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After shesha and Ridhima takes Priya to home ..mohini and moloy gets tensed seeing her unconscious..

Mohini:my dears.. how did she faint suddenly?

Ridhima:aunty.. actually we took her to open restaurant where i shesha Priya and anika usually visit. Even anika and ram did dating there last year..I don’t why..but priya fell unconscious suddenly seeing the restaurant.

Mohini and moloy gets shocked and moloy calls doctor and asks about it..

Doctor:mr. Basu..the patient shouldn’t strain more. If she keeps visiting the places of her past..then I am sure she will get flashes of past. But there is a limit..if she continuously gets flashes then her brain can’t hold it..and absolutely she will faint.

Moloy:then do you mean that she shouldn’t go to the places which she went in past?

Doctor:i dint mean that. If she feels more uncomfortable or if she gets more flashes when she visits those places..then bring her back. If she exhausts more then anything can happen. Now you guys would have understood i guess..

Moloy:yes..i understood. She already had internal leakage in brain when she was in coma..so I’ll not let her take stress to her brain.

Doctor: that’s good..take care. Make her concentrate on some funs like shopping..going trips like that..maybe she can get relaxed in that.

Moloy:ok..sure doctor..I’ll do it.

They cut the call and he tells everything whatever doctor told..

Shesha: don’t worry uncle..aunty..we will take her for shopping and make sure that she won’t get exhausted of past.

Mohini:thank you my dears..iam really worried about her..i ..i already lost pr..i mean anika..i Don’t want to lose Priya too.

Ridhima:aunty..we are there..so don’t worry..we will make Priya happy and relaxed too.

Once Priya wakes up they take her for shopping..


After enjoying romantic date with veer..Bani goes to Ram’s house..

Bani:iam..I am sorry ram..i couldn’t pick your call up as..

Ram:it’s oka..i understand.

Jhanvi comes there..

Jhanvi:ok..now let’s go for shopping.

Ram bani and jhanvi goes for shopping and they enter women’s dress shop..

Jhanvi:now we should select the best dress for Anika for engagement.

Ram:go ahead mom..

Jhanvi:nonsense!! You are anika’s boyfriend..so you should select for her.

Ram and bani gets shocked..


Ram:mom..i will select for Anika. You don’t worry..

Ram winks at bani and bani too agrees and ram takes bani behind a pillar and..

Ram:bani..control yourself. Here you have to behave as anika..and moreover you tell me whatever dress you like..i will select that for you..


Bani goes to trial dresses while ram sits outside and he recalls the shopping with anika..


Ridhima and shesha takes Priya for dress shop..

Shesha:Priya..ridhima’s brother Aarav’s birthday is coming by..so we will buy dress for it.


Ridhima shesha and Priya search for their dresses and suddenly Priya gets flashes of her shopping with ram..


(Ram and Priya think about shopping at same time..)

Ram and anika went for shopping in a mall..

Anika:wait..I’ll pick a dress for me.

Ram:no need to pick yourself when ram Kapoor is here. Let me choose a best dress for our first date..

Anika smiles..

Ram chooses a dress and anika wears it and shows to ram and he gets stunned ..

Ram:ohh my godd..

He was about to fall holding his chest but anika holds him..

Anika: don’t act..

Ram: iam not acting..i swear… If you get more beautiful like this than i will die on the spot..

Anika gets angry..

Angry:shut up!! Don’t you have some good words to talk? If you talk about death then I’ll kill you.

Ram holds his ears..

Ram:acha..iam sorry..sorry.


Priya gets shocked seeing the flash..

Priya in mind:again iam seeing flashes of anika and ram..Iam not seeing any flashes related to me..why is this happening with me?

Ridhima and shesha notices Priya lost and comes to her..

Shesha: hey Priya..we finished selecting dress for us. Did you finish it? You seem lost in thoughts..

Priya comes out of thoughts and..

Priya:no..i..i was just thinking whether this dress suits me..that’s it. Give me 5 minutes..ill select the dress soon.

Shesha and Ridhima agrees and they wait for her..

Ridhima:we should not let her think too much straining herself..

Shesha:yes..we should keep on talking something to her so that she won’t get into thoughts.

Later Priya comes with a dress and they purchase and goes..


Ram gets upset thinking of his moments with anika..

Ram in mind: whenever we came for shopping..i used to talk about death and you used to stop me.. but today you left me for real..i hate shopping nowadays. I should not have spoken about death those days..god punished me for talking like that. Iam sorry anika..

Suddenly bani comes out and..

Bani:ram..i selected this dress and it’s perfectly fitting me. It’s okay for you also right?

Ram smiles fakely and..


Ram in mind:iam sorry anika for going shopping without you.. it’s just for maa orelse i wouldn’t have come as I can’t go without you.

Then they go for bill counter and buys the dress and they go From there along with jhanvi..

When the three were walking towards men’s section veer who came along with his college mates sees bani with ram and jhanvi and gets stunned..

Veer in hindi: what is bani doing here? She told she is going to singhania house for visiting her akshara maasi..then why is she here? And is that guy and that lady with her?

Veer walks away with his friends in confused state..


Naira asks ranveer to come and..

Ranveer: what happened Tina? Why did you called me urgently?

Sirat: what do you want to ask us?

Naira:woh..i..i learnt the truth. I used to get Flashes when I get closer with kartik right? I found it why..it’s because I am naira only.

Ranveer and sirat gets shocked and suprised too and they get happy..

Sirat: that means..do you got your memories back?

Naira gets dull and..

Naira:no.. i just saw photos in kartik’s phone when he was away and the photos and my flashes were same… that’s how i found out that iam his wife naira.

Ranveer and sirat gets dull hearing it..

Ranveer: yes..you are naira Tina. But don’t worry..i checked your latest reports..there is improvements in your health. You will soon regain your memories..

Naira:i don’t worry about it jeeju. I know you will only do good for me. But why did you both tell that iam Tina when I am actually naira? Kartik doesn’t know you both from before top.. so am i not your sister sirat?

Ranveer and sirat gets sad..

Sirat:naira… now it’s time to tell you the truth. Please don’t panic hearing it because it affects your health..

Naira: don’t worry..i won’t get affected..

Sirat:3 months ago..i went for foothills of Jubilee mountain to collect herbs for maudi. And ranveer Along with his team was there in nearby village for medical camp. And when I was searching for herbs..i saw you lying half dead there..so i took you to ranveer. Everyone informed that it’s difficult to save you..but ranveer took the risk and saved your life but unfortunately you lost your memories.

Ranveer:we don’t know who you are and who are your families too. And we don’t want you to make suffer by revealing that as you yourself doesn’t remember anything. So we lied that you are Tina and we are your family..

Naira gets hell shocked and she cries out loud..

Naira cries: i..i don’t know how to thank you guys.. though you are not my family but you treated me like your own. I never felt as a stranger..i felt all the love that i get from my own family. And jeeju..you..you saved me.i don’t know how to thank you..

Sirat and ranveer hugs naira and they cry..

Sirat:shut up okay..even if you are naira but you are Tina for us. When I saw you first time atself I felt a sisters vibe..and when we grow more closer I was thinking selfish too like you shouldn’t get memory back so that you will stay with me forever..but later I realised it’s wrong. But you will always be my sister Tina even when you reach your family.

Ranveer:yes..i always adore you like my own sister. I will always do..
Naira smiles emotionally..

Naira:but i don’t want to go back to my family now.

Ranveer and sirat gets shocked..


Naira:listen first.. i dint tell that I won’t go back to my family forever. I will go when I regain my memories. If I go back now..i will feel scared and strange and also they will be broken more to see me not mingling with them. So for betterment I’ll go back when I regain my memories..so that i will feel good and they too.

Ranveer and sirat smiles..

Ranveer:right..but kartik..

Naira:i will go to kartik because even though i forgot him..but i fallen for him gain. So even if I get back to him..i won’t feel any fear or get confused as i have fallen for him again. Once i regain my memory i will get back to him as his wife orelse i will marry again.

Ranveer and sirat smiles..

Ranveer:woah!! My sister is in love …wow..


Sirat:ok..did you propose him?

Naira:not yet. I will propose tomorrow.

She blushes and goes while sirat and ranveer feel happy for her..



Mishti was getting bored in her house and she thinks something..

Mishti in mind:iam getting bored and I miss Abir too.. though i just met few hours ago..I miss him like anything..I’ll better do drawing.

Mishti takes a drawing board and she puts earphones on her ears and she draws listening to the song..

Soon she finishes her drawing and smiles looking at it..

Mishti: perfect mishti!! You really draw well.. if i show this to Abir then he’ll be hell suprised..but i will not show him soon. He did April fool na..now see what I’ll do.

Mishti calls Abir and he attends..

Abir:hai my useless universe..

Mishti:shut up you irritating goenka..

Abir laughs..

Abir: anyways..did you miss me so much in an hour that you called me now?

Mishti jokes:who will miss mr. irritating goenka? I just called you randomly..

Abir frowns..

Abir:ohh..fine then..I’ll cut the call.

He was about to cut the call but mishti shouts..

Mishti:stopped itt Abir..i just lieddd..i really missed you.

Abir: really?

Mishti:Haan.. really..i swear on my name..i really missed you. And i planned a suprise for you.

Abir gets suprised..

Abir: really? What’s that? Show me..

Mishti:it’s my drawing…I will send it through watsapp .. just see it.

Mishti sends through watsapp and Abir sees a black and brown envelope asking it to click and open…

Mishti:click that envelope..inside that you can see my drawing.

Abir clicks it and some phone crackers burst as April fool and mishti laughs..

Mishti:April fool..

Abir gets shocked and closes his face in embarrassmentwhile mishti bursts laughing..

Abir:Satan ki bachi..

Mishti: everything is fair in love my irritating goenka. It’s just tit for tat..

Both laughs..

Abir:so you just used the word ‘suprise’ as a tool to fool me right?

Mishti:hey.. what do you think of me? Iam not mr.abir goenka to just fool..iam mishti.

Abir: what do you mean?

Mishti:arrey..fool..i really did a suprise.. that’s my drawing. Wait..I’ll send it..you see and tell how is it.

Mishti sends her drawing and Abir sees it and gets hell suprised..


Mishti:our love. I drew sketch of us..how is it?

Abir:superb mishti. This will be my room’s first frame of us..i love you mishti.

Mishti smiles..

Mishti:love you too.

They both talk a lot in phone..



Naira asks kartik to meet at park and kartik agrees and he immediately comes there and sees everything dark and panics on not finding naira..

Kartik shouts:nai..Tina..Tina..where are you?

Suddenly naira comes smiling and the lights get on suprising kartik..


Naira:your heart and mouth wants to call my real name right..then why are you hiding it? Call me as naira..iam your naira right?

Kartik gets hell suprised and he feels as if he is in dreamland..

Kartik:nai..nair..naira? Di..did you regain your memories?

Naira:no..but i realised that I am naira. Yesterday i saw photos in your phone which came as my flashes and realised iam your naira and not Tina.

Kartik gets emotional..

Kartik:yes..i..I knew it already.. that you are my naira. But ..but i dint call you only as you feel confused. I..i.. Don’t know how I feel now.. Iam seeing my naira alive..iam seeing my love after 3 long months..i feel like my heart returned. I don’t know whether to be happy or to cry..

He breaks down and naira feels bad and hugs tightly..

Naira:kartik.. please don’t cry. Now i returned right? I promise i will always be there with you..i won’t go anywhere leaving you.

Kartik: you know..you know how i lived these months without you? I was just living as living corpse without you. I would have died 3 months ago..but..but i saw your glance in ss hospitals and i got my hopes of being you alive..and that’s why i lived till now for your sake…orelse..

He breaks down again while naira feels guilty and she wipes her tears and caresses his face..

Naira:kartik..calm down. Everything is over..now let’s start afresh. I don’t remember our past but i can feel our lost love..i can feel how you love me and i can feel how i loved you..lets begin our new journey.

He smiles emotionally and they both join their forehead..

Kartik:promise me..that you will never leave me again.

Naira:i swear..naira will never leave her kartik. Iam really sorry for leaving you like this and making you suffer..i really feel guilty of leaving you and now not remembering our life..

She gets dull while kartik moves back of her and hugs her and slowly kisses her palms..

Kartik:naira..its not your mistake okay.. whatever happened is our bad fate. Infact it was my mistake..when you were about to fall from the cliff..i dint held your hand properly and your hand slipped…you can blame me for it but you don’t feel guilty.

Naira shuts his mouth..

Naira:stop it. Don’t accuse my kartik..if he has this much love on me..then he wouldn’t have let my hands off purposely..he would have tried but that Destiny dint let me be with kartik..that’s it. From now.. nothing can seperate us again..

Kartik: even krishnaji can’t seperate us. We will live and die together..

They both smile and they feel the cool breeze and they open their arms to feel the breeze which is filled with love..

Kartik:like this breeze..our love will be always afresh and Alive forever.

Naira smiles..

Naira:can I tell you one thing?

Kartik: what?

Naira moves away from kartik and kneels down and proposes kartik..

Naira:i..miss. Naira aka Tina shekhawat have fallen in love with you again. Will you accept this Tina as your girlfriend and naira as your future wife?

Kartik smiles happily and holds her hands..

Kartik:yes..i will accept this Funny Tina as my gf and naira as my future wife..

Naira makes a face..

Naira:why are you calling me as funny? Am i funny for you?

Kartik: i dint tell you..i told your new character Tina as funny..naira is always sweet.. romantic…

Naira gets angry and she pushes him on bench and comes closer shocking kartik..

Kartik:what are you doing?

Naira: till i get my memories back..iam both Tina and naira. How dare you call me funny..I’ll show how romantic iam..

Kartik smiles..

Kartik:even you forget everything..but your character never changes. You are always sherni..and now also you are fierce as sherni.

Naira:yes iam..so what?

They smile and slowly kartik comes more closer inlerlocks his fingers with naira and kisses it lovingly..

Kartik:i love you naira..

Naira:i love you too kartik..

Naira slowly rests her head on his shoulders and they both spend their time heart out..


Mishti is seen walking on road to meet kuhu..

Mishti:why did this kuhu called me urgently now?

She walks wondering and suddenly someone closes her mouth and drags her from there..



next episode will have some cameo appearance of RITVIK SHIVANYA (ARJUN MOUNI) OMKARA GAURI (KUNAL SHRENU). 

so tell your views about it or do you need some other cameos…

PRECAP: Priya reaches udaipur. Veer confronts bani. Kartik naira ranveer and sirat enjoys. Mansi and dheeraj’s fight.

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