hello friends..here is the next episode..??


Mishti is dragged somewhere to a dark enclosed place..

Mishti shouts:hey..who the hell are you? Just come in front of me if you have guts..

Rohit comes in front of her shocking mishti..

Mishti:ro..Rohit..Rohit? Di..did you..

Rohit laughs evilly..

Rohi:are you shocked or suprised mishti? Yes..it’s me who kidnapped you.

Mishti gets shocked..

Mishti: what? Why did you do this Rohit?

Rohit: because i love you mishti..i always loved you but you never give importance to me like you give for your friend Abir..i tried so hard to impress you..but you always roam behind your stupid friend Abir. I..i always.. always behaved the way girls like.. for your sake..but you never even looked at it except that stupid Abir. I was patience till now..but not now..

Mishti gets hell shocked hearing it..


Abir thinks about mishti and feels bad..

Abir in mind:why do I am getting bad feeling suddenly? Is mishti fine? Yeah she is fine only.. just few hours before i was talking with her..then why am I feeling uneasy suddenly?

Abir thinks and walks and suddenly she hits Mansi and Mansi falls down..

Abir:Mansi..you never walk straight.

Mansi:bhai..you never walk with your mind in present..you will be living somewhere in your mind.

Abir gets embarassed..

Abir in mind:Mansi is right..why am I lost suddenly?

Mansi shakes Abir..

Mansi:bhai..are you okay? You seems lost again..

Abir:sorry..Mansi..i..i was..was just thinking something.. that’s it.

Mansi:did you started packing your things?

Abir:for what?

Mansi gives a shocked reaction..

Mansi:bhai..i really wonder in which world are you. We are going Mumbai for Keerthi’s Di’s divorce case.

Abir:ohh..i ..i think i wasn’t there when you were all discussing this. Anyways I’ll start packing things..

Mansi:yeah..start packing soon.. tomorrow morning is our flight. And i called mishti and bani too as they will be alone when we all go.

Abir gets happy on knowing mishti too is coming..

Abir:ohh that’s great. Then we can have some friendship gathering too after long..

Mansi:yeah..ok..I’ll go and pack my things.


Mishti is really shocked of Rohit and she recalls when Abir told about Rohit’s reality and feels guilty of not trusting him..

Mishti:so that day..it was you who kidnapped? Was Abir right about you that day?

Rohit: ofcourse baby. That day my friends kidnapped you and I was acting as saviour to fall into your good books and also I acted in such a way that you even scolded Abir.. wasn’t it a great acting mishti?

Mishti gets angry and shouts..

Mishti:how cheap of you? I thought you are very nice guy and a guy who respects womens but.. but you..you are cheaper than flirting guys. I never expected this from you. I regret for not trusting Abir that day..


Mishti get sad thinking of how she was upset with Abir that day supporting Rohit..

Mishti in mind:iam sorry Abir..iam really sorry for misunderstanding you. You.. you told me the truth..but..but I never believed you and shouted you believing this lier.

Mishti cries while Rohit smirks..

Rohit:cry as much as you can..but nobody will come and save you now even your stupid friend…sorry lover Abir. Because we are going to get married..

Mishti gets shocked..


Ranveer and sirat meets Ranveer’s friends Ritik and omkara and their lovers..

Ranveer:hai dudes..nice to meet you guys after long.

Omkara:same to you re..we were missing you so much..

Shivanya and gauri hugs sirat..

Gauri: our lovers are friends and we too become friends.. anyways how are you sirat?

Sirat:fine gauri.

Shivanya:you was telling about your lookalike right? Where is she?

Ranveer:i will introduce her to you guys now including her boyfriend. Let we all go for a trip together..

Ritik:yeah..right..it’s been long since we gone for a trip.

Ranveer calls naira and tells the matter..

Naira:i will reach once college is over jeeju with kartik..


They cut the call and soon naira and kartik reach there and kartik acts dumb as if he saw a ghost seeing sirat..

Kartik:what a marvellous miracle!!

Naira: what happened? Why are you acting weird?

Kartik:when i am seeing your lookalike..then how shall I react?

Naira:i already told you about her na?

Kartik:yes..but seeing her first time i got shocked as she looks exactly like you.

Sirat smiles and forwards her hands..

Sirat:hello kartikji..nice to meet you.

Kartik shakes hands with her..

Kartik:nice to meet you too. Actually thanks for keeping my wife as you real sister and taking care of her in my absence..

Sirat:ji..it’s my duty.. please don’t embarass me with thanks and all. Anyways though we bonded as sisters but we became sisters for real too..even when she reconciles with her family..she will be Tina for us.

Ranveer:congrats buddy for making Tina fall in love with you.. though she didn’t regain memory but you got back your love..

Kartik hugs ranveer..

Kartik:all thanks to you buddy..you are the one who returned my precious Naira back by saving her life orelse i wouldn’t have lived by now..

Ranveer:iam a doctor..my duty is to save lives..so no need to thank me. And moreover kartik..they are my friends rithik and Omkara and they are their wives.

Kartik gets introduced to them and even naira too..

Then they all go for a trip to resort in a jeep..


Naksh and Keerthi was dancing romantically..

Maine khwabon mein tumhara noor dekha hai
Dil ne bhi tumko kahin toh zaroor dekha hai

Main roz tera chehra sunehra
Aankhon mein leke jagaa
Kya jaanta tha, tu bhi tha mera
Ab jo mila toh lagaa


Der se hi sahi magar tu mila
Mila toh hai na
Dheere dheere sahi magar faasla
Mita toh hai na

Der se hi sahi magar tu mila
Mila to haina
Dheere dheere sahi magar faasla
Mita toh hai na

Tujhse kisi bhi bahaane
Main roz milta rahoon
Khudko bhi main jaan loonga
Jo main tujhe jaan loon

Tu jo dikhaaye, dekhe nigaahein
Tu jo sunaaye, sunoo
Saanson ki hai kisi zaroorat
Tere bharose jiyun

Der se hi sahi magar tu mila
Mila to haina
Dheere dheere sahi magar faasla
Mita toh haina

Der se hi sahi magar tu mila
Mila to hai na
Dheere dheere sahi magar faasla
Mita toh haina

Rehne laga aaj kal hoon
Main paas itna tere
Saari teri aati jaati
Main gin sakoon dhadkane

Aankhon mein teri raatein khatam ho
Baahon mein ho har subah
Phir bhi na apni baatein khatam ho
Chalta rahe silsila

Der se hi sahi magar tu mila
Mila to haina
Dheere dheere sahi magar faasla
Mita toh haina

Der se hi sahi magar tu mila
Mila to haina
Dheere dheere sahi magar faasla
Mita toh haina

Suddenly Keerthi wakes sleeping naksh..

Keerthi:arrey..naksh..why are you sleeping like this today? Get up na..

Naksh(in sleep): who is this villain disturbing my romance??

Keerthi gets shocked..

Keerthi in mind: what is naksh telling? Is he dreaming romantic scene with someone? Did naksh fall for someone?

Keerthi feels upset unknowingly while suddenly Naksh holds Keerthi’s hands in sleep and..

Naksh(in sleep): i love you..ke..

Suddenly a mosquito flies in his mouth and naksh wakes up in jerk and coughs..

Naksh: what the!!! The foolish mosquito..dint it get any other place to enter? Yuck..how dare it enter my mouth and disturb my sleep?

Keerthi jokes:did mosquito disturb your sleep or romance with your lover..huh?

Keerthi smiles while naksh gets shocked seeing Keerthi there and he also remembers the dream and gets stunned..

Naksh in mind:ar..arrey..why..why did i dream like that suddenly? Keerthi is..is my friend…then how did..did I get such dreams? What will Keerthi think if she knows his? Wait..how did she know that i had romantic dream? Did she found that i had romantic dream with her? I’ll better ask her..

Naksh:Keerthi..how are you here?

Keerthi:naksh..you now it’s evening..you are sleeping since morning after breakfast.. that’s why i came to wake you up but..


Keerthi:but you was telling as i love you in sleep..so i dint disturb more to cut your romantic story but unfortunately mosquito did.

Naksh feels embarassed and makes a puppy face while Keerthi laughs seeing him and punches his cheeks cutely..

Keerthi:your so handsome when you are embaarassed..mr.naksh singhania. Anyways congratulations as you had fallen in love finally.

Keerthi giggles and goes while naksh looks numb expressionless..

Naksh in mind: Keerthi is congratulating me unknowingly..she thinks I got such dream with some other girl..but I had romantic dream with her only. Is this really love or what? Why did i get such dreams suddenly?

Naksh gets up and takes his towel and goes towards washroom and suddenly he hits the door..mr.rithik?


Naksh in mind: this dream is hurting physically and mentally. Better I’ll ignore this dream and focus on present now..

He then goes ignoring his thoughts..


Shesha and Ridhima are with Priya in her boutique..

Ridhima:did you enjoy the shopping with us Priya in morning?

Priya:yes..a lot.

They smile..

Shesha: Priya..i have a suprise for you..

Priya:what’s it?

Shesha shows a card and..

Shesha:this is an advertisement card for best boutique shop competition. Every year anika used to pose as a model for her own shop and win prizes..this year..why don’t you fulfill her incomplete job?

Priya gets stunned..

Priya: what? Me..how can I? Anika..anika had good figure.. but i don’t..then how..how can I?

Shesha pats Priya and..

Shesha: arrey yaar.. what’s this silly issue? You are equally have good figure like anika. Anika’s dream was showing her skills to world..so she did. But she died..so you fulfill your sister’s wish by taking her place. This profession will make you feel happier..i know you dislike this profession but still do it for Anika..

Priya gets suprised..

Priya in mind: why did shesha tell that Anika as my sister? Mom told she is my friend who is like sister figure..maybe she told like that as anika would have been like my sister. Anyways..is shesha right? Should I fulfill anika’s incomplete dreams? Maybe she is right..i can peacefully concentrate on other works..and also i too feel as if my dreams are achieving with my boutique works..i don’t know why..

Priya:ok..I’ll participate.

Ridhima and shesha gets happy..

Ridhima:then we will send your name to that competition.Tomorrow the competition is happening in udaipur..so we will go tonight to udaipur.

Priya gets stunned..

Priya:in udaipur?

Ridhima:yes..every year they held in different places and this year in udaipur. Don’t worry my dad is a big business man..he will get our flight tickets easily..

Priya:i don’t whether my parents will allow to some other place..
Shesha: don’t worry..we will convince them.

Priya hesitantly agrees..


Bani was walking on road after doing purchase and suddenly she feels dizzy and was about to fall but veer holds her on time..


He realises that she is unconscious and he lifts her and takes her..

He goes to his house and Goenkas gets shocked seeing bani’s state..

Surekha:arrey veer beta.. what happened? Why is bani unconscious?

Swarna:yes.. what happened suddenly to her?

Veer: chachi..i saw her passing by our route..and suddenly she fainted..so i helded her and took to our home as it was nearby..

Swarna:then make her lie on sofa..we will sprinkle water on her and make her eat something. Maybe she wouldn’t had lunch as many times bani skips lunch..

Veer:you are right chachi.

Veer makes her lie down and sprinkles water on her and slowly bani opens eyes and gets shocked herself being in goenka house..

Bani shockingly:ho..how..how di..did i..i com..come here?

Veer: actually you was walking before me and i saw you falling unconscious.. thats why i helded you and brought you here.


Sumitra:beta..i know why you would have fallen unconscious..you would have skipped lunch as usual right?

Bani in mind:at morning i enjoyed date with veer..then afternoon i went shopping..so i dint anything..

Bani:yes aunty..

Veer brings a plate full of pasta and..

Veer:now you should eat this..

Bani:no..iam not hungry..

Veer:shut up and eat. Even if you aren’t hungry..you should eat for your health.

Veer feeds her forcefully while bani eats making faces..

Dadi: nowadays..young generation people are becoming worst.They spoil their health in the name of diet..

Swarna:yes..Bani beta..whatever it is but please don’t skip your meals.

Bani:yes..aunty. actually I am not dieting..i..i just dint get time to eat that’s it..as I went out for some purpose.

Veer stares her and thinks..

Veer in mind: who were they with whom bani went for mall? What’s the purpose that bani went to mall with them? I should ask her about it..

Sumitra:alright..but be careful of your health always.


The ladies leave leaving bani and veer alone..

Veer: i want to slap you bani.

Bani gets shocked..


Veer gets emotional and..

Veer:then what? You will go shopping skipping your lunch huh? If something happens to you then i can’t tolerate it..

Bani makes puppy face and holds her ears..

Bani:iam sorry veer..i..i just went..

Suddenly bani realises what veer told and gets shocked..

Bani:but how do you know that i went shopping?

Veer: actually i came to that mall with my friends..that’s how i saw you there with a guy and lady. Actually who are they bani? You never told and shown them to me before..

Bani gets scared of reality and fears..

Bani in mind:how can I tell that he is my fake fiance veer? You can’t tolerate it even though it’s just fake and even i can’t see you upset..

Bani lies:woh.. they.. are my mother’s friends family. The lady name is jhanvi..an..and the..the guy name is ram Kapoor. My mom..mom asked me to..to go shopping with them for..for selecting dresses..fo..for Ram’s bride as no..no girl is there in their family..that’s why i went with them.

Veer :ohh..ok. but why are you sweating as if you are hiding something?

Bani immediately acts normal and smiles fakely..

Bani: nothing..i just felt hot ..that’s it.

Veer:fine..i think you aren’t well. Take rest today completely..i will drop you home.


Veer drops bani home and goes..


Ranveer sirat kartik naira rithik shivanya omkara and gauri reaches the resort…

Ranveer:guys.. tonight we’ll stay here. So we will allot rooms seperately for boys and girls.

Rithik and Omkara gives a shocking expression..

Omkara and rithik: what? Leaving our wives huh?

Ranveer kartik sirat naira gauri and shivanya Stares them and laughs at their expression..

Shivanya:rithik..for one night only na..then why are you giving expression as if we are going to sleep away for next 100 years?

Rithik: you don’t the value of one night shivanya. Even a single night this rithik can’t breathe without his lovely wife.

Shivanya blushes while everyone teases them..

Kartik:fine..fine..i understand your emotion. Ranveer..let omkara and rithik stay with their wives. We both will stay together in a room while sirat and naira stay in a room..

Ranveer: that’s nice idea. Anyways.. before settling in our rooms..lets play truth or dare together as we should chill for sometimes.

Omkara:yeah..we are ready..common.

They all sit on a laundry in a round table and they play using a bottle..

Ranveer spins first and the bottle stops with Rithik and naira..

Naira:so mr.rithik..is it truth or dare?

Rithik:iam not so Daring to accept dare..so I’ll go with truth.

Omkara: Tina..ask him such a question that he should blink his eyes up and down.

Rithik:hey shut up omkara.. don’t provoke her orelse i won’t spare you..

Everyone laughs while naira sees shivanya and gets an idea..

Naira:so my question is..who was your first crush in your life mr.rithik?

Rithik gets stunned while others gets curious..

Shivanya:i always wanted to ask this but with his love he makes me forget this question..thank god you asked Tina..i want to know whether i was his first crush or someone.

Ranveer:common tell rithik..

Rithik turns away from shivanya and..

Rithik:sorry shivanya..you are my first love but..but my first crush was someone.

Everyone gets stunned amd shivanya gets angry..

Shivanya:so i was not your first choice huh? Who is that girl who you fall for first?

Rithik:hey my baby girl..it was just crush that’s it…don’t get angry. Anyways..i can’t tell her name as only one question should be asked in truth.

Shivanya gets more angry and punches him..

Shivanya:you!!! Wait..I’ll see you later.

Omkara whispers to rithik..

Omkara:you are gone tonight..haha.

Rithik:shut up na..ill somehow melt my wife.

Kartik: fine..fine..lets gossip later. Now it’s next turn.

Rithik spins the bottle and it lands on omkara and ranveer..

Omkara:wow..now it’s time to tease my buddy ranveer. Ok..is it truth or dare my daring friend?

Ranveer:as usual dare as you know iam always daring..

Suddenly rithik whispers something in omkara’s ears and omkara smiles..

Ranveer:hey rithik..don’t cheat. You can’t help him ..

Rithik:we are playing just friendship game dude not international matches..so it’s fair only.

Ranveer:you!! Wait..I’ll see you later on. Ok..now go on omkara.

Omkara: Dance with your partner..

Ranveer and sirat gets stunned..


Rithik:yes..you always gets shy to dance before us with sirat right? So now you should dance without any shy..so common..it’s the toughest dare for you. So common do and show..mr. Daring friend..

Ranveer:who told that i won’t do?I’ll dance and show you guys..

Ranveer whispers something in kartik’s ears while others gives a confusing look..

Omkara:hey.. what are whispering with him? Common dance..

Ranveer and kartik gets up and they dance together while others gets stunned..



Azgar Aur Baaz Ki

Saagar Jhanjhar Ki

Jhalki Angaar Se

Saahil Majhdhaar Ki

Baaghi Jallad Ki



Kis Or Chali Yeh Aandhi

Aayegi Kaisi Kranti


Sangram Ya Sangam Ki

Lehre Layegi

Dara Dum Dara Dum

Dara Dum Dum

Dara Dum Dara Dum

Dara Dum Dum


Dara Dum Dara Dum

Dara Dum Dum Dum Dara

Dum Dum Dum


Chattan Aur Toofan Ki Dosti

Gaaz Aur Garjan Ki Dosti


Purab Paschim Milte Hue

Hairat Yeh Dosti


Dara Dum Dara Dum

Dara Dum Dum

Dara Dum Dara Dum

Dara Dum Dum

Dara Dum Dara Dum

Dara Dum Dum Dum Dara

Dum Dum Dum


Ek Raaz Chhup Gaya Andar

Moti Aur Gehra Samandar


Badhta Hai Har Pal

Tumhare Bich Yeh Faansla


Jung Ya Sangh Ka Hoo Bal

Chhaye Hai Kaun Se Baadall


Chalti Hai Pal Pal

Zehrili Aisi Hawa

Raah Alag Kahin Par Hai

Yeh Agar Laksh Alag Inkee


Kis Or Chali Yeh Aandhi

Aayegi Kaisi Kranti

Sangram Ya Sangam Ki

Lehre Layegi


Dara Dum Dara Dum

Dara Dum Dum


Dara Dum Dara Dum

Dara Dum Dum


Dara Dum Dara Dum

Dara Dum Dum Dum Dara

Dum Dum Dum


Ranveer:how is my performance mr.omkara?it will be worthwatching right?

Rithik: why did you dance with kartik instead of sirat..this is cheating..

Ranveer:it’s not. You just mentioned as partner in dare..so i danced with a partner randomly..so i completed my dare. Haha..what say my friend?

Kartik:right..ranveer completed his dare.

Gauri:kartik..you are supporting him?

Kartik hugs ranveer..

Kartik: ofcourse because he is my dude.

They do hi fi while others frowns and later they continue their game and now it stops on shivanya and kartik..

Shivanya:mr.kartik.. is it truth or dare.

Kartik: ofcourse dare..truth is always boring.

Shivanya: i have seen everyone’s proposal..so i want to see your proposal too..

Kartik:wow..so i should propose my gf? What a Lucky dare..

Rithik:this is not fair..how can you give shuch an easy dare shivanya?

Shivanya:who told that i gave an easy dare? Proposal should not be just proposal..it should look unique. Tina aka naira should get impressed by your proposal immediately..then only we’ll accept this dare.

Kartik smiles..

Kartik:that’s an easy work..my naira will accept of however i propose.

Gauri:hey naira.. don’t accept his proposal soon. Make him do something more special orelse he will cheat with simple dare..

Naira: don’t worry..i won’t accept that sooner. He should propose me in such a way that i should melt down like an icecream.

Kartik makes a puppy face…

Kartik:naira..this isn’t fair.

Naira: everything is fair in love and war kartik. Common propose me..

Kartik takes a rose and covers it with beautiful wrapper availabler in resort and he kneels down before naira and..

Kartik: naira..i know iam not doing very special or unique but I am doing this proposal very special from my heart. I love you naira..i always loved you and will always love you. My heart never stops from loving you..it will always love you till eternity naira. My heart was yearning for you these many months naira..it was incomplete without you…

Kartik gets teary eyes remembering the days without naira..

Kartik: it was always be incomplete without you. My heart is complete only with you naira. Will you accept me as your love ? Will you accept me as your husband and return to me? Even if you don’t remember our past it’s okay.. because I know our hearts are always connected with each other..so will you?

Naira gets emotional and she kneels down and takes the flower and holds his hands and smiles with tears..

Naira: iam always yours kartik. Though i don’t remember my past..but i always feel connected with you and i always see our flashes whenever iam there with you. I can feel our past love even though i don’t remember our past kartik…I love you kartik. Even my heart is complete only with you..

They both smile and hug..

while others too gets emotional and they clap hands..

Sirat:let no evil cast on my sister and her life like previous life!! May god bless them both to live together forever..

Then the bottle is spin again and it stops on sirat and gauri..

Sirat:so what do you choose gauri? Truth or dare?

Gauri:I’ll better choose truth..dare is so dangerous with you guys.

Everyone laughs..

Sirat:so..the question is.. what did you think about omkara when you met him first time?

Omkara:good question sirat..i always wonder what would have gauri thought about me…now i can know the answer.

Gauri laughs and..

Gauri: if i tell it..iam sure everyone will get stunned. I thought omkara as a black thief..

Everyone gets shocked and laughs..

Omkara: what? Was i looking like a black thief for you?

Gauri: ofcourse..your talks..your costume..your behaviour was like that..so i thought like that.

Omkara:you are too much gauri. I thought you would have got crush on me as you proposed me first but..

Gauri: as days passed..i understood your reality…but my first thought about You was this only.

Ranveer: guys..think omkara as a black thief na..how will he look alike?

Rithik: ofcourse..he will look like a black kangaroo..

Everyone laughs while omkara gets angry..

Omkara:hey stop everyone.. if you Guys tease more..then I’ll go from here.

Ranveer:fine..fine..we won’t tease you. Don’t get angry on your nerves.

Rithik:now..i think it’s time to disperse..

Kartik:i think rithik can’t hold to romance his wife.

Everyone laughs while rithik stares kartik..

Rithik: mister kartik..you yourself was a husband.. won’t you feel like what I feel now?

Kartik:I know..I know rithik..that’s why I told. Don’t worry..go and spend time with shivanya..

Ranveer:it’s not fair..then I and kartik will spend some time with our love and then only we will go and sleep orelse I can’t sleep whole night..

Omkara:haha..I can see your jealousy that you are jealous with me and rithik as we can spend time with our love everytime.

Ranveer:I accept it as we just can spend time when we get time..

Rithik:no problem dude..you guys spend time and go and sleep. We will spend time with our wives..

They all agree and disperse and shivanya goes angrily and sits in a bench while rithik follows her..

Rithik:hey shivu.. what’s wrong with you? Are you still angry on me?

Shivanya:why won’t I? You loved someone else before me na..


Rithik:it was just crush shivu..but my first love was only for you..

Shivanya turns her face away and..

Shivanya:whatever..but I was not your first choice right?

She goes from there angrily while rithik stands numb..

Rithik in mind:ohh my…I spoiled my own love. Now I should do something to convince her.. what shall I do?

He thinks something and smiles and goes..


Naira searches for kartik everywhere and gets worried..

Naira:kartik..kartik..kartik..where did you suddenly disappear?

She gets sad and suddenly kartik comes and blindfolds her..


Kartik:shhhh..it’s me only. Iam sorry for disappearing in between. But there is a suprise for you..so be patience.

Naira smiles and kartik takes her somewhere and opens her eyes and naira gets stunned seeing a place full of decorated as ‘I love you’..


Kartik:a small suprise for you. As I did an emotional proposal there..i thought to do again a romantic proposal again..so it’s a small decorations for it..

Naira gets happy and she runs near the wall and stands below i love you and kartik too stands opposite to her and they both looks each other romantically and they hold their hands..

Kartik:i love you naira..I love you..

Naira:i love you too kartik..

They both smile and kartik pulls her hands and naira comes and falls on kartik’s arms..


Kartik:shhhh..i don’t want to be even 0 cm away from you. I always want to be close with you like this forever..

Naira turns away her face and blushes..

Naira:even me too..

Kartik smiles and slowly he turns her face towards him and he comes closer to kiss her lips while naira becomes red in shyness and blushes hard..

Kartik stops seeing her shyness and blushes and..

Kartik:arrey..don’t get shy and blush like this. Then I’ll lose my control and will marry you nowatself..

Naira smiles and pushes him away..

Naira:shut up..okay..if you want to kiss me then catch me..

Naira runs and kartik chases and suddenly kartik slips and falls down..

Kartik:ohh noo..

Naira gets an idea and she comes and back hugs him by lying above him and whispers in his ears romantically..

Naira:i love you kartik..I love you..

Kartik blushes and feels as if he is flying in sky..

Kartik:i love you too naira..

Suddenly naira gets up away from him..

Kartik:naira..why did you get away soon?

Naira: because you dint propose romantically yet..then how can I romance you without solid verification that you are my bf?

Kartik immediately gets up and plucks a rose and proposes her..

Kartik: my queen..will you be my gf and my future wife?

Naira gets irritated and she takes the flower and throws away..

Naira: what a such a boring proposal ever!! I can give you noble prize for it..

Kartik gets embarassed..


Naira pulls him closer using his shirt and..

Naira:see..how I’ll propose you romantically..i love you kartik..

She immediately kisses his lips while kartik gets suprised and reciprocates happily and he gets into the blissful world of kiss..


Omkara was standing angrily and gauri comes to him..

Gauri:om..why do you look angry?

Omkara:then what? You indirectly told me that i look like a black thief na..

Gauri caresses his face and..

Gauri:hey..it’s just my first view..but now you look like a romantic hero for me..

Omkara pushes her hands away and..

Gauri:but still you thought like that na on first view..

He makes an angry face while gauri giggles..

Gauri:even you look handsome while you are angry my darling.

She kisses his cheeks immediately suprising him..


Gauri kisses him again..

Gauri:i will kiss you till you forgive me..

Gauri kisses him again and again and suddenly omkara pulls her into his embarace and kisses her cheeks tightly suprising gauri..


Omkara: what a girl you are..i thought to be angry on you for sometime but you made me flattered with your kiss..i couldn’t hold my anger and so i let it out..now you made me romantic..

Gauri giggles..

Gauri:i know how to convince my angry husband..

Omkara pulls her closer and..

Omkara:i know how to romance my wife..

He slowly leans towards her to kiss her lips..

Gauri pushes him and runs..

Gauri:catch me and then kiss me..

Gauri giggles and runs while omakara chases and both gets tired and falls on the ground on each other’s embrace and they rest peacefully..

Omkara:i wish this time remains forever..

Gauri:even me too.. lying on your arms and seeing this beautiful dark sky is the best thing forever.

They both enjoy the view..


Sirat was enjoying in the garden and she plucks a red rose and smiles seeing it..

Suddenly Ranveer comes back of her and hugs her suprising sirat..

Ranveer: Every lovers are enjoying with their respective lovers but my lover is enjoying with everything other than her boyfriend.

Sirat smiles..

Sirat: because these all are more handsome than my boyfriend..

Ranveer:is it so? Then shall i go..so that you will enjoy with your handsome things?

Sirat smiles and holds him..

Sirat:shut up okay? I just told for fun.. actually i was seeing this flower whether it’s perfect to propose you or not..i want to propose you.. that’s why..

Ranveer:ohh my!! What a coincidence..even i thought to propose you..

Sirat gets suprised..

Sirat: really?

Ranveer goes on his knees and takes out a ring and proposes her..

Ranveer:my dear..my sweetheart sirat..i love you so much..i love you more than anything in this world. Will you accept this foolish doctor as your husband and lover forever?

Sirat smiles and holds his hands and ranveer makes her wear the ring..

Sirat: don’t talk about my lover’s capability mr.ranveer Chauhan. My boyfriend is a great doctor you know..iam proud of his success.. and moreover i accept his proposal and iam reaady to be his wife and lover forever.

Ranveer smiles and gets up and they both hug each other happily..

PRECAP:- couples time. Mishti escapes. Ram and Priya meet. Goenkas reach Mumbai..

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