reaches the place where the gorilla is present, realizing the situation might be illegal. However, she continues to follow the deceptive trail, reaching the end of the street. Meanwhile, Raunak arrives home and forcefully takes his dad along to witness the gorilla spectacle. Poonam informs Shlok about this, and they contact Sumeet to warn her. Sumeet catches up with the person she was following, realizing that she was deliberately misled by Raunak. She hurries back to the location where the gorilla is.

Inside the cage, Shlok’s father becomes frightened, but Shlok arrives and offers comfort. Seeing Shlok’s presence, Raunak signals the person controlling the gorilla. Raunak shoves Shlok into the cage, locking it securely. Poonam and the other family members cry out for help. Sumeet arrives at the scene and witnesses Shlok’s struggle against the menacing gorilla.

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