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Pankhuri steals a ring from blazer and tries on her hand and says this is the place where I belong, she says Priyanka scolds Pankhuri for her involvement with Raj despite Sarthak’s love for her. She pleads with Pankhuri to forget Raj. Raj overhears this and realizes Pankhuri was the one sending him messages.

Shagun warns that Shlok could end up in jail if they lose even one of the remaining three tasks. She introduces the next task, “Rakhi vs. Mangalsutra,” where Sumeet has to choose between her husband and brother. Sumeet advises Shagun to be cautious, as trying to break her relationships might cost her dearly. Shagun hints at the danger in the next task.

A mysterious text is jumbled and doesn’t make sense. Priyanka promises to reveal the truth to someone named Aryore, even if it means facing consequences. Pankhuri expresses her determination not to stay in this poor family and vows to find a way out. Poonam mentions that in the next task, Shlok will suffer, and Raunak will enjoy it. Everyone advises Sumeet not to agree to play, but Shagun insists on setting the rules. She announces that this time, the game will be played by Sumeet’s brother and husband, and Sumeet must decide who goes first.

Sumeet refuses to participate in such a game. Shlok and Raj assure her they can handle any task. Raunak explains the task: walking over two planks with burning coals in between. Shagun forces Sumeet to play, showing her a video of Akki crying and asking Sumeet to save him. She adds that if Sumeet doesn’t participate, Akki won’t survive to tie Rakhi to anyone. A dilemma arises as Raj and Shlok insist on Sumeet choosing the other person to save. Poonam advises against playing the game and putting anyone in danger.

Sumeet breaks down, unable to choose between her husband and brother. Shagun offers to help her decide, showing her a photo album highlighting her brother’s sacrifices. Raj and Shlok plead with Sumeet to save the other. Shagun gives Sumeet a two-minute deadline to make her choice, and Sumeet is left in a difficult situation, contemplating her decision.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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