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The next day..

Keerthi got ready beautifully and naksh who passed Keerthi’s room gets mesmerized seeing her through mirror view..

Suddenly Keerthi notices naksh through mirror and blushes.

Suddenly something falls distracting them.

Keerthi:h..ohh..naksh..you..you are here

Naksh: actually you was telling about your delivery right? Thought to help you  by giving company.

Keerthi gets suprised.

Keerthi: but you have to monitor your restaurant through live camera right

Naksh: keerthi..my mind is in verge of bursting out. If I keep on monitoring more then i will lose my brain for sure..so i decided to off my work and get peaceful of mind for sometime

Keerthi laughs hearing it while naksh smiles seeing her laughter.

Keerthi:so you decided to come along with me


They both go out and they get suprised seeing kartik in good mood..

Naksh:kartik..why are you getting ready like girls suddenly? Are you going to any function

Kartik gets embarassed..

Kartik in mind:i wish to tell you that I am getting ready in handsome way to impress my sherni naira..but i can’t as i should first make her naira. And then reveal the truth..so that everything will be back normal

Kartik: nothing..today..i..iam going out with.. with my colleague after college gets over..that’s why

Keerthi smiles.

Keerthi:that’s good.. finally you are going out..iam happy

Kartik:Haan..ok..did you prepare breakfast? Iam hungry today.

Keerthi gets suprised and gets more happier.

Keerthi:is there to ask like this bhai? Even if i dint prepare you have rights to ask me to prepare for you..and iam always ready to prepare for you. Give me sometime..I’ll prepare breakfast and come.

Keerthi prepares breakfast and kartik eats it nicely.

Kartik: after a long time..iam eating such a tasty breakfast!! Today i will surely be afresh for whole day because of this tasty food.

Naksh and keerthi smiles.

Keerthi: you never leave without commenting on my food..and iam happy hear the comment after a long time

Kartik smiles and then he eats quickly and bids bye to both of the and goes to his college while keethi and naksh expresses happiness as kartik is becoming normal.

Naksh:i never expected this sudden change in kartik..iam so happy for him

Keerthi:even me too..i always wished bhai to be happy and finally it happened..iam so excited. I don’t know what made change in him but let him be like this always.


Then they both eat breakfast and goes for Keerthi’s clothes delivery.


Kartik reaches his college and he entered the class and got happy seeing naira..

Kartik in mind: had tasty food and now saw my lovely wife..iam sure today i will be in heaven.. who else will get this amazing fate?

Once they saw kartik students gets up and wishes him.

Students:good morning sir.

Kartik: good morning..sit down please.

Suddenly a student named astha rushes to the class late and she gets scared seeing kartik.

Astha in mind:now I am gone..kartik sir will surely send me back to home.. what a bad fate today!

Kartik: Astha..why are you just standing there without calling me? Will you stare me like that for whole class?

Astha shakes in fear.

Astha:no sir..sc.. actually..iam iam late due..due to my mother’s medical delay in hospital..so.

Kartik:it’s okay..no problem. Get in.

Astha gets hell suprised while the whole students gets shocked as first time they saw kartik polite and happy and dint punish a student.

Astha in mind:am i dreaming? I couldn’t believe that kartik sir allowed inside class..what a miracle!

Astha goes in and soon kartik starts taking class..

He finished his lecture and turns towards students.

Kartik:so now let’s begin question session. Let me test you all how well you are thorough with my subject.

Everyone gets tensed while naira smiles.

Naira in mind: kartik won’t ask me any questions as we had a deal..iam escaped..iam so lucky person!

Kartik in mind :i know what you are thinking naira…but what will be fun without breaking promise in friendship?? Now see what il do.

The students prays that they shouldn’t be called by kartik and kartik suddenly calls..

Kartik: miss. Tina shekhawat.. please get and answer to my question.

Naira gets stunned and she gets up and stares kartik angry while kartik gives a naughty smile and they talk through their mind..

Naira: i thought you are a good friend kartik..but you are too bad. You broke the promise.

Kartik: what’s the fun in friendship without breaking promise Tina?

Naira: wait..I’ll break your head for breaking promise

Kartik:haha..lets see.

They come out of their mind talk and.

Kartik:miss.tina..as you just joined before 2 days..I’ll ask you very simple question and you answer it

Kartik asks question and naira answers it correctly while everyone gets suprised and kartik smiles.

Kartik in mind: my naira is always smart..I knew it and that’s why I called her confidently

Later after college gets over.

Priya: Tina.. today you told that you will come with me right..are you coming

Naira:no..i need something to discuss with kartik sir. I’ll go myself..you go.


Priya goes and naira goes to kartik’s cabin and bangs in angrily while kartik gets shocked.

Kartik:Tina..you scared me to death. Why did you enter like a sherni??

Naira: iam sherni..then i will enter like that only. I want paw you like sherni..wait.

Kartik smiles.

Kartik in mind: my naira is always sherni..even as Tina she is my sherni. Always in fierce form..

Naira:why are you smiling after breaking promise

Kartik:Tina..i just did for fun..i know you will answer that’s why i called you for fun.

Naira: even i know i will answer even if you ask world’s toughest question but you broke the promise..so i will break friendship with you.

She turns to go angrily but kartik immediately gets and does sit ups before her.

Kartik:acha..meri pyaari dosti..iam really sorry..i will never do such horrible fun hereafter.

Naira laughs seeing him..

Naira:acha..sorry accepted as a strict professor had done sit ups for a friendship with me.

Kartik gets up and presses her nose.

Kartik:you naughty sherni..even i dint punish any students with sit ups but you made me do it.

Naira giggles and suddenly they hear a rain sound and they see our and gets shocked.

Naira:ohh noo..it’s raining..i don’t have umbrella too..how will I go home

Kartik: don’t worry..i have umbrella..i will drop you home.

Naira:no..no..it’s okay..I’ll call ranveer jeeju

Kartik:arrey..he should come leaving his duty. Why to disturb him? Iam your friend..so come with me..i won’t eat you

Naira laughs:ok.

They go out and holds umbrella together and suddenly naira looks kartik as he is close and kartik notices it and sees her and both meets with an intense eyelock..

Suddenly her moments with kartik flashes her mind..

Naira gets uncomfortable and in mind: what’s happening? Again I am getting imagination of kartik and me.. I don’t understand why.

She feels restless and suddenly she feels dizzy and was about to fall but kartik holds her immediately leaving umbrella and they look each other and kartik slowly makes her stand up..

Kartik:are you fine? Shall i get you to hospital if you are sick?

Naira:no..no..iam fine. I just slipped as floor was slippery..that’s it

Naira in mind: i can’t tell you what iam going through as i need to find myself about our relationship and myself.

Suddenly kartik sneezes.


Naira:ohh no..i guess you are the one who is sick. Come here with me to the corridor.

Naira takes him to the covered area and wipes his face with her towel.

Naira:you are sneezing immediately after getting drenched in rain..let me wipe you..so that you won’t get affected more with cold

Kartik gets immersed in her care and he looks her lovingly..

Kartik in mind:you may have forgotten me but your love for me haven’t vanished yet. I can see how you care for me..hope you get your memories back soon..i really miss you naira

Naira catches his glare and.

Naira: what happened

Kartik smiles:nothing..i just looked you as you are so caring person

Naira smiles: we are friends.. so i should care for you right


Then they both holds umbrella again and they reach car parking and goes..


At night Abir was sleeping peacefully suddenly he dreams of romancing and dancing with mishti..

Aaj zid kar raha hai Dil
Aaj zid kar raha hai Dil
Karna hai bas tujhe haasil
Aaj Zid kar raha hai Dil

Ho mujhme tu ho bhi ja shaamil
Aaj zid kar raha hai Dil
Ho… Ho…

Kahi khud ko mujhme tu
chhor ja.. chhor ja..
Tere saath mujhko tu
jodd jaa.. Jod jaa..

Tere Saath mujhko tu
Jodd jaa.. Jodd jaa..

Ye jo kaanch ke jaisi
Ek deewar hai
Meri bahon mein usse
Todd jaa.. Todd jaa..

Ye jo ek adhurapan hai
Ek dusre se bhar de
Tujhe umrr bhar naa bhule
wo lamhein mil jaaye

Maan le mujhe tere kaabil
Aaj zid kar raha hai Dil
Ho mujhme tu ho bhi ja shaamil
Aaj zid kar raha hai Dil

Bepanah tujhpe fida hu
Bepanah tujhe chahta hu
Bepanah tujhe maanta hu
Bepanah… Bepanah…

Tu nasha tu khumaari
Tera junoon sir pe sawar
Aaj tu khud ko mere yaar
De pila.. De pila..

Mujhe sirf teri lagan hai
Usse milke poori kar de
Meri itni si hai khwaish
Tera pyaar mil jaaye

Ban bhi ja tu meri manzil
Aaj Zid kar raha hai Dil
Mujhme tu ho bhi ja shaamil
Aaj zid kar raha hai Dil

Ho… Ho…
Aaj zid kar raha hai Dil (x2)

At morning surekha splashes water on him while Abir wakes up in jerk.

Abir:maa..why did you cut my romantic story

Surekha gets stunned.

Surekha:cut your romantic story? What romantic story?

Abir realises the dream and gets confused.

Abir in mind:why did suddenly got dream like that? Did i started to feel for mishti in such a way? Is Kunal right about my feelings for mishti? But she is my chudail bff..how can I have such feelings?

Surekha:Abir.. don’t act like devdas at morning. Go and get ready and come.. today you told you have to compose a song for producer prabhu’s movie right?

Abir:yeah..i have to go to nearby town where his production house is located

Surekha:then why are you sleeping as if you are in heaven? Get ready and come for breakfast and go for your work sooner.

Surekha was about to go but Abir stops her.

Abir:maa..i need your help. Can you tell how you identified you love for dad before marriage as i know you and father had love story.

Surekha gets stunned.

Surekha: what? Why do you want to know about it suddenly?

Abir in mind:i can’t say to mom that iam confused about feelings for mishti because if i say she will fix the marriage atself directly in over excitement..

Abir: i thought of directing a romantic movie..so i dint know how someone understands the feeling of love..that’s why I asked you mom

Surekha laughs.

Surekha:why are making fun at early morning? You and your direction!! First of all you never took photo properly..then how come you thought of directing a movie? What a joke.

Abir gets embarassed.

Abir in mind:what an ugly lie i told? Iam so stupid.

Surekha smiles: anyways..I’ll tell you. If you love a person..then your heart will beat for her every second

Abir:but mom for every humans..heart is beating every seconds.

Surekha:shut up nd listen without joking around. Then you will dream her in her absence..and you will be happy whenever she is there with you. Your heart gets pierced if she lands in any problem and so on.

Abir gets happy hearing it.

Abir in mind: that means my feelings for mishti is love..wow..it’s so amazing. Kunal is right..thank god i asked mom.. orelse i would have been devdas in love

Abir:thank you mom..i will decide the story

Surekha frowns: without even knowing the story..you asked such a weird question.. what a genius son I have!


Surekha giggles and goes while Abir frowns.

Surekha in mind:i know what you told is a lie..i guess you are in love…that’s why you asked such question to solve your confusion. I can easily read your heart Abir..

Surekha goes while Abir gets ready jumping in joy.

Abir:now..I’ll go and tell Mishti that i love her. Iam so excited..i think mishti too loves me.

He calls mishti.

Abir:hello mishti.

Mishti:hey Abir.. what’s up

Abir:can you please come now to a squiden park..i want to tell you something urgent

Mishti:sure I’ll come.

They cut the call and mishti gets ready to meet Abir in confused state.

Mishti in mind:what’s so urgent matter that Abir wants to tell me? Hope he tells something good other than his jokes.

After sometime mishti was waiting for Abir in park and soon Abir came in opposite direction and was about to cross the road while mishti sees him and smiles.

Mishti in mind:it will be nice if he proposes me..but i can just dream it as Abir seems to be friendly only

Before crossing the road some drunk guy hits Abir in his bike nd goes and Abir falls on road bleeding on his head shocking mishti and mishti screams.


She runs to him and makes him lie on her lap and cries.

Mishti:Abir.. nothing will happen to you. I will soon take you to hospital.

Abir smiles:mishti..iam fine. It’s not a big accident. Iam just having a small cut in my head.. that’s it. So don’t cry.

Mishti:but I can’t see you hurt..if you are hurt them iam hurt

Abir and mishti looks each other emotionally.

Mishti then takes Abir to hospital in rickshaw and admits him and the nurses bandages his wound on the head and suddenly Abir opens eyes and sees mishti as doctor wounding him and smiles..

Abir in mind: my wound doesnt hurts me..i will be hurt only if i dint share my feelings for you. Now I’ll propose you..

Abir:you are so cute even when you are bandaging me..i love you my chudail bff.

Suddenly the nurse gets stunned as Abir was hallucinating her as mishti and she moves away in awkward moment.

Nurse:excuse me sir.. what are you telling? Iam a married women and i have two kids.

Abir gets stunned hearing other voice and he realises he was imagining the nurse as mishti and gets embarassed.

Abir in mind:ohh..no.. what did I do

Abir:iam …iam really sorry..i..i thought you as..as my friend mishti

Nurse:it’s okay..i understand that you love your friend. But still I feel embarassed.. anyways i cleaned and bandaged your wound. Now you can discharge after paying the amount in reception

Abir goes out and sees mishti while mishti comes to him.

Mishti:Abir.. are you ok now

Abir in mind: is she really mishti or am I dreaming mishti in someone else?

Abir:are you mishti?

Mishti gets shocked and makes weird faces..

Mishti:are you out of your senses? You are asking me atself are you mishti.. Did you got hurt in brain or what

Abir gets embarassed and holds his ears.

Abir: don’t get angry..iam sorry. I..i just made fun that’s it

Mishti:you and your stupid funs!! I was worried for you but you are making fun..i never saw such a careless guy like you..

Abir:acha iam sorry sorry..now don’t become Hitler mishti please..i dint get hurt deeply..it’s just a cut..so calm down

Mishti:ok..come I’ll drop you home. Go and take rest today.. don’t roam anywhere today

Abir in mind: i spoiled my proposal day because of my carelessness. Now i can’t propose mishti as her mood is not good. I will propose some other day romantically.

Abir smiles and then he goes with mishti and reaches his house and mishti tells the matter to Goenkas.

Mishti:surekha aunty.. don’t leave him outside..let him take rest today. He is always careless.

Surekha:yes beta..you are right. Abir..you always don’t care about yourself.. first go and takes rest now

Dadi:iam really worried.

Abir:no need to worry dadi. It’s just a small cut..and I’ll go and take rest now. Once i take rest..I’ll get fine completely

Abir goes to take rest while mishti goes from there too.


Bani reaches the address which ram bave and she knocks the door and ram opens the door and gets happy

Ram: welcome to my house miss.Bani. i was scared whether you wouldn’t come..now I am relieved

Bani makes faces.

Bani:you no need to welcome me as I am not your guest..iam just came here to cure your mother ..that’s it

Ram:ok..come in

Ram goes in and takes her near his mother jhanvi’s room.

Ram:you wait here..I’ll tell mom and then you come inside


Ram goes to his mother who is sitting lifeless sadly and crying.

Ram:maa..iam sorry..i should have trusted your words. You told that Anika wouldn’t have died but i strongly refused you..but now your words came true..our Anika is alive and she is back

Jhanvi gets so happy hearing it and she smiles after so long time and gets emotional.

Jhanvi: i know my anika won’t leave me and you. She loves us truly that’s why god saved her from such a cruel accident..but you dint believed your love. Bring her to me..i need to hug her kiss her and pamper her.

Bani gets sad hearing this and Ram goes and brings bani to jhanvi and jhanvi gets so happy and she hugs her tightly and cries.

Jhanvi: I missed you so much anika. Even your own lover forgot you but I never forgot my daughter..i was eagerly waiting for your arrival..i know you will be alive. But your ram never believed it.

Ram’s heart get pricked hearing it and gets sad.

Ram in mind: iam sorry maa for lying about anika now..but the truth is Anika is dead. You are so I’ll and your health is worsened as you never eat anything from the day anika left us..that’s why i brought her lookalike to cure you

Jhanvi holds her hands and smiles.

Jhanvi:beta..all these months where were you? Was you in coma?

Bani doesn’t know what to answer and she looks ram and ram signals her to lie something and bani thinks and.

Bani: maa…my..my friends took..took abroad for..for my treatment..as i was injured more.

Jhanvi smiles.

Jhanvi:thank god now you are returned. Now i can be peacefully die after seeing your and Ram’s wedding

Ram:maa.. don’t talk like that. You will get fine.

Jhanvi:but i heared your talks with doctor ram. I know he said my kidneys are getting failure and my body parts are deteriorating something..so i know my time is not there to live more

Ram and bani gets upset hearing it.

Bani:maa.. don’t tell like that. Doctor just give false hopes..but your daughter and son will give true hope..we are saying that you will love long healthily.

Jhanvi smiles hearing it.

Jhanvi: iam happy to hear it from you anika. I wish I get a chance to play with your and Ram’s children too.

Ram and bani gets dull hearing it but they fake smile.

Jhanvi: seems my son is not interested in anika now..you never showed happiness for the return of anika..you are still like a cold man

Ram suddenly holds anika holds and they both fakely smile.

Ram:who told maa? Iam the happiest guy in the world now..i..i got my lost love back..then won’t i be happy

Suddenly he kisses bani’s palms shocking her and making jhanvi happy.

Ram:she is always my one and only beloved.

Jhanvi smiles.

Jhanvi: i thought you forgot your love soon..now I saw that you love her truly. I will soon conduct your both wedding and welcome my daughter home.

Both gets upset but they fakely smile and later.

Bani:maa…i ..I’ll go now. I will visit you tomorrow ok as it’s time up

Jhanvi gets dull.

Jhanvi:i feel like keeping you hereatself but what to do..i can’t do it as once marriage rituals starts bride and groom shouldn’t meet each other. Iam sorry for not stopping you for leaving beta.

Bani:it’s okay maa..even if i don’t love here..this is my home only. Ok you eat properly and take rest..iam going bye

Jhanvi bids bye and bani goes out while ram follows her and stops her from getting out.

Ram: actually i want to thank you for coming and making my mom happy

Bani gets angry and.

Bani: actually i feel like killing you for kissing my palms. Even my own bf dint do it yet..but how dare you?

Ram:iam really sorry…my mom was doubting my love..so that’s why I did like that to prove her. I can’t bear if anyone says that my love for Anika is false..she is my life..no one can replace her. After my mom gets completely cure..i will tell her the truth and we will live in the memories of anika. Until that please bear some difficulties.

Suddenly bani recalls naira’s death and gets sad..

Bani in mind:poor guy lost love..i can see his pain as I saw the pain of kartik. The one who lost love are very unlucky..i should help him wholeheartedly..

Bani:ok..iam sorry for getting angry. I’ll help you.

Ram:thank you..and iam sorry for kissing you too. I won’t try to such nonsense next time

Bani:ok..bye I’m going


Bani goes and veer who was lying in bed feels restless suddenly.

Veer in mind: why am I suddenly getting bad feeling? Is bani in problem? Let me phone and check.

Veer calls bani and she attends.

Veer:bani..where are you?

Bani:iam..iam..iam just went out for..for buying market items.

Bani in mind: i can’t tell veer that I am helping a stranger man..if i say then he may feel jealous and bad. I don’t want him to feel that.

Veer:ohh..you should have called me too..we could have spent some time together in reason of buying market items

Bani:no need for that..come to our usual meeting place at evening..we will spend time together roaming around City.

Veer smiles..

Veer:ok..bye darling.

Bani:bye veer..

Then bani goes to her house..


Sirat was walking with Rohan..

Rohan: after 1 month you have 1st round selection match in udaipur. So practice well like today..

Sirat:yeah..i will. Iam sure i will reach a stage where i will play for India and get medals for India.

Rohan smiles..

Rohan: actually what’s happening in Tina’s life? You was about to say something about her that day..

Sirat:i and ranveer found about her. She was getting flashes of her past when she met a guy..but she dint understand why she get like that. So we decided to make her bond with that guy to know make her recall the past herself..

Rohan gets suprised..

Rohan: ohh..so you haven’t disclosed the truth yet that she isn’t Tina and your sister?

Sirat:not yet..let her recall her past first and reconcile with her family first and  then we will tell her because we should not shock her with this as she can’t hold shocks now..and we have bonded like own family so she will surely get shocked and upset..that’s why we decided like this.

Suddenly Sirat hits someone while walking..

Sort:ohh iam sorry..

Suddenly she sees saroj reem and dheeraj and gets suprised..

Sirat:saroj aunty..reem.. dheeraj bhaiya..

Saroj emotionally smiles and hugs her..

Saroj:how are you beta?

Sirat:iam fine aunty..nice to meet you after long time.

Saroj:yes..i always ask Ranveer to bring you to home but he doesn’t as you know the reason.. because of his father..

Sirat gets dull..

Sirat:i know aunty. It’s okay..sometimes we have to maintain distance for maintaining some relations. I hope one day Narendra uncle will understand my love..

Saroj:even i wish too..

Then reem hugs sirat..

Reem:i too missed you so much bhabhi..


Reem:yeah.. anyways one day you will be my bhabhi.. so I am calling nowatself.

Sirat smiles..

Sirat: anyways..how is your college going?

Reem:yeah..well. and how is your boxing matches?

Sirat:i got selected in the nominee for playing finals. And now i have 3 selection matches more to get selected to play for India..

Reem:that’s nice to hear. All the best..and i will always cheer for my bhabhi. Iam sure you will lift medals for India..

Sirat smiles and dheeraj come to her and hugs her..

Dheeraj: hi bhabhi..

Sirat:you too calling bhabhi?

Dheeraj:yeah.. because I am too brother of ranveer like reem..so i have rights right?

They giggle..

Sirat:yeah. But i won’t consider you as my brother in law because you are always like my brother.

Dheeraj:even you are like my own sister but i will call you for formality and for respect  as bhabhi..

Suddenly Narendra comes there shocking everyone at and Narendra stares at sirat while Chauhans feels scared..

Sirat:na..nam..namaste un…uncle..

Narendra:i don’t need any respect from the people who wants to steal my son for money and who has shameless family..

Sirat gets upset while Chauhans feels bad for her..

Saroj:Narendra…stop it. She loves our son wholeheartedly.. don’t taunt her like that.

Narendra: wholeheartedly? Haha.. if she loves him truly then she would have seen for Ranveer’s betterment. Think about ranveer marrying a girl whose mother ran away with some men and father died out of depression..and also her poor status. And she has no other family members too except that old women.


Narendra:we have reputed status in society. And every big politicians and big actors knows our family well.. everyone will attend our children’s weddings. What will they think about us when ranveer marries such a poor girl who has shameless family? The media will taunt is every news. If this girl sirat really loved ranveer then she would have left him for his family’s sake..

Dheeraj:dad..they love truly only..that’s why they are waiting for 6 years for your approval..if sirat bhabhi’s love was just for money then sirat bhabhi would have forced ranveer for marriage even without your permission. But she dint..she is waiting for your permission..why don’t you understand it dad?

Narendra:i not only reject her for that. But also for sports..will this girl (sirat) be able to start a family sooner? No..right..she will first give her preference to boxing only. I don’t know after how many years she will be ready to become a mother..it will affect my ranveer because of her career.

Sirat:uncle..it’s not like that. I can start a family sooner too.. because in boxing they give paternity leave permission too..

Narendra gets irritated..

Narendra:i don’t care..but i won’t accept you in Ranveer’s life. If you really love him..then prove your love by breaking up with him.

Chauhans gets shocked while sirat cries..

Saroj:you are so selfish Narendra. You are making two lives suffer because of your status and career..you will surely regret one day.

Narendra:let me see if that day comes..now everyone come with me orelse I’ll go.

Without any option Chauhan’s goes with Narendra and they feel bad for sirat and sirat stands there crying and Rohan watches this gets upset and tries to console her..


A girl was seen in ventilator in hospital..

Her parents were seen talking to each other emotionally..

Mohini: we lost our own daughter Priya that day.

Moloy: yes. Our other adopted daughter anika loves ram..and Ram’s mother treats anika like her own daughter and she wished for ram and anika’s marriage. But we couldn’t object though we know that their horoscope doesn’t match and if they marry..anika will face problems.

Mohini: so we were to about to prepare for their marriage preparations and suddenly ram and anika decided to go trecking in shimla..

Moloy:our stubborn daughter Priya joined them even though we objected it..and suddenly they three met with accident and our poor daughter Priya lost life.

Mohini:and our other daughter anika’s face got disfigured..and we gave our priya’s face to her.

Moloy:and we lied to ram that Anika died when he gained conscious after some days as we don’t want anika to be with him as this accident took place because of their unmatched horoscope. I don’t want to lose my other daughter too..

Mohini:yes..you are right. We should never let Ram know the truth..let anika be happy with us. We should handle her once she wakes up..

Moloy:what will we tell if she asks about ram?

Mohini: we will tell her that ram married someone as she was in coma..

Moloy:she won’t believe it..

Mohini: i know how to make her believe..

They both wait outside icu as anika came out of coma after some months..



PRECAP:- Naira and kartik play basketball. Abir’s proposal. Anika gets shattered. Veer and Bani’s romantic moments. Goenkas gets shocked.













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