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Priya was sleeping deeply..

She dreams  anika and Ram’s intimate rain moments..

Aankhein Tujhe Dhoondne

Jaaye Toh Jaaye Kahan

Puchhun Main Kis’se Bata

Bole Na Paagal Hawa

Tu Hi Hai Zaroori

Karle Mera Aitbaar

Tu Hi Hai Zaroori

Karle Mera Aitbaar

Yaad Teri Aaye Baar Baar

Yaad Teri Aaye Baar Baar

Hans Raha Hoon Phir Bhi

Dil Hai Mera Beqaraar

Has Raha Hoon Phir Bhi

Dil Hai Mera Beqaraar

Yaad Teri Aaye Baar Baar

Yaad Teri Aaye Baar Baar

Kaali Kaali Raaton Jaise

Din Hai Mere Yaara

Kaise Bolun Tujh Bin Kaise

Karta Hoon Ghuzara

Ho Kaali Kaali Raaton Jaise

Din Hai Mere Yaara

Kaise Bolun Tujh Bin Kaise

Karta Hoon Ghuzara

Yeh Jo Aankhon Mein

Chehra Tera Hai

Mere Jeene Ki

Asli Wajah Hai

Tu Hi Bas Nahi Hai

Chehre Hain Hazaar

Yaad Teri Aaye Baar Baar

Yaad Teri Aaye Baar Baar

Yaad Teri Aaye Baar Baar

Ho Yaad Teri Aaye Baar Baar

Aankhein Tujhe Dhoondne

Jaaye Toh Jaaye Kahan

Puchhun Main Kis’se Bata

Bole Na Paagal Hawa

Next morning Priya wakes up startled..

Priya in mind: what’s happening with me? How can I dream anika and Ram’s intimate moments? It’s their private moments..then why am I seeing those as dreams? Why don’t i remember my life? I’ll better call my doctor..it’s making me  more tense.

Priya calls her doctor and he attends..

Priya:hello doctor..

Doctor:miss. Anika..how are you?

Priya gets shocked..

Priya:anika? Iam not anika..iamPriya..

Doctor: no..Priya is your sister. She died months ago..it’s you anika who survived. Your face got disfigured so we took priya’s face for you. Dint your parents inform you yet? I asked them to inform you to not confuse yourself..

Priya gets hell shocked..

Priya:no..they dint inform me anything. They even lied that Anika is my friend and they are the one who told that I am Priya..

Doctor gets shocked..

Doctor:i don’t know why you are your parents lying to you and confusing you. But truth is..priya died and mr and mrs. Basu signed the postmortem form of Priya and they signed your plastic  surgery form too ..

Priya gets shocked and stumbles..

Priya in mind:as iam anika.. that’s why I get flashes of my life and not priya’s. But.. but I got confused due to my muma papa. Why did they lie that iam Priya? Why did they lie that Anika is my friend?

Priya:ok..thank you for for information doctor.

Doctor:it’s my duty miss.Anika. I’ll call and ask mr.basu why did they hide truth from you even though I told them to not hide anything from you for your betterment..

Priya: sure doctor..I’ll also ask.

They cut the call and Priya lies down on bed again and gets engaged with thoughts..


Next day..


Naira comes to her class and her friends comes to her..

John and priya: hai Tina..

Naira:where is vedika?

Priya:she.. went out with her friends. Why are you asking her?

Naira:you will know why I am asking her once she comes..

Vedika comes and naira goes and slaps her angrily and everyone including vedika gets stunned..

Naira:how dare you vedika?

Siya:hey..how dare you slap my friend? Wait..I’ll complain to Kartik sir and HOD sir..

Naira:go and complain.. I don’t have fear because even I can complain. I know vedika is the one who tore my competition dress to make me insulted..

Everyone gets shocked and vedika wonders how does she know..

Siya:lie..why will she do it? She is our department..why will she insult our department in order to insult you? And moreover she has no enemity with you..

Naira: really? Shall i show you the truth..

Naira asks ridhi to come in front and tell the truth who was standing outside the class and ridhi comes and tells the truth to the class shocking Vedika and siya..


Ridhi:iam sorry..i can’t be heartless to hide the truth from the girl who saved my life.

Everyone gets shocked..

Vedika:what do you mean?

Ridhi:I’ll tell how i told naira the truth..


naira was coming towards college and suddenly she sees goons troubling a girl..

Naira in mind: what the hell they are doing with a girl? I should save her..

She runs and fights with the goons..

Naira:run away from here before i call police…

The goons run away and naira gets shocked seeing the girl as she is ridhi and Ridhi gets emotional and hugs her..

Naira: ridhi..you?

Ridhi: Tina..thank you for saving me. You are really a hero..these goons were trying to kidnap me as they are my father’s enemy..my father is a political leader. I always face this trouble but always my father sends me with someone for protection but today…today i came alone without father’s knowledge and now..

Ridhi cries and naira hugs her and comforts her..

Naira:leave it.. whatever happened is happened but you are safe..so don’t feel for it. But don’t come alone next time..

Ridhi:yes..thank you once again.

Naira:no need to thank me as i consider everyone as my friends only.

Ridhi feels guilty of supporting vedika and she tells the truth to naira while naira gets shocked..

Ridhi:iam..iam sorry..i shouldn’t have supported vedika..but i did as she was my friend. Now i felt guilty for hurting such a nice girl like you..so i told you the truth. You can punish is by complaining..we deserve it..

Naira:you are guilty and you are apologizing whole heartedly..so i won’t punish you. But i will punish vedika and siya..if i forgive them for humanity then they may repeat with some other girl too.

Ridhi:vedika won’t do it because she hates you as kartik sir is soft towards you..she loves kartik sir. To get rid of you from kartik sir only Vedika did this..

Naira gets shocked hearing it..


Vedika screams: Ridhi..you are a cheater!!

She slaps ridhi while naira gets angry and slaps vedika again..

Naira: don’t dare to hurt others for your mistake vedika..

The whole class badmouths vedika for her bad behaviour and for loving professor..

One guy Sham: so ashamed of you vedika. You tried to insult Tina and our department for kartik sir. And I never thought you are so cheap that you love our professor kartik sir..very cheap.

Other students:yes..

Suddenly kartik enters and gets shocked seeing the mess of the class..

Kartik: students.. what is happening here? Why are you all shouting like this? Go and sit in your place..

John: sir..Vedika tore Tina’s competition clothes to insult her. And siya supported her

Other students:yes sir..

Vedika and siya fears while kartik gets shocked and gets angry..

Kartik:is it truth vedika?


Naira:sir..she not only tore clothes but slapped ridhi too for exposing her.

Kartik gets angry like lava as he hates whoever troubles his naira..

Kartik in mind:how dare she hurts my naira? I would have slapped her  if it was not college but i can’t do that now as i should behave as a professor and not as boyfriend. But I’ll surely suspend her..

Kartik:vedika..siya..come with me to HOD..you both will be suspended for a month.


Kartik shouts: say sorry when you change wholeheartedly and not to escape from punishments. I don’t want to hear anything from you two..you tried to insult Tina and you slapped ridhi..which is misbehaviour. I won’t let misbehaviour happen in class..so come with me..if you don’t come..I’ll drag you both.

They both go with kartik while vedika fumes with naira full of hatred..


Mishti Abir veer bani naksh Keerthi and mansi goes to beach..

Mansi:guys..lets leave mishti and Abir alone.

She winks eyes while others smiles except naksh and Keerthi..

Keerthi:why? Abir is our bhai and mishti is our friend..then how can you tell like this Mansi?

Bani:arrey keethi..one suprise..Abir and mishti love each other..they are couples now.

Abir and mishti blushes while naksh and Keerthi gets suprised and they tease mishti and Abir..

Naksh: someone told that she will enjoy my bhaarat sooner..but seems i should enjoy her bhaarat now..

Mishti gets angry and beats naksh..

Mishti:bhaiii..you don’t like me at all na..you are eager to send me away!!

Everyone laughs while naksh hugs mishti and caress her head..

Naksh:just teasing you mishti..who told that i don’t love you? Your always my specs and now you are my naira too..

He gets emotional recalling naira while mishti cares for him..

Mishti: bhai.. don’t get emotional..naira di will be always there with us and ofcourse iam your naira from now.

Everyone smiles emotionally..

Veer:ok guys..common lets go..let Abir and mishti enjoy. We will enjoy somewhere..

Everyone leaves from there except Abir and mishti..

 Abir: everyone left..so now it’s time for us to..

Mishti:eat chocolate icecream..go and buy and come Abir.

Abir makes a face..

Abir:your brain is useless like you miss.useless universe..

Mishti gets angry..

Mishti:hey..how dare you mr.stupid goenka.

Abir:then what? Even our friends understood that lovers need romantic time but..but my lover doesn’t understand it.

Mishti:you told me useless but you are idiot. Your brain is idiot like you. I asked you to bring corn so that we will feed each other and then enjoy our romantic time..

Abir:ohh..oops iam sorry..

Mishti:fine go and bring it..

Abir brings icecream and they both feed each other romantically..

Abir:i wish we get married soon..so that we can eat like this everyday..

Mishti: still we can eat like this as bf gf. Don’t think about marriage now..first lets enjoy as bf gf..

Abir:you talk as if you don’t like marriage..

Mishti:nope. I like it but I don’t have enough courage to leave my family..i need sometime to understand that..that’s why I told.

Abir hugs her..

Abir:it’s okay..i understand your mentality. We guys just stay in our own family and also get our lovers too but you women’s have to leave your family and come..thats a big sacrifice. You can take how much time you want..I’ll always support you.

Mishti smiles and kisses him..

Mishti:thank you my love..

Abir kisses her back..

Abir:welcome my love..

Suddenly mishti sees a flying ride and gets excited..

Mishti:Abir..Abir..see there is flying ride.. come lets go and enjoy..

Abir:you are so Daring.. aren’t you scared as it flies high?

Mishti:why are you asking? Are you scared for it?

Abir:who told? Iam not even scared for ghost..will i get scared for this?

Mishti:then prove it..

Abir:okk..fine..come lets go..

Abir and mishti sits in a ride and they enjoy flying high…

Veer bani naksh Keerthi and mansi were walking together..

Bani:veer.. come with me..i need to tell you important thing..

She drags him with her and goes while Mansi who was walking carelessly hits a guy and was about to fall but he holds her and they both meets with an eyelock..

Mansi gets angry and pushes him away and shouts..

Mansi: hey..where are your eyes?

Dheeraj: can’t you see..it’s in my face only. Haha.. what a funny question ❓

Naksh and Keerthi laughs while Mandi gets more angry..

Mansi: don’t show attitude instead of apologizing me..

Dheeraj:why should I apologise you? You are not my god..

Mansi: you hit me..

Dheeraj: i wonder why girls have no heart to accept their mistakes. They do mistakes but we should apologise..it’s unfair.

Mansi:shut up. Thank your god for iam having heart. If i dint have heart..then i would have punched your face. I respect men’s..so i dint do it.

Dheeraj laughs out loud irritating Mansi..

Mansi:hey..are you mad? Why are you laughing like hell?

Dheeraj: because i couldn’t digest that you respect men’s..you respect men’s by fighting like this for silly matter? You are an arrogant queen..


She goes to hit him but naksh and Keerthi stops her..

Naksh: don’t be mad Mansi. Apologise him..

Mansi:naksh..you also support that stupid stranger?

Naksh:i would have supported you if you was right..but you was walking carelessly and hit him..not him.


Dheeraj: hey mister..thanks for supporting me. Make this arrogant girl understand..

Mansi: hey..how dare you call me arrogant? You are a ugly fellow..

Dheeraj:i will accept..will you accept that you are arrogant?

Mansi goes to hit him but naksh and Keerthi pulls her..

Keerthi:Mansi.. leave it..why are you fighting for small matter? Ask sorry and come..

Mansi:why should I ask sorry?

Dheeraj:what an attitude!!

Naksh:hey..mister..i accept she is arrogant..i apologise you in her behalf. Please forgive us..

Dheeraj:it’s okay..no problem.

Dheeraj goes and he thinks..

Dheeraj in mind:that girl is so arrogant..i hope I don’t meet her again.

Naksh and Keerthi scolds Mansi..

Keerthi:Mansi.. you never accept your mistakes. Thank god that stranger is kind enough..orelse you would have been bashed.

Mansi:kind enough? He is like a crocodile on land..Keerthi di..

Naksh: whatever!! Accept that you dint walk carefully..

Mansi:i won’t because it’s not at all my fault..

Keerthi:you will never change Mansi. I hope you won’t fall in trouble because of your adamant character in future..

Mansi:Keerthi di..

Naksh: anyways..lets forget it..come lets enjoy.

They three go md enjoy…


Kartik was sitting in a rock in nearby area near the same beach where kartik’s family is there and naira was standing sad near him..

Kartik: arrey..naira.. what happened to you? Why are you dull?


Kartik pulls her into his lap suprising naira..


Kartik:naira..i know you are lying. Tell me the truth..why are upset? I can’t tolerate to see you like this..


Kartik:vedika? Arrey..i know she did wrong with you but i have punished her na..then what with her?

Naira:nai..iam not upset for that. You don’t know one why vedika did that with me.

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:why did she do that?

Naira: because she loves you. She notices that you are soft towards me..so in jealousy she did that to make me away from you..

Kartik gets shocked again but he laughs..

Naira:why are you laughing? Iam upset that she loves you but you are happy..do you love her too?

Kartik caresses her face romantically and..

Kartik:arrey naira..i can see your jealousy. But don’t get upset for that.. whoever loves me..i don’t care..i love only one girl in this world..that is my naira. Even if fairy comes in front of me..for me you are my fairy.. i loved you since our childhood and will love you till eternity..

Naira gets happy and joins her forehead with his..

Naira: i will also love you till eternity..i love you so much kartik.. promise me that you will never leave me ever.

Kartik:i swear.. kartik will never even live a second without his naira. Kartik is always incomplete without his naira..

Naira smiles and kartik gets up and lifts naira shocking her..

Naira:kartik..public place..

Kartik: what’s wrong? Let everyone see that professor kartik goenka loves na..

Naira:Tina shekhawat. No one knows that I am naira now..so let me be Tina till i regain memory for everyone.

Kartik:acha..let everyone knows that kartik goenka loves Tina shekhawat.

They both smile and he takes her in his arms..


Bani:veer..i took you alone to..

Veer:to apologise for doubting kartik bhai?

Bani: arrey nai.. actually..my doubt was right. First i thought i did mistake by doubting kartik when we saw him sleeping..but i noticed someone’s earrings on his bed.

Veer gets shocked and gets more angry..

Veer:what do you mean bani? Are you going to tell that my bhai is having an affair?

Bani panics on his tone ..

Bani:veer..calm down..i dint mean that. Maybe he would have some female friends or he..he may have fallen in love with someone.

Veer gets shocked and scolds her more..

Veer:i don’t know what is running in your mind bani. How can you even think like that? You know how kartik loved naira bhabhi right..he won’t move on that’s sooner..stop your nonsense.

Bani:but I swear..i saw some earrings..

Veer gets angry and shouts..

Veer: bani.. don’t make me slap you. I can’t tolerate anyone badmouthing my family.

Bani:veer..iam not badmouthing..iam just telling you what I saw. Maybe kartik is in love..so..

Veer slaps her..

Veer:i know about my Bhai.. don’t dare to utter anything against him.

He walks away angrily while bani cries..

Bani in mind: veer..you don’t trust me..then why did you fall for me? I told what I saw..and i never meant to badmouth kartik..i want to support his love if he really loves someone because one has to move on in life to be peaceful..how will I prove you?

Suddenly she sees wine shop and she goes and drinks wine and gets drowsy and gets into bhaang’s effect and screams..

Bani:mis..mister..veer the unfaithful..goenka..

Veer hears her and turns and gets shocked seeing her drunk..

and veer runs towards her and holds her..

Veer:bani.. what are you doing? Why did you drink this?

Bani pushes him away and..

Bani: because.. because only wines doesn’t hurt us and support even during happy and sad times. You..you don’t trust me..i hate you..

Veer:but i love you..

Bani:shut up..you fraud. If you loved me truly..you would have supported me instead of blaming me. I told truth but .. but you don’t believe me..i hate you.

Suddenly bani faints due to bhaang’s effect and veer holds her..

Veer in mind:ohh no..now i have to make her normal..i should make her lie somewhere and sprinkle water.

He lifts and takes her..


kartik drops naira near a corn shop..

Kartik:lets eat corn naira..

Naira:kartik..call me naira when we are alone.. please call me as Tina in public.

Kartik:acha fine Tina..

Naira: i feel crazy seeing corns..do I like corns in past also?

Kartik: ofcourse.. you used to bite my hands in childhood to snatch my corns too. You are craziest girl for corns..

Naira laughs..

Naira:acha..okok..get it.. we’ll eat..iam so hungry..

Kartik gets two corns and gives one to naira and he was about to eat but naira stops him..


Naira takes kartik’s corn and adds masala in shape of “I LOVE YOU”..

Naira:I’ll express love to you in every ways..i love you kartik..now eat it..

Kartik smiles and recalls their proposal of how he first proposed naira through corn in the same way..

Naira: what happened? Why are you smiling? Is my love carving is cute?

Kartik: actually..i got reminded of our beautiful past. In past i proposed you first by peeling “i love you” in corn..

Naira:ohh..i wish i remember our beautiful past.

She gets dull..

Kartik in mind: ohh no..what did i do? I always make her upset talking about past..i should not let her sad..i have to cheer her up.

Kartik: nai..Tina god knows that you will forget the past. That’s why he made corn proposal again to make corn memories again..so don’t get dull..last time i proposed this time you proposed that’s it.. don’t get sad and spoil our beautiful moment.

Naira smiles and nids her head and they both eat corn together..

Veer comes that way holding unconscious bani and he sees kartik with a girl and gets shocked..

Veer in mind:he..he is kartik..how ..how come he..he is..is with a girl?

He recalls bani telling about it and regrets of scolding bani without trusting  her..

Veer in mind:ohh no.. what did i do? Bani..Bani told me truth..but i..i dint believe her..and i slapped and scolded her..iam such a foolish boyfriend.

He tries to see who is the girl with kartik but couldn’t see as her face is turned opposite of him..

Veer in mind:who is that girl? Do kartik love her? Did he fall in love again after naira bhabhi?

Suddenly kartik notices a single corn sticking to naira’s cheeks..

Kartik:Tina..a corn is sticking in your face..

She tries to take it but she touches in wrong directions..so kartik gets idea and he immediately comes closer to her and takes the corn from her cheeks through his mouth while naira blushes..

Naira:you are cheesy..you kissed me in reason of taking corn..

Kartik: what’s wrong? You are my gf..

Then they both eat romantically in single corn atself..

Veer gets stunned seeing it..

Veer in mind:so..so her name is Tina. And kartik loves the girl Tina..i guess he has moved on..that’s why he was happy when we saw him. But why is he hiding his love? I’ll confront him when he comes back home..

He goes taking bani with him..


Ranveer and rohan are waiting in boxing stadium for sirat’s turn..

Ranveer:today we’ll celebrate both tina’ win on dancing competition and sirat’s win on qualifier match.

Sirat: why are you talking as if I won?

Ranveer: whatever!! I know you will win for sure..that’s why i told. Who can defeat my Babar sherni of Mumbai?

Sirat smiles and lies on his shoulder..

Sirat:you are the one who encourages me so much..today iam here in this position because of you..thank you for being in my life.

Ranveer:even when I get scared to do risky surgery..you encourage me too..i should also thank you for being in life as a love and as a stand for my ambition.

They both smile and later sirat’s name is called and sirat enters the ring while Rohan and ranveer cheers for her..

Rohan:common..sirat..prove that you are babar sherni..

Narendra hides and looks at them and smirks..

Narendra in mind:I’ll see how this stupid girl sirat wins. The opponent Lalita has filled her gloves with stones according to my friend’s idea..she will win for sure. This girl sirat will be shattered soon..hahaha. then I’ll do what I have to do..

He goes away smirking..

The match starts and both plays well..

Ranveer cheers:common sirat..you can do it..punch and win..

sirat and her fans get shocked when the opponent punches her hard and sirat falls down in pain..

Sirat in mind: why do i feel her gloves hard like a stone? I don’t feel like normal boxing gloves… what’s happening?

Ranveer and Rohan come near the ring and encourage her..

Rohan:sirat..you are babar sherni.. common get up and win..

Ranveer:yes..you have to get medal for for India..so common..you can do it.

Sirat gets up hard and she struggles to fight as opponent punches her with stone inside her gloves and finally she knocks sirat down and wins the match..

Sirat’s fans and ranveer Rohan are shocked and they run to sirat and help her to get up and they take to seat..

Rohan:sirat.. what happened? You practiced we’ll..then how come..

Sirat cries as her dreams shattered..

Sirat:i fought for my dreams from childhood..and..and finally i came near my dreams..but..but i lost it.

Ranveer hugs her and comforts her..

Ranveer: you lost just once sirat..not till end you lost it. You have to chase your dreams till your end..one day you will achieve it for sure. Just don’t lose hope for just one lose.. we’ll try again next year..

Sirat: you know how hard is to reach qualifier? I have win many matches from locals to state levels again..

Ranveer:so what? Iam doing same surgeries again for other patients too..so think it like that. Try try till you succeed..common..you can do it.

Sirat gets hope and hugs him..

Sirat:thank you for supporting me and encouraging me always. If you wasn’t there i would have lost myself..

Ranveer:that’s why God has created me for you.

Sirat:even me for you..

They both smile emotionally and go with Rohan..


Priya packs her bags as she has to leave for Ahmedabad and she goes to living area and sees ram..

Ram: Priya…so soon you are going..you could have better stayed for one more day. As we are friends..i will miss you.

Priya worries..

Priya in mind:ram..iam not Priya but your anika. I don’t remember our past life or love..but i know the truth. You think that I am dead but no..i will confront my parents first and then tell you the truth.

Priya:even i will miss you. Thanks for providing shelter and cooking food for us..

Ram:it’s okay..i did what a friend should do.

Priya smiles and later her friends joins her..

Shesha:thank you Ram for helping us to stay here. We are leaving now..bye.

Ram:bye.. whenever you visit udaipur..come and stay here.


They turn to go but priya feels heartbroken and she looks back at ram who has turned opposite..

Priya in mind:i don’t know why..but i feel bad leaving you ram. Maybe due to our past love..i wish i get remembered our past.

Slowly she goes away sadly while ram feels some kind of different feeling and he turns to look Priya..

Ram in mind:why did I feel some kind of pain now? I felt this feeling when I saw Anika leaving me forever  after car fell from cliff ..why do i feel that now? Why do i feel Priya special now? It’s so confusing..

In confusion he turns and goes to his room..

precap:- Aditya challenges naksh. Narendra offers sirat. Family questions kartik about his love. Ram confronts anika’s parents. Mansi pranks dheeraj.

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