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Shagun hands Sumeet a pen and paper, telling her she has only two minutes to make a choice. Sumeet quickly writes a name on the paper and tosses it to Raj and Shlok. Raj catches it and they read it together, and Shlok starts walking on the plank above burning coals first. Anju informs Masum that Sumeet has chosen Shlok, and Shagun and Masum mock Sumeet for giving up on her brother. Sumeet responds confidently, stating that both her relationships are strong. Raj is shown walking on his hands instead of his feet. In a flashback, it’s revealed that Sumeet chose this to let Shlok walk on two feet and Raj on his hands.

Shagun becomes furious at her failure, but the family members start clapping to support Shlok and Raj, who successfully complete the task. Sumeet points out that they are following Shagun’s rules since Raj is using his hands instead of his feet on the plank. She credits the idea to a childhood photo album. Raunak tries to make things difficult for Shlok and Raj, but Sumeet pushes him away in frustration.

Shlok and Raj both manage to descend from the plank safely, and the family cheers for their success. Sumeet pushes Shagun toward the fire but holds her by one hand, giving her an ultimatum. She tells Shagun that if she wants to be saved, Raunak must cross the plank. Shagun panics and urges Raunak to comply. Sumeet eventually relents and moves Shagun away from the fire, reminding her that selfish people like Raunak are not affected by her death.

Sumeet delivers an emotional poem about relationships, and the family members clap around Shagun in a circle. The next morning, Shlok opens the door and finds a pot hanging with something burning inside. He coughs and assumes it’s Shagun’s doing. Shagun arrives and warns them that they’ll have to be sad and depressed if they fail the next task. She reveals that Shlok and Sumeet must climb a human pyramid to break the pot. Shagun also hints at a sixth task related to celebrating Janmashtami. She teases everyone and leaves them to prepare for the task.

Shagun gives each family member a gift, and Poonam is shocked to receive a white saree. A flashback shows Poonam hiding the truth of her widowhood. Shlok scolds Shagun for making such a bad joke, and Sumeet wonders why she gave Poonam a simple task and a white saree. Sumeet tells Shlok that Shagun must have a hidden agenda, leaving them both puzzled, Shlok says don’t worry we will find out the truth. Ashok suggests that Shlok shouldn’t uncover the truth.

Precap: Rajeev says Shagun has given us to complete a task and Tauji cant help us in practice. Shlok says we have one person who can help us and he calls his father. Everyone in shock. Shlok calls his father and asks him to help them. He says I’ll try to come.
Poonam says Shlok is excited because his father will be coming but that’s not possible because his father is not alive

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