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Sumeet, Ashok, Poonam and the Doctor in Shlok’s room. The doctor informs everyone that Shlok is dealing with a lot of mental stress and should not be exposed to any more trauma. Ashok asks Rajiv to get medicine. Poonam is worried and tells Sumeet that Shlok won’t be able to handle the news of Anand’s death, he can’t hear a word against him.

Sumeet and Poonam with Shlok in his room. Shagun enters and pretends to sympathize with Shlok and asks Poonam what happened, I heard someone sarcastically say something about his father, is he fine now? Sumeet sees through her act and asks Why are you here? Shagun mocks Sumeet about one of her players falling ill and says she’ll win if Sumeet can’t participate, so Sumeet needs to get Shlok back on his feet.

Sumeet looks for Shlok, she notices him near Poonam’s cupboard and asks what he’s doing. Shlok shows her a white saree and asks about its significance. Sumeet gently explains to him that it symbolizes that Anand is no longer with them. Shlok becomes hysterical, cuts the saree with scissors, and then stabs himself with the scissors. Sumeet realises this is just a nightmare and she wakes up. She hugs Shlok and asks are you fine, he is relieved that he’s okay, but worries about how he’ll handle the truth about Anand’s death. Shlok asks Sumeet if there’s something he should know, but he doesn’t get a chance to. Sumeet shifts the conversation by flirting with him. Shlok plays along, and they hug, with Sumeet determined to shield him from the truth. Sumeet applies ointment and thinks I can’t let Shagun traumatise Shlok I have to find a way to stop Shagun.

Priyanka goes to a cobbler to get her footwear fixed, and Raj happens to be there too. She steps on a piece of glass and Raj helps her remove it. Priyanka, annoyed, questions why he’s following her. Raj surprises her with a red rose and confesses that he’s drawn to her good nature and character. He assures her that he won’t push his feelings on her and gives her time to make her decision. However, Priyanka later confronts Raj again and rejects his advances, labelling him as selfish, just like her mother who abandoned them without looking back to see how they managed.

Shagun video calls Poonam and teases her about not inviting her for Janmashtami. She reveals that she has a gift for Shlok and shows her a tribute poster for Anand. Poonam is shocked and drops the Krishna idol she’s holding, but Sumeet catches it.

Worried about Shlok, Poonam and Sumeet hatch a plan to protect him. Priyanka is working with her beauty parlour team at Raj’s house when she’s harassed by one of the customer’s husbands, Amit. When he gets caught, he blames Priyanka instead. Masoom tries to shield her, but Raj intervenes just in time, catching Priyanka. Raj tells Priyanka that he trusts her, but Amit is a family friend, so his trust lies more with him. He insists that Priyanka apologizes to Amit before leaving.

Sumeet and Ashok try to comfort Poonam and offer their support. Shlok arrives, and Ashok quickly comes up with an excuse for their plan. Shlok expresses his desire for Anand to come back and worries about getting hurt if he doesn’t. Shagun arrives with Raunak and contemplates revealing the truth about Shlok’s father’s death.

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