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It’s night..

Abir calls mishti repeatedly but she doesn’t pick…

Abir:arrey Mishti..why don’t you attend my call? I should ask whether you packed your stuffs or not for our Mumbai visit then only I can sleep peacefully.

He calls again and again and gets tired and lies down on bed stretching himself and throwing away the phone…

Abir: Mishti ki khadoos!! Not attending your boyfriend’s call.. wait..I’ll take revenge on you tomorrow.

Abir sleeps..


Mishti is seen tied up still in a godown and Rohit brings food for her..

Rohit:my darling mishti..i know you will be so hungry now as you dint eat for almost 5 i brought your favourite modak. Eat well and sleep peacefully..

Mishti gets angry and shouts..

Mishti:shut up you heartless human. What did you tell..sleep peacefully huh? How can I sleep peacefully where an animal is there? You are wrecked animal..

Rohit laughs evilly..

Rohit:mishti.. everything is fair in love and war na. You love Abir but I love I am attaining my goal like you..there is nothing wrong in it. Anyways..calm down your anger because tomorrow is our should be like angel not like devil.

Mishti:you are right..i should be like angel because angel and devils never marry. I’ll destroy you mr.devil..

Rohit smiles..

Rohit:lets see that tomorrow on our first night darling..ok goodnight..have a peaceful sleep tonight for beautiful tomorrow and have food now.

He goes locking the door smirking while mishti cries helplessly..

Mishti in mind:abirrr… please save me from this animal…i don’t want to marry him.. please save me. Iam sorry for not trusting you that time when you told about Rohit’s truth..

She cries harder..


Shivanya enters her room and gets suprised seeing the room decorated and smiles..

Shivanya in mind:ohh this ritik.. whatever he makes me angry but spoils my angry mood with his romantic suprise. But..I’ll not immediately give up my angry mood..let him please me for sometime for a punishment.

She goes and combs her hair and ritik comes there and gets mesmerized seeing shivanya. beautiful queen!!

Shivanya turns away..

Shivanya:go and tell this dialogues to your first love.. why me?

Ritik comes near shivanya and..

Ritik:but baby..she was just my a crush but you are my first love..why don’t you understand this? Please leave your anger na..

Shivanya:whatever!! She captured your heart first right..


Shivanya:that’s the better stay away from me..

Ritik: angry queen shivanya. If i tell who is that girl then you will laugh. The whole world can get crush on her but no one can get her.

Shivanya: what? What do you mean? Whom are you telling?

Ritik:she is actress Deepika Padukone.


Ritik:why are you showing reaction as if you never saw her? She is ranveer Singh’s you tell who is my first love. If i loved her then Ranveer would have killed me. I just had crush as a fan..

Shivanya stares him..

Shivanya:you!! If you had fan crush on her then why dint you inform on the game itself? You made me upset..

Ritik: only one answer should be given to one question na baby that’s why. Anyways it was just like teasing you for

Shivanya:so you.. you did drama as if you really had crush huh? Wait..see what I’ll do now..

Shivanya chases ritik and ritik runs laughing..

Soon they end up falling on bed tired and they look each other..

Ritik: finally!! My sweetie wife..iam sorry for teasing you…

Shivanya:it’s okay i forgiven you as i made you run to your foot as your punishment.

Ritik smiles and then gets up and gets closer to shivanya and looks her romantically..

Ritik:if the punishment time is over..then let’s start our romantic time.

Shivanya smiles and she encircles hand around him..

Shivanya: ofcourse my hubby..

Ritik smiles and kisses her forehead..

Then they romance passionately..

Next day..

Naira and sirat gets ready in their room..

Sirat:wow Tina..i mean naira.. you look beautiful today..i think kartikji is going to faint seeing you.

Naira:sirat..iam always your you should call me as Tina only. Iam naira for kartik and my past people not you guys as i born as Tina for you guys. Anyways thanks for complimenting..even you look prettier. Please spare my jeeju..

They both laugh..

Sirat:ok..come lets go to our guys..they will be sleeping for sure..lets go and wake up.


Naira and sirat goes to kartik Ranveer’s room and finds them missing and gets stunned..

Sirat:i wonder how did ranveer woke up early. He will sleep skipping breakfast when he is off how did he woke up early?

Naira:first of all..where are both kartik and ranveer jeeju?

Sirat:lets go and search for them.

They both go and search for their respective pair in seperate ways and suddenly kartik surprises naira by coming in cycle surrounding her..


Kartik circles her and..

Kartik: did you think that i will be sleeping forgetting my love my sherni?


Kartik stops the cycle and shows his hands towards naira..

Kartik: I can forget myself but not you naira..kartik will never forget his naira even for a second. Even in sleep i dream you..

Naira gets dull hearing it..

Naira:you love me so much and truly..that’s why you never forget me but see..i..

Kartik sees her getting dull and he immediately changes the topic..

Kartik:arrey..iam talking romantically but you are getting senti. I made more romantic surprises..but i think you will spoil it with your senti.

Naira gets hyper immediately..

Naira:noo.. don’t think iam an emotional fool. I am not getting senti okay?

Kartik smiles and..

Kartik: okay sherni..i agree as i can see in your tone atself that how you are sherni. Anyways..come and sit with me in cycle.. I’ll take you somewhere special.

Naira:in cycle? How it’s possible?

Kartik: we are not going to sit like a strangers..we are lovers so we will sit accordingly like romantic common.

Naira blushes and holds his hands and kartik makes her sit and he drives somewhere romantically while naira enjoys..

Then he takes to a nearby snowy area while naira gets suprised and they get down the cycle..’s so awesome.

Kartik pulls naira closer..

Kartik:me or this snow?

Naira giggles and pushes him away..

Naira: don’t get cheesy..i told this snow. Though it’s artificially made by this resort but it’s like real..i really like it.

Kartik:you are surprised at first atself then how will you react seeing more?

Naira:more? What’s that? Please show..

Kartik lifts her surprising naira..


Kartik:kya? Iam taking to the place where the suprise is you mind disturbed of lifting you huh?

Naira:nope..i just got suddenly suprised..but i enjoy in your arms.

Kartik smiles and then he reaches the spot and gets her down and shows the breakfast arrangement of naira’s favourite cupcakes in the snow and naira gets hell suprised and jumps in joy.. favourite cupcakes. I never ate till i remember but i always felt like eating chocolate cupcakes..maybe it’s an affect of desire from my past as i don’t remember my past..

Naira shows happiness and kartik feels bliss seeing her happy..

Kartik in mind:krishnaji..keep my naira happy like this always. We will be happy like this forever from now… now no one can seperate us..even death.

Naira pulls kartik..

Naira:come..lets go and eat..iam so craving..

They both sit and eat feeding each other romantically..

Later Kartik puls her for dance..

Kartik:what’s the trip without dance huh? Lets dance and enjoy our love..

Naira smiles and both of them dance romantically..

Yeh Ishq hai… (x4)

Sufi ke sulfe ki lau uth ke kehti hai
Aatish ye bujhke bhi jalti hi rehti hai

Yeh ishq hai.. (x4)

Sufi ke sulfe ki lau uth ke kehti hai
Aatish ye bujhke bhi jalti hi rehti hai

Ye ishq hai…
Ye ishq hai…

Saahil pe sar rakh ke
Dariya hai soya hai
Sadiyon se behta hai
Aankhon ne boya hai

Yeh ishq hai re
Yeh ishq hai… (x2)

Tanhaai dhunta hai
Parchhaai bunta hai
Resham si nazron ko
Aankhon se sunta hai

Yeh ishq hai… (x3)

Sufi ke sulfe ki lau utthi
Allah Hoo… (Allah Hoo…)
Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo
Allah Hoo…

Sufi ke sulfe ki Lau utthi
– Allah Hoo
Jalte hi rehna hai
Baaki naa main naa tu

Yeh ishq hai…
Yeh ishq hai…
Bekhud sa rehta hai
Yeh kaisa Sufi hai
Jaage to Tabrizi
Bole to Rumi hai

Yeh Ishq Hai,
Yeh Ishq Hai,
Yeh Ishq Hai…

Later they visit near Lake and takes selfie..

Kartik:today we enjoyed a lot in this trip especially our romance..

Kartik smiles while naira blushes and hugs him..

Naira:thank you for this suprise..i really liked it.

Then they enjoy and return towards courtyard of resort..


Sirat was searching for ranveer here and there..

Sirat:ranveer!! Ranveer!! Where did you disappear suddenly?

Suddenly sirat slips and ranveer comes there and holds her and they both meets with an eyelock..

Suddenly sirat gets angry and pushes away ranveer who was holding her smiling..

Sirat:where did you disappear ranveer? I was searching for you tensed but you are holding me know how tensed was i?

Ranveer: arrey…i just went for sightseeing..

Sirat gets more angry hearing this and holds his collar angrily..

Sirat:so you thought to enjoy alone leaving me right?

Ranveer:arrey..don’t get angry my angry queen. I just prepared some suprise for you.

Sirat gets suprised and gets excited..

Sirat:suprise.. really??show me..

Ranveer:haha..i won’t show you soon. You was angry try to change your mood to be patience now..

Sirat:you!! Don’t irritate me.

Ranveer:fine i will give..

Ranveer gives a gift to sirat and sirat gets suprised..

Sirat:wow..the gift looks big..iam excited to see it.

Ranveer:then open and see..

Sirat opens the gift and gets suprised seeing hand gloves with “i love you sirat” Carved on it..


Ranveer:this is mera pyaar..

Sirat gets happy and emotional and hugs him tightly..

Sirat:i never expected this..i really like very much..thank you so much ranveer. You have me unique gift. You was everywhere and in everything and now you are added in gloves too. I can remember you while punching too..thank you so so so much. Your love will surely make me win nationals..

Ranveer smiles..

Ranveer:your goal is to win nationals and my goal is to make you win in your life

Sirat smiles and kisses his cheeks..

Sirat:your so lovely..i love you.

Ranveer:love you too.

They both smile and they spend time together.

Omkara searches for gauri in the resort restlessly..

Omkara in mind:where did the gauri gone suddenly? She is making me restless more by hiding somewhere..

Suddenly he spots gauri playing with a baby and gets suprised and goes near her..

Omkara:hey gauri..who is this baby?

Gauri:He is my sweetie cutie partner. Actually I saw him playing in this grass so I took him and his parents too allowed me to enjoy with him for I am enjoying with him.

Omkara:wow..he looks so cute..give me na..I’ll play with him.

Gauri turns away..

Gauri:nope. I know you are worst in handling I won’t. You make happy kids cry..then how can I give this baby to you??

Omkara:hey.. what do you think of me? i make this baby happy now..

He gets baby forcibly from gauri while gauri is shocked..

Gauri:ohh no..

Omakara plays with baby..

Omkara:hey my babloo..

The baby sees his face and cries shocking omkara and gauri..

Gauri:you are an idiot..i told you that you don’t know to handle kids then why did you took him and made him cry?

Omkara:what did i do? This is how you were also doing right then why is he crying with me alone?

Gauri: because you was talking like professor as usual. But i was talking like baby. For a baby you have to become a baby too..which is unsuitable for a guy like you.


Before he proceeds gauri takes the baby and plays with him and calms him down while omkara smiles.. both look cute together.

Gauri:why don’t we take selfies with him?

Omkara:why not?

They take selfie with the baby by omkara kissing him.

Then baby’s parents comes and takes him and they thank and go while omakara hugs gauri and teases her..

Omakara: seeing this baby..iam eager..

Gauri:for what?

Omakara:to have my own baby..this baby is cute but i want more cuter than him.

Gauri blushes and they spend time together romantically..


Bani meets ram and jhanvi..

Jhanvi:iam so excited..more only 3days are left for engagement..

Bani:maa..i need to tell something important. Actually can we keep engagement after 2 weeks?

Jhanvi gets shocked while ram gets confused..

Jhanvi:what? After 2 weeks? Why beta?

Bani: actually.. actually..iam going to Mumbai for important work today..and I will come next week only..that’s why.

Ram:it’s problem bani. I won’t be hurdle in your you go and come..we will keep our engagement after next week atself.

Jhanvi gets worried while bani smiles..

Bani:thank you mr.ram Kapoor.

Jhanvi: fine.. okay. But ram why don’t you accompany her?it will be like couples trip..

Bani and ram gets shocked and worries..

Ram:maa..anika is going with her i can’t disturb their privacy right..that’s why. friends are coming with me. They are also giving farewell party there. We will go for a trip once engagement overs.

jhanvi gets convinced and she accepts..

Jhanvi:ok beta..but be careful huh. Like last time i don’t want to lose you this time too anika beta.

Bani hugs jhanvi..

Bani:you won’t lose me this time maa.. don’t worry. Take care..

Ram recalls the accident of him anika and Priya..


Ram Anika and Priya were coming in car from Shimla and suddenly they lose their control and the car was about to fall down the hills..

Anika emotionally: ram..i think we won’t survive..i love you ram..

Ram:i love you too anika. The car falls off the hills..


Ram gets sad thinking that incident..

Ram in mind:In that accident i and Priya survived and Priya slipped to coma but I lost my anika. maa thinks she got anika back but truth is we can never get anika back. We lost her forever..i lost my love forever..i really miss you anika.

Bani bids adieu to jhanvi and goes and ram comes to her outside the house..

Ram:an..i mean bani..thank you for doing this much for my mom. Actually doctors informed that her health is little better than earlier.

Bani:it’s my duty ram. As a human iam helping other human that’s it…so please don’t thank me and embarass me. Anyways i have to thank you for managing the situation today…as i dint know what to answer when jhanvi aunty asked you to accompany me.

Ram:it’s okay i did what i should do. Anyways all the best and enjoy your trip..



Bani goes while ram goes inside and he gets some notification in his phone and he checks it and gets suprised and jhanvi comes and notices it..

Jhanvi: what happened ram? Why you are surprised?

Ram: actually there is boutique competition on udaipur. They invited me as chief guest as i was best ex boutique company owner in Mumbai..

Jhanvi:who doesn’t know that ram Kapoor is a business tycoon in Mumbai? You are an idiot to leave company and stay restaurant in udaipur.

Ram:maa..i can sacrifice anything for you. Your treatment was only available in udaipur..that’s why I shifted here for your sake after Anika’s de..i mean accident.

Jhanvi: anyways..iam happy that they invited you. Go and attend it.. what’s the time?

Ram:it’s today evening at 7pm.


They both disperse from there..


Priya’s friends Ridhima and shesha comes to priya’s house and Priya and her family welcomes them..

Mohini:arrey..ridhu..shesha..come in bachons..

Ridhima and shesha goes inside..

Mohini: what do you want to eat? Tea or coffee?’s okay aunty..we don’t need it as we just drank and came. Actually we came for asking permission..

Mohini:for what beta?

Ridhima: actually boutique competition is helding we want Priya to participate in it as a model like anika used to do. I know it was Anika’s dreams but still she can take part in absence of anika..anika will be proud to see her Priya in her place.

Mohini in mind:Priya is anika. I know Anika likes to participate and win competitions as boutique was her dream. I think i should allow her to participate.. though anika forget her past but no one can forget their dreams and desires..I’ll allow anika to participate so that she will be happy.

Mohini:why not? Let her participate..

Ridhima shesha gets happy while Priya too feels unknown happiness as it was her dreams and she smiles..

Priya in mind:why my heart is happy? It was Anika’s dreams only not mine but why do iam getting happiness as if it’s my dreams? Iam just participating for sake of my friends and for time being..then why i feel so happy? Anyways let me focus on my competition.

Shesha:aunty then we’ll book tickets to udaipur. Are you uncle and aunty coming with us?

Mohini and moloy gets shocked..

Mohini:is it not happening here in Ahmedabad?

Ridhima:no’s helding on udaipur today evening at 7pm. Don’t worry aunty.. udaipur is new to she will be happy there. We will take care of her..she too needs some changes in place to get happier.. so please aunty..

Moloy: ok beta..we allow Priya to go udaipur for competition.

Ridhima shesha and Priya rejoice while Mohini feels scared..

Mohini:but moloy..

Moloy whispers: Don’t worry her friends told anika too needs some changes to get happier..iam sure she will be happy in udaipur. Moreover I know why you get are scared whether ram and anika will meet in your absence but don’t worry..ram belongs to I am sure they won’t meet.

Mohini:are you sure?

Moloy: don’t you trust me?

Mohini:it’s not like that..

Moloy:then leave it to god. He won’t neglect our prayers..we will pray ram and anika shouldn’t meet even though they aren’t in same place.

Mohini:yeah. You are right.

Moloy:ok guys..I’ll book tickets for you three people to udaipur. So go and pack your things.

Ridhima /shesha: ok uncle..thank you so much.

They all disperse to their rooms while Ridhima and shesha goes to their house back to pack their things..


Keerthi is shivering with fever and naksh notices it..

Naksh: Keerthi.. what happened? Why are you shivering like this?
Keethi: nothing naksh..ia..iam..iam fi.. fine on.. only.

Naksh touches her forehead and gets shocked..

Naksh:you are lying. You are having severe fever..why dint you tell me? I would have prepared you something hot for your betterment.

Keerthi:it’s okay will get fine.

Naksh:no..wait..I’ll prepare some hot khada for you.

He was about to go but Keerthi gets up and tries to stop him but she slips and naksh holds her immediately and they meet with an eyelock..

Soon naksh makes Keerthi sit..

Naksh:are you mad or what? Why are you straining yourself when you have fever? You just take rest..


Naksh:shut up..okay. if you say or do something then I’ll call kartik here.

Keerti:fine..fine..I’ll stay quiet.

Naksh smiles and goes and prepares some hot khada..

Then he brings it to Keerthi and feeds her..

Keerthi:it’s okay..give… I’ll eat myself.

Naksh:i told you to shut up and listen to me.

Keerthi makes a puppy face but agrees and naksh feeds Keerthi till she completes it..

The he makes her lye down and covers er with blanke and caresses her headt..

Naksh:now sleep will be fine once you take rest.


Naksh:shut up and sleep.

Keerthi makes a face and closes her eyes while naksh smiles and goes and then Keerthi opens her eyes and thinks about naksh..

Keethi in mind:even my mom couldn’t make me have medicine but this naksh bhi na.. anyways he is so nice and caring. Iam so lucky to have him.

Keerthi then falls into sleep happily…


PRECAP:- Vedika steals naira’s competition dress. Kunal saves mishti. Aditya challenges naksh. Ram and Priya meet. Dheeraj and mansi fight.

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