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Shagun asks Raunak if he has prepared the gift for Shlok, and he shows her the gift. Shagun thinks to reveal the truth about Anand’s death in front of him. Sumeet sees Shagun and remembers Poonam’s warning that Shlok isn’t ready to face the truth yet. Shagun says to Raunak I never expected my work will be done with this much ease. Shagun has “Lt Anand Chowdhury” printed on a billboard and places it near Shlok at the event, but Ashok notices and moves Shlok away. Sumeet prays to God for helping them and says I need to remove this hoarding. Ashok takes Shlok away and says you won’t go there. Shlok asks what happened. Ashok asks him to obey his orders. Raunak and Shagun looking for Shlok. Shagun says his phone is also switched off. Shagun starts ringing a bell near a temple and thinks now Shlok will come to me and see the hoarding, making Shlok think the puja has begun, so he goes there too.

Sumeet tells Poonam they need to complete their task before the crowd gathers. Shlok is seen approaching the hoarding, but Sumeet has a picture of Lord Krishna and Radha placed in front of it. Shagun believes that Sumeet can’t stop her and is determined to tell Shlok about his father’s death. Raj instructs Priyanka to write an apology letter. She initially refuses, but Raj threatens to inform her family about the incident, so Priyanka reluctantly agrees to write it. Raj tricks Amit, the person who harassed Priyanka, into confessing and records it. He confronts Amit and exposes his wrongdoing, even making him apologize and write an apology letter.

Sumeet informs the priest that Shagun will perform the aarti to keep her occupied. However, the priest informs Sumeet that even after half an hour, Shagun intends to reveal the truth to Shlok and won’t leave before doing so. As everyone starts the aarti and worships Lord Krishna, Sumeet signals to the priest, who starts offering prasad to everyone. Sumeet is delighted to see Shagun eating the laddoo. Shagun approaches Shlok and tells him she has a huge surprise for him. Raunak believes it’s showtime. Shagun says she needs to tell Shlok something that will leave him astonished. Meanwhile, Sumeet informs Poonam that the effects of the bhaang will kick in soon, so she sends the kids to distract Shagun and prevent her from telling Shlok anything.

Gradually, the bhaang starts affecting Shagun, and she begins to act drunk. She starts singing “Laila Main Laila” on a microphone, leaving Raunak shocked and speechless. Shagun dances wildly, making everyone laugh. She pulls Sumeet to dance with her and pushes Raunak away when he tries to intervene. Sumeet recalls the plan she discussed with Poonam, where a laddoo with rose petals would silence Raunak and one with foil would make Shagun intoxicated. She rewards the kids with chocolates for their help. Shagun continues dancing, frustrating Raunak, who can’t do anything. Shlok becomes confused about what’s happening. Shagun calls Shlok, but Sumeet snatches the phone. She warns Shagun again, saying she’ll reveal the truth during Dahi Handi. Sumeet encourages Shlok, emphasizing the need to win the task and not give up. Sumeet is determined to defeat Shagun.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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