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Pratik Diya and raanav were going in car..

Pratik:Diya..did you see car number? If you have seen it..then tell me..we can find the kidnapper easily.

Diya:i saw..but i..i forgot..i don’t remember clearly..

They gets tensed while raanav panics..

Raanav in mind: she may have done wrong..but lord please spare her..i can’t see her in trouble even though she cheated me.

Pratik:i have an idea. Why don’t we trace bela’s number?

Raanav:nice idea. Aditya ..our lab researcher and security have great experience in this. So let’s go to Aditya and ask his help in tracing bela’s number.

Pratik:you are exactly right ..we will go there.

They go towards aditya’s house..

Aditya brings bela to his house and ties her up in a pillar while bela cries and she trie to use her powers but couldn’t as her hand is cut..

Bela in mind: i can’t able to use my power as my blood is oozing out..now how will I get saved?

Bela:who are you? I..i feel like seeing you somewhere..why are you doing this?

Aditya:you have seen me already because I am a lab researcher and security in Raanav sir’s office.

Bela gets shocked..

Bela: what do you want? Why did you kidnap me now?

Aditya: you are a great foolish ms.bela. i know you have some superpowers..i saw you using superpowers in office..i even heared the conversation between you and pratik that day..

Bela gets hell shocked..

Aditya: so you entered this office to get your annunciator back. I don’t know what’s annunciator but I got to know that you are alien and Aliens needs annunciator for their benefits. And you landed on earth by mistake and lost annunciator while saving raanav sir in car accident. So you came to office to get your annunciator back as you can’t return to your planet without that…am i right?

Bela gets shocked..

Bela:it’s okay if you have found my truth..but what do you want from me?

Aditya laughs evilly and crunches her cheeks..

Aditya: i want to research you..i will take your blood and research what kind of body and powers you have. And then i will keep you locked here and will use your powers for my benefits..

Bela gets shocked..

Aditya: then you are very hot too..so i think you can satisfy me too with your hotness. And do you know one thing.. that day you came to lab with the help of pratik right?

Bela: yeah.. because i came to search for my annunciator..it looks like that diamonds in your lab. Wait..did you do something and made me oust from Raanav sir company?

Aditya:yes..i and Sheena have planned this. Sheena doesn’t know your truth but she wants you to get out from office as she can’t bear you getting close with raanav. And i want you..so we both discussed a plan to make raanav sir hate you and oust you from his office..so when I heared the conversation with pratik..i thought of a plan and told Sheena that you are planning to steal diamond from our lab without telling the truth..

Bela gets shocked..

Aditya:so we both planned and made raanav believe that you came to steal diamond and as per our plan everything went well. Now once you got out of office..it was easy for me to kidnap you..now no one can stop me..and no one knows that you have powers as I want to use it myself..hahaha

Aditya gets near her and he injects an injection and takes her blood while bela screams in pain..


Aditya:wow.. darling..your blood is blue colour..it’s so different. Iam so excited to test you and also use you..

Bela faints as she lost more blood and suddenly someone bangs the door and enters shocking Aditya..

Aditya:hey..who is this?

Suddenly he gets shocked seeing raanav pratik and Diya..

Aditya shockingly:ra..raa..raanav sir..pr..pratik..

Raanav sees Bela tied up and gets angry like lava and he goes and hits and beats Aditya nicely..

Raanav: how dare you Aditya? I heared everything whatever you told now..so i misunderstood bela because of you and Sheena. And i got to know her reality too..i won’t spare you for eyeing her in wrong way and testing her.

He slaps Aditya continuously while pratik and Diya goes near bela and removes the thread and Diya hugs bela and cries..

Diya:bela..are you ok? Please open your eyes..

She doesn’t respond so pratik brings water and splashes on her face..

Pratik: bela.. please wake up..

Raanav ties up Aditya and comes to bela and sees her emotionally and hugs her tightly and cries..

Raanav:bela..i know I hurt you a lot..iam so sorry ..i don’t know how i believed those idiots.. please forgive me. I love you bela..i can’t live without you. I don’t care about your reality or identity but i want you to forgive me and accept me. Please wake up and forgive me by punishing me bela…

Suddenly bela gets strength as some light reflects her from raanav’s chest and she slowly opens her eyes and looks raanav..

Bela:raanav sir…

Raanav caresses her face..

Raanav:bela..are you fine? Did you hurt you or injured you? How do you feel?

Bela emotionally: iam fine sir. He dint hurt me..he.. he..

Raanav: don’t hesitate. I know your truth now as i heared what Aditya was telling you. I know you are not human but alien..so please tell.

Bela: he..he took my blood..that’s it. As an alien i will become unconscious when I lose my blood even by drop.

Diya:let that idiot go to hell. Thank god now you are fine bela..i was so scared when you was kidnapped.

Bela smiles emotionally and hugs Diya..

Bela:no one can get a sister like you Diya sister. Iam blessed to have you..

Pratik: Diya..come with me. Let raanav sir and bela talk privately and solve their issues. And we will drag this idiot Aditya to police station..

Diya:yeah..lets go.

Pratik and Diya takes away Aditya and raanav and bela goes out and they stand in rain and they look each other emotionally..

Raanav cries:bela.. I don’t deserve your apology for humiliating you such a way..but still I am sorry..i hurted you a lot.. forgive me by punishing me..

Bela gets emotional seeing him cry and recalls their moments and how raanav cares for her and holds his face and caresses..

Bela:no..it’s not your mistake raanav. They showed wrong way to you..that’s why you misunderstood me. Leave all past..lets forget it.

Raanav looks into her eyes deeply..

Raanav:you are such a gem bela. Iam very lucky to meet you..you told on mall that you saved me from car accident..and now i learnt that it’s true and you told about annunciator and even that is true but i never believed you and don’t you feel angry at me at all?

Bela:no..aliens don’t have emotions. And what’s the Shocking is i..i really can feel emotions related to you except anger.. I don’t know what’s that.

Raanav emotionally smiles..

Raanav in mind: you love me bela..that’s why you can feel the emotions related to me. And you confessed it too but as you were drunk..you dint remember it.

Raanav: that emotions are love bela. I too love you..now we can live together always.

Bela smiles and hugs him and raanav reciprocates happily..

Suddenly bela remembers something and moves away shocking raanav..

Raanav: what happened bela?

Bela sadly: if we love each other then let’s break up here raanav. We can’t get together at any cost..

Raanav gets stunned..

Raanav: what are you telling bela? You are talking like this as you are alien? I don’t care about your identity..you just live with me without going to your planet.

Bela: that’s not possible raanav. I want to stay here with you but..but my fate doesn’t allow me. But I have sometime..lets spend beautiful time together until that time comes..

Raanav: why bela? I will hold you strongly if someone from your planet comes to pick you up..

Bela sadly:that’s not the reason. Without annunciator i can’t return to my planet. And as i lost annunciator i can’t go to my planet because it can only give signal to my planet that iam here..my spaceship is repair too.

Raanav:then what’s the sad news about it? It’s indeed a very happy news right..we can stay together.

Bela: raanav..aliens can’t survive in other planets after some time. They just have limited time in this world..and my time is also limited and i just have 5days. Within 5 days if i get annunciator i can return to my planet orelse i should die here..

Raanav gets hell shocked and his heart gets pricked and he falls on ground on shock..


Raanav cries:no..no..this can’t happen. I won’t allow you to die..

He cries more while bela gets shattered seeing him in pain and she too sits near him and holds his face and joins her forehead with his..

Bela cries: raanav.. please don’t cry like this..i don’t want to die seeing you shattered. I want to die peacefully..till i die i want to cherish our love..i have just sometime.. please stop crying and be happy with me..please..

Raanav gets emotional..

Raanav cries:no.. this won’t happen. I won’t allow you to die..i will find annunciator and send you to your planet to make you live. It’s better to live separately instead of losing you forever bela..

Bela gets emotional..

Bela:but I Don’t want to go to my planet raanav. There i have to live alone just with your memories but here i can die peacefully lying in your lap..so don’t search for annunciator.

Raanav:then what about me? How can I live seeing you dying in Front of me? If you are stubborn then listen to me..i will also die along with you if you die.

Bela closes raanav’s mouth with her hands..

Bela:raanav!!! please don’t talk about your death..

Raanav: iam telling the truth bela. I can’t let you vanish from this universe.. instead of that we can live separately thinking about each other. Maybe one du god may give us chance again to meet like this..

Bela gets emotional..

Bela: maybe you are right..I may again land in earth by mistake and we may meet again. But this can happen only if we get my annunciator back..if not..then I’ll die.

Raanav: don’t worry..even if i dint eat but i will search for your annunciator and get it back. But till we get it..lets cherish our final moments before we depart.

Bela emotionally nods her head and they hug each other..


Pratik and Diya comes out of station happily after making Aditya arrested and Diya hugs pratik happily..

Diya:iam so so happy pratik.. finally my sister got justice..we saved her and also cleared her problems..iam so happy for her..

Pratik smiles as Diya is hugging her and suddenly Diya realises and moves away shyly..

Diya:iam..iam sorry..i..i hugged you out.. out of happiness.

Pratik:it’s okay..i understand.

Diya in mind:if I don’t tell him feelings then soon I may even kiss him out of consciousness. I should reveal my feelings to him soon..

Pratik:by the way..lets go for a walk for sometime.. what say?


Pratik and Diya goes for walking and they talk randomly..

Pratik:do you know..i feel raanav and bela are perfect for each other.

Diya:i wish she gets her love..but..she..she is alien..she will leave sooner..

Diya gets sad and even pratik gets sad..

Pratik: that’s very disheartening news..i really feel bad about her leaving. But i hope she goes to her own planet and lives happily instead of dying here.

Diya:even i hope so. I will pray that she should get her annunciator back.

As they walk further suddenly Diya keeps her leg near a wet area and she slips and falls into the swimming pool while pratik screams in shock..


Pratik immediately jumps into the pool and he goes near Diya and holds her worriedly..

Pratik:Diya..Diya..are you fine?

Diya:yes.. don’t worry..iam fine.

They both meet with an intense eyelock as they stand close..

Diya: achoooooo!!..

They realise the situation when Diya sneezes and pratik takes her out and wipes her hair using a towel..

Pratik:iam sorry..i..i..

Diya:it’s okay..(achooooo!!)..leave it.

Pratik:I’ll leave you in home. Take rest and sleep nicely so that you won’t catch cold.


Then pratik leaves Diya home and goes..


Next day everyone are back to duty and even bela goes to office while Sheena gets stunned seeing her and she goes to her..

Sheena:how shameless are you to come to office again even after raanav sir chased you out? Don’t you have some common sense also?

Suddenly raanav comes near bela and holds her hand shocking Sheena..

Sheena: sir..

Raanav: i chased her out in misunderstanding caused by you and Aditya. And i myself brought her here as i got to know her innocence..

Sheena gets stunned..

Sheena:no..sir..i..iam not lying. She really came to steal our company diamond. You yourself saw it na sir..

Raanav gets angry and slaps her hard..

Raanav:enough of your nonsense!!. Then even i can say that you are copying documents from ms.jia whenever you go to her place..

Sheena:sir!! I just go simply there..

Raanav: even she went simply to see our diamonds as she have never saw it before.

Sheena:but she gone there in untime..she could have gone to see during office hours atself na sir.

Raanav:even you could have went to jia’s place when she is there in her place. But you go only when she isn’t there right? what does that mean?

Sheena gets irritated as she couldn’t speak more..

Raanav:from now you are fired!! Get lost from here before i throw you out..

Sheena gets shocked..


Raanav: don’t make my hyper.. just leave yourself orelse i will call the security..

Sheena leaves from there giving an angry look to bela..

Then raanav takes bela inside his cabin happily..

Raanav:welcome back to our office bela!! Now no one will cause you troubles..

Bela smiles..

Bela:iam happy to come back to your office. Anyways..i got rid of Sheena..thanks for..

Raanav:no mention. I did what I should do as a boss. Thank god she doesn’t know your reality..

Bela:yes.. orelse she would have exposed me and made me captured by higher authorities for examining me as humans examines when they find different things.

Raanav:Aditya purposely hid your secret as he thought to use your powers for his benefits. Thank god we rescued you..

Bela:yeah..but sir.. won’t he reveal my identity to police?

Raanav:no..i told pratik to mention that he is mentally unstable and psycho to police. So no police or anyone will believe him..

Bela laughs and seeing her laugh raanav too laughs..

Raanav:bela.. today evening let’s go out and enjoy our moments.

Bela:yeah..sure. ok..now I’ll go to my place and work..

Bela goes to her place while raanav gets worried seeing her..

Raanav in mind:i don’t want to lose you forever bela. I will search for your annunciator as much i can and return it you so that you will live in your planet and I will live with your beautiful memories. I wish god does miracles and make us unite.

Then he searches for annunciator in his cabin everyone and suddenly he hits his hand on a sharp edge of table and bleeds..

Raanav:ouch!!! Ohh noo..it’s bleeding.

Suddenly within few seconds the injury gets healed itself while raanav gets stunned noticing it..

Raanav in mind:how did the injury got healed itself?it’s very miracle..

Then soon he forgets the miracle and focuses on work as he gets calls from clients repeatedly..


Later at evening raanav picks bela in his Jeep..

Bela:wow..cool..this car is different as it’s opened.

Raanav:this type is called as Jeep. I keep Jeep to travel in hills as it will be easier to drive in such hard roads.

Bela:now are you taking me to hills?

Raanav:yeah..that place will be cool and nice to enjoy. It’s just a small hills nearby..iam sure you will enjoy it.

Bela:why won’t i enjoy when you are there with me?

Raanav smiles seeing her and suddenly bela thinks something..

Bela: raanav..shall i show my suprise?

Raanav:what suprise?

Bela:first close your eyes..

Raanav closes his eyes and bela closes her eyes and uses her power and shoves it on the car and the car flies on sky..

Raanav:why do i feel as if I am flying..

Bela smiles:open your eyes..you are really flying in sky.

Raanav opens his eyes and gets stunned and suprised flying in sky..

Raanav:woaahhhh!!!!! What a miracle..i never knew that i can drive car in sky..

Bela:you are flying for second time like this. I took you to hospital when you fainted due to mango allergy..

Raanav gets suprised..

Raanav: ohh..now i understand..pratik was confused as how come a girl like you drive fast..now i understood. You are really amazing bela!! Your powers are really unbelievable and superstitious..i doubt whether it’s a dream or not.

Bela:it’s real.. enjoy this moment..

They both smile and enjoy flying in sky..

They reach the hills and bela makes car land on the ground..

Raanav: really it was fun flying in sky..

Bela: because it’s unreal for humans but it’s reality for us. Wow..this climate is so cool..

Raanav:this hills is famous for its climate. Most of the newly married couples come here for their honeymoon.

Bela:then we have came as pre honeymoon..

They both smile and they click selfies..

Then bela sits at edge while raanav stands and they admire the beauty of the nature..

Bela:why are you standing as if you are Superman? Aren’t you scared of falling down and dying?

Raanav:why should I be scared when I have a superwoman. I know you will use your powers and save me even if i fall down..

Bela makes a face and hits his leg..

Bela:how mean!!

They both giggle..

Later they roam around the hills and they enter a dark cave..

Bela: what a place!! It’s really amazing..but what will the tourist people do here? It looks good but it will be boring as there is only rocks..

Raanav:do you want to know what they will do?


Raanav pushes bela near the wall and comes closed to her while bela’s heart beats faster..

Bela: what are you doing?

Raanav: you asked what tourists will do here right…the couple like us will romance here and oldies will enjoy chatting. We are couples..so..

He gets closer while bela smiles shyly and she pushes him and walks but raanav holds her and Bela turns..

Raanav: bela..you look very beautiful even when you get shy. I love you so much..

Bela:i love you too raanav..

He gives a kiss on her palm..

Raanav:i wish time gets freezed now.

Bela:i can freeze the time but everything stops in whatever position they are including humans..

Raanav:ohh..so on our meet in mall..it was you right who freezed everyone.

Bela:yeah..i did it to escape from a shopkeeper.

She tells what she did and raanav laughs..

Raanav:you naughty!! Anyways..but i can’t understand one thing..why dint i get freezed?

Bela: i told you..one who holds Aliens’s annunciator won’t get affected by Aliens’s powers and even they get healed if any injuries happen.

Raanav: but iam not having it. I saw in coat and checked my entire dress which I wore that day..

Bela: that’s why I am also confused.

Raanav suddenly recalls how his injuries got healed..

Raanav in mind: i dint get affected with bela’s power and I got healed too..wait..i feel nowadays very light in my heart. Did..did it enter my heart through my mouth on my accident day? I should scan and check. But now i should not tell this to bela as she will be scared..

Raanav: ok.. leave that. Lets forget that..and spend our quality time.


raanav comes closer to kiss her lips while bela feels nervous..

Suddenly bela pushes him away..

Bela:raanav..i..i feel..feel nervous t.for..for liplock kiss.

Raanav: it’s okay..calm down..i will kiss you only when you are comfortable.. now then let’s dance.. that day we danced without knowing each other’s feelings. Today we’ll dance with our feelings.

Bela smiles and they both dance passionately..

Teri meri gallan hogi mashhoor
Karna kabhi tu mujhe nazron se door
Kithe chaliye tu kithe chaliye tu
Kithe chaliye kithe chaliye

Jaanda hai dil yeh toh jaandi hai tu
Tere bin main na rahun mere bina tu
Kithe chaliye tu kithe chaliye tu
Kithe chaliye jaan chaliye

Kaatun kaise raatan oh saawre
Jiya nahi jaata sunn baawre

Ke raataan lambiyan lambiyan re
Kate tere sangeyan sangeyan re
Ke raatan lambiyan lambiyan re
Kate tere sangeyan sangeyan re

Cham cham cham ambran de taare
Kehnde ne sajjna
Tu hi chan mere is dil da
Mann le ve sajjna

Tere bina mera hove na guzara
Chhad ke na jaavin mainu
Tu hi hai sahara

Kaatun kaise raatan oh saawre
Jiya nahi jaata sunn baawre

Ke raatan lambiyan lambiyan re
Kate tere sangeyan sangeyan re
Ke raataan lambiyan lambiyan re
Kate tere sangeyan sangeyan re

Teri meri gallan hogi mashhoor
Kar na kabhi tu mainu nazron se door
Pichhe chaliye tere pichhe chaliye
Tere pichhe chaliye

Jaanda hai dil yeh toh jaandi hai tu
Tere bina main na rahun mere bina tu
Kithe chaliye tu kithe chaliye tu
Kithe chaliye

Kaatun kaise raatan oh saawre
Jiya nahi jaata sunn baawre

Ke raatan lambiyan lambiyan re
Kate tere sangeyan sangeyan re
Ke raatan lambiyan lambiyan re
Kate tere sangeyan sangeyan re

Ke raatan lambiyan lambiyan re
Kate tere sangeyan sangeyan re
Ke raatan lambiyan lambiyan re
Kate tere sangeyan sangeyan re

Later after enjoying and romancing a lot they return back..


The next day Diya decorates the park beautifully and smiles..

Diya in mind:iam sure pratik will surely accept my love as I can see love for me in his eyes.

Bela who was helping her in decorating teases her..

Bela: wow sister..your cheeks are so red due to non stop blushing. Please don’t flatter and kill my friend through your blushing beauty..

Diya smiles..

Diya:bela..stop teasing me..iam already nervous.

Bela hugs Diya and..

Bela: don’t be nervous..iam sure pratik will accept your love as I can sense his love for you. Iam so happy for your both jodi.

Diya:thank you for always being there with me in my life bela.

Bela:iam your sister..so i will always be there.. anyways..all the best sister. The time has come..pratik may come at any time.. so I am going now.

Bela goes and hides behind a tree..

Bela in mind:i will capture this beautiful moment in my phone..

Soon pratik comes to the park and he sees the place decorated and gets suprised and goes to Diya..

Pratik:Diya..wow..this place looks like a heaven..did you Decorated it?

Diya smiles..


Pratik: that’s why it’s so beautiful. But it’s not beautiful when it’s compared to you..you are a heavenly fairy wherever you are.

Diya blushes while pratik smiles..

Pratik:come..lets walk around this beautiful surrounding..

Pratik turn around to walk but Diya stops him..

Diya: pratik..i want to tell you some important matter..

Pratik turns again facing Diya..

Pratik:what’s it Diya?

Diya smiles: pratik..i don’t know what to say..but my feelings for you is always different from friendship. I got attracted towards you on our first meet atself but i controlled my heart..but as time gone by i have fallen for you as you made me such with your beautiful heart. I suppressed my feelings thinking that you won’t accept me as I am an unlucky girl and an orphan…but i couldn’t stop controlling my feelings more pratik. I really love you…

Pratik gets stunned and suprised and looks her emotionally and they both meet with an emotional eyelock..

Suddenly pratik makes a dull face and..

Pratik:Diya..i..i am sorry..i can understand your feelings for me..but..but i regard you as just friend. I ..i don’t have such feelings for you..iam really sorry.

Pratik turns away and smirks naughtily..

Pratik:my dream came true finally!! Diya too loves me and she proposed me..but there should be a fun in our love story..so sorry bela for fooling you now. It’s just for sometime..

Diya gets broken and tries to hide her pain..

Diya:it’s okay..i understand your feelings. I won’t force you..lets be friends..then..

Before she completes her sentence pratik turns and he immediately gives a kiss on diya’s cheeks shocking her..


Pratik laughs..

Pratik: Diya..even i too love you. Iam sorry for scaring you for a second..i fooled you to make our proposal day fun.

Diya:what? You..rascal..

Diya chases pratik and pratik runs and suddenly pratik slips and iya tries to hold him but they both lose balance and falls down and they meet with an eyelock..

Then they lie on ground near each other and they smile seeing each other romantically..

Pratik:iam sorry..i really love you..

Diya:love you too..

They both smile and they get up and pratik hugs Diya and they cherish their moment talking romantically and happily..

Bela takes their pictures and makes a weird face..

Bela in mind:they seem boring couples. They aren’t romancing more… what a boring couple!!

Suddenly bela’s leg slips and she falls aside and Diya pratik sees her and gets shocked..

Pratik Diya:bela!!

Bela smiles embarassed and goes to them..

Diya:so you was hiding and watching us?

Bela:yes..to capture your beautiful moments i was clicking photos secretly. But poor me..i wasted my precious time seeing you as you were so unromantic couples. No romance..no dance..no feeding food.. nothing..very boring couples.

Pratik:wait..a second..you are an alien. You told alien doesn’t love or marry and they don’t even know that emotions. Then how?

Bela:i..i learnt it through tv serials.

Diya:she got spoiled by me..

They all laugh..

Then they return back home and on next day Diya pratik and bela were seen together..

Pratik:where did raanav go? Today he dint come to office also..

Bela:yes..he dint pick my calls and his phone is off too.

Suddenly bela feels dizzy and faints shocking pratik and Diya..


Pratik lifts her and takes her to her room and makes her lie down and both of them sprinkles water on her..

Diya:bela.. bela..wake up.. what happened to you suddenly?

Bela slowly opens her eyes and she looks both emotionally..

Bela:Diya sister..pratik..

Pratik:are you Ill? Do you have any fever? Why are you so chill like ice?

Bela suddenly cries and hugs Diya shocking them..

Diya:bela!! What’s wrong with you suddenly?

Bela: how..how can..can i tell..tell you this matter? If..if you hear this..then you will surely be heartbroken..

They both gets shocked again..

Pratik:no.. it’s okay tell what’s bothering you. We will try to solve it..

Bela: my end is near. My energy got drained. Aliens energy gets drained when they near their death. I have just 1day left more..i can survive only if i return to my planet before tomorrow midnight..for that i should get my annunciator.

Pratik and Diya gets shocked and they cry helplessly..

Diya:no..you shouldn’t leave me..iam your sister..please don’t leave me..

Bela:i..iam sorry sister..iam so helpless. I feel lucky to find you pratik and raanav..but my luck is just for few days i guess..now it’s time to leave this universe

Suddenly raanav enters there holding a small shining blue diamond..

Raanav: you won’t leave this universe bela..you will just leave this earth and go to your planet.

Bela gets stunned seeing raanav holding her annunciator..

Bela:raanav…th..this..is..is my annunciator…ri..right? Th..then..ho..how di..did you g..get it?

Raanav:bela..i realised yesterday that your annunciator went inside my heart through my mouth when you fell on me that day. That day I dint get affected by your power and yesterday I got injured and it got healed itself..then i always felt light inside my heart..all these happening made me realise that annunciator was inside my body.

Bela:how did you get it out?

Raanav: today i dint come to office as I went to hospital. I did scan and it showed something was there in my heart..so i did a minor surgery and took your annunciator out.

Pratik Diya and bela gets stunned..

Pratik:raanav..if you did heart surgery then how come you came just like that? The patients should take rest for atleast a week..

Raanav: that’s not more important for me other than bela.

Bela emotionally touches his bandaged chest and..

Bela:is it paining?

Raanav gets emotional and..

Raanav: this pain is better than the pain of losing you..

Raanav’s eyes starts flowing with tears and she hugs him and they both share their pain of losing each other..

Bela:i have a wish. Will you three fulfill it before I go?

Diya:tell what should we do..we will do anything for you.

Bela:i..i want to see you and pratik’s marriage..can you both can marry tomorrow before I leave?

Pratik and diya gets stunned and looks each other and they get emotional..


Bela:I know you both are orphan. Pratik shares a close relationship with raanav and his family and Diya has me. I want to attend my sister’s wedding..so please..it’s my last wish in this earth.

They cry and they agree..

Diya:iam ready to marry pratik tomorrow.

Pratik:even iam ready..

They all hug each other crying..

The next day at night 10 ‘o clock pratik and Diya gets married before raanav’s family and bela..

Raanav’s mother devi: pratik is my son..iam happy to get a daughter in law like Diya.

Raanav’s father rutraj: even iam happy to get a daughter in law. We bless you both to live life happily forever.

Raanav hugs pratik and congratulates him while bela hugs Diya and congratulates her…

Suddenly bela feels her leg trembling and she gets emotional and she sees raanav happily speaking with pratik and runs away to lonely spot and cries sitting down..

Bela in mind:iam just having half an hour more..my..my leg started losing its power. Soon I will die.. I don’t want to go to my planet and live lonely without raanav. It’s better I’ll die here..I will hide from raanav so that he won’t make me send to my planet.

Diya who was busy speaking with Devi finds bela missing and screams..


Raanav and pratik runs to her and..

Pratik: what happened Diya..why are you screaming?

Diya:I..I couldn’t fin..find bela..whe..where is..is she?

They look around and they get stunned while raanav gets scared of losing her..

Raanav:di..did she leave from earth by pressing annunciator without informing us? She..she doesn’t like to see my tears..so di..did she left so that we won’t get emotional?

Diya cries:no..she won’t do like that..I want to bid farewell with all my pure emotions. Lets search for her..

They all go and search for bela screaming..


Diya cries:belaaa..you can’t leave me without hugging me..

Raanav’s heart pains more and he screams..

Raanav:belaaaa..if you don’t come in front of me right now..then I’ll surely die.

Bela who was watching them hiding cries..

Bela in mind:now what will I do? I can’t let raanav die..

Bela comes before them and they get relieved seeing her and raanav hugs her tightly as if she is his breathe…

Raanav:i..i was sc..scared do..for a second.. that whether you left without seeing me for last time.

Bela: raanav..i don’t want to go to my planet. I’ll better die here instead of living alone without you there..

Raanav: don’t talk like mad..i can’t let you vanish forever. If that happens then I’ll also die.

Bela lies on his chest and cries and pleads..

Bela cries:no..i won’t go..i won’t press the annunciator.. please don’t make me go there..i won’t live without you..i either want to live with you or die lying on your lap..please..

Suddenly the clock starts striking and they notice the time is 11:55pm and they get tensed..

Pratik:bela..it’s time to leave..press the annunciator orelse you will die in 5 minutes.

Bela moves away and cries..

Bela:no..I’ll die..i don’t want to go there..I’ll die happily seeing you three faces.

Everyone cries and suddenly the clock strikes 11:57 pm and raanav gets tensed and he immediately runs and holds bela’s hands forcibly  he makes her press the annunciator and a sparkling light flashes from that and it flies to sky..

While bela gets stunned..

Bela:raanav..why did you do this?


Raanav cries as a spaceship took away bela and even pratik and Diya cries like anything…

Diya screams:this is not fair..if she has to leave us..then why did you make her meet us and made a relationship? How will I forget her??

They all cry seeing the sky..


After 1 year..

Raanav is seen sitting in his cabin lost while someone enters his cabin..


Raanav gets stunned seeing bela..


Suddenly pratik appears and he jerks raanav..

Pratik:raanav sir..for past one year you are just dreaming and thinking about bela. And you are imagining bela in everyone..you aren’t moving on..

Raanav: how can I? I loved her immensely but i dint have fate to be with her forever..

Raanav cries while pratik consoles..

The climate suddenly changes into a stormy wind and raanav looks through the window and smiles..

Raanav: whenever the storm comes..i feel your presence bela. I wish this storm brings you back again to me like last time..

Then later pratik takes raanav to mall..

Pratik:we have to get new coat suit for us to attend mr.Bhalla’s party..

Raanav:iam not interested to attend but I am attending as you said..

Pratik in mind:for past one year..iam trying to make raanav and Diya normal but they are still stuck in past..hope this party makes some change in raanav.

They got shop and search for the dresses while a girl enters the mall smiling and she is said to be bela..

Bela in mind: finally iam back to earth..wooohoo!!! I pleaded my planet’s god and did tandav and sacrificed my alien avatar and god made me a human..wow. i will thank my god for whole life..now i can live with raanav. But before meeting raanav..i should wear beautiful dress and then suprise him.

She runs into a shop and wears a dress and was about to go but shopkeeper stops her..

Shopkeeper: mam..money..

Bela in mind:ohh this money!! I left all my earned money in earth when I went away..now i should use the same trick again which i did first.

Bela closes eyes and she shoves her power with hands and everything and everyone gets freezed..

Bela:haha..what a fun!! Though i became human but i dint lose my superpowers..

Bela runs from there and Raanav looks around and gets stunned seeing everything stilled..

Raanav in mind:again everything got stilled..wait..this can be done only by bela..di..di ..did she return?

Raanav gets happy and he runs searching for her while bela sees icecream shop and she picks and eat happily..

Bela:no one can question me for money and no one can stop me from eating..haha..it’s really fun to have superpowers. And woww…this ice cream is so yummy!!!

Raanav sees Bela eating icecream and gets emotional and comes towards her and..

Raanav in mind:..i..i can’t bel..believe my..my eyes..i..i got..got my bela back again..

Raanav shouts:belaaa!!!

Bela looks him and gets stunned and slowly she smiles emotionally and drops the icecream and immediately runs and hugs him tightly while Raanav too hugs her back happily..

Then he caresses her face..

Raanav:i don’t know whether it’s a dream or real..as i dream this day always.

Bela smiles:but this is real…iam back not temporarily but permanently.

Raanav gets stunned and happy..

Raanav:what? Really?

Bela:yeah.. after I went there..i pleaded with Aliens god and he finally granted to become human and live in earth.

Raanav:then..your superpowers?

Bela:i just turned into human and i dint lose my powers. Now i can hold earth’s atmosphere and live here peacefully without returning to my planet..

Raanav gets happy and they hug each other..

Later at evening raanav rings bell in pratik’s house and pratik opens the house and gets suprised raanav happy…

Pratik:what a suprise raanav!! You visited my house after a year and that too happily.. what’s the reason for sudden change??

Voice:iam the reason..

Pratik hears bela’s voice and gets suprised..


Bela comes in front of him and raanav holds her..

Raanav:my bela has returned!!

pratik gets hell suprised seeing bela and he immediately hugs her happily..

Pratik: before this dream ends..i will hug you and enjoy the moment with you.

Bela:this is reality not dream pratik. Ive returned permanently to earth.

She tells the happenings while pratik gets suprised..

Pratik:iam feeling like as if i touched the clouds..iam very happy that god did some miracle which i was expecting for. Wait..let me call diya..she will become normal seeing you.

Bela gets confussed..

Bela:normal? What do you mean?

Pratik: she was always thinking of you and was sad..she never started a married life with me yet as she was missing you terribly. So..i guess now she will become happy girl like before..

Bela gets stunned and feels sad for diya and pratik brings diya and diya gets stunned seeing bela..

Diya:bela!!! I hope this isn’t my hallucinatuons again..

Pratik:this isn’t hallucination diya..bela really returned..go and hug her and welcome her to earth.

Diya gets so emotional and she runs and hugs her and cries happily while bela too cries happily and pratik and raanav smiles..

Diya:bela..i..i always missed..missed you and was..was threatening god to..to send you back..so that..i..i will regain my life..and finally it happened. I feel as if i got my dead life back.

Bela:sister..i too missed you there. I guess god heared your prayers. From now i won’t go anywhere..



Diya:then ill welcome you to earth grandly.

Bela:welcome me? How?

Diya: you made my marriage as your farewell party and i will make your marriage as welcome party. Your marriage with raanav will be the welcoming party..

Bela bets suprised while pratik and raanav smiles..

Bela: sister..how..do you know..

Diya: i know your love as iam your sister. These many months raanav was just living as corpse and was always waiting for you like me.. can’t i understand the reason?

Bela looks raanav emotionally..

Raanav:bela.. don’t get emotional..you know i can’t live without you thats why. Anyways tomorrow is our marriage..so make your face beautiful with your beautiful smile.

Bela smiles and the four rejoices their moments..

The next day raanav and bela gets married..

Pratik diya:congrats guys!!!

Raanav: thank you for this arrangement..

Then raanav and bela goes to raanav’s parents and takes their blessings..

Devi:may god bless you both for next seven births..stay and live together always. Raanav told about you beta..even i was praying for your return and finally it happened.

Ruturaj:yes..we are lucky to get a unique daughter in law.

They all laugh while pratik takes diya seperately and he fills her maang and puts mangalsutra again..

Diya: what are you doing?

Pratik:iam marrying you..

Diya :what? We are married already na..

Pratik:but we were living like a strangers due to bela’s disappearance. So we should marry again to start our beautiful journey..

Diya smiles and hugs him..

Diya:thank you for marrying me again..

Pratik:welcome to my life again..

They both smile in each other’s arms..

Later at night raanav smiles seeing bela and bela shies..

Bela:why are you staring me like that? I feel shy..

He comes and holds her face..

Raanav:how can i not stare my beautiful lady when she is stunning?i feel as if i got a unique flower of this world.

Bela: yes..iam unique for you always. And iam lucky to get such a handsome man..

Raanav: lets spend time.. because..

Bela:i know..today is our first night.

Raanav:how do you know? You aliens doesn’t know about it..

Bela: anyways now iam not n alien. And moreover i know about this night through tv dramas.

Raanav laughs..

Raanav:i guess you learnt everything directly from tv dramas directly! You got spoiled.

Bela encircles her hands around him and flirts..

Bela:if i dint get spoiled..then i would have not known about this night and would have slept and you would have bored this whole night..

Raanav smiles and pulls her closer and they meet with an intense eyelock..

Their passion for each other increases and they start romancing passionately..

Ab jab tab rang barse hai
Sann sann sann barse re
Mukh nag sig bheege bheege
Sann sann sann bheege re

Hai bala ki, hai bala ki
Kya yeh tere mere kehne re
Na chalaki, na chalaki
Mere aage ab chalani re

Thug iss jag se kheench tujhe main
Le jaaun door kahin

Baliye re…
Bin tere jaan meri kalliye re
Balliye re…
Bin tere jaan meri kalliye re


Hum tum agar gayab ho jaaye
Iss ghar se
Phir jaake jee le aur kahin
Kehde rabb se

Yo love karoon kudi tujhe sareaam
Deadly ada teri badnaam badnaam
Khull khull jaaye jaise parda parda
Dekhe koyi dekhe chahe fark nahi padta


Koyi teri or nahi dekhe
Na dekhe
Aur agar dekhe toh bas poochhe
Pehle mujhse

Jag mein jag jab tak tu hai
Bas yeh roohdaari hai
Apne sang sab hain tere
Yeh sajhedaari hai

Hai bala ki, hai bala ki
Kya yeh tere mere kehne re
Na chalaki, na chalaki
Mere aage ab chalani re

Mar mukk jaaun
Phir bhi tujh bin
Marna bhi hai be yaqeen

Baliye re…
Bin tere jaan meri kalliye re
Balliye re…
Bin tere jaan meri kalliye re

Slowly raanav makes bela lie on bed and they get closer making their night into beautiful bliss..



Diya was arranging the bed to lie down while pratik pulls her closer..

Diya:pratik? What are you doing?

Pratik:why are you so eager to sleep now?

Diya:what a stupid question? Every humans sleeps at night right?

Pratik:ya. But no humans will sleep on their first night right?

Diya understands what he means and blushes..

Diya:but i slept with you already..

Pratik: but marriage night is always first night..so lets cherish it.

Pratik pulls diya closer and they fall on the bed..

Diya: iam lucky to get you..

Pratik:iam more luckier..

They both smile passionately and gets closer making themselves drenched in romance..

Hak se tumko maangta hoon
Tum ho mere har tarah se
Tumse pyaara kuch nahi hai
Tum ho pyare sab jahan se

Main jeena bhool jaun…
Main jeena bhool jaunga mere khuda
Mujhe mere sanam se na karna juda

Main jeena bhool jaunga mere khuda
Mujhe mere sanam se na karna juda

Tum paas rehna tum saath dena
Hasta rahunga main sab bhula ke

Tum paas rehna tum saath dena
Hasta rahunga main sab bhula ke
Tum door jaana mujhse kabhi na
Rakh dunga khud ko main to mita ke

Ek lamha reh na paaun…
Ek lamha reh na paaunga mere khuda
Mujhe mere sanam se na karna juda

Main jeena bhool jaunga mere khuda
Mujhe mere sanam se na karna juda
Mujhe mere sanam se na karna juda


After two years..

Pratik and diya gives birth to a baby and they hold their baby happily..

Pratik:i feel as if i reborn now..she is so handsome like me.

Diya jokes: so your wish is that to be reborn as girl in next birth right? If that’s your wish..then you won’t get me because iam always girl.

Pratik:arrrey..i just told for fun. I indirectly told that she is like me.

Diya:who told? My daughter is like me.

Pratik:why are you talking as if you are the only parent. She is our symbol of our love..so its our daughter. She will be our combination.

Diya:yes.. idiot like you and stupid like me.

They both laugh..

Pratik:we should name her joining our names as she is our daughter.

Diya:yes..then lets name her as praya.. combination of our names.

Pratik:wow..such a beautiful name.

Pratik and diya calls their daughter as praya and plays with her..

Bela is seen pragnant and both raanav and bela are sleeping and suddenly bela screams..


Raanav wakes up immediately and holds her..

Raanav:bela..are you ok? Should we go to doctor?

Bela: no..i think.but  I don’t know why baby hates me..


Bela:its kicking me.. what wrong i did?why is baby kicking me?

Raanav laughs and holds her and makes her lie on his chest and caresses her worried face..

Raanav: bela..baby kicks as a sign of coming out and not as a sign of hating you. It means our baby will come out soon..

Bela gets excited..

Bela: really..wow!! I don’t know how parents are as i was hatched through systems..but i will try to best mother as i saw the role of parents in serials..

Raanav:ohh no..again serials!! Bela..but listen one thing..we will never sperate like in serials..ok? So don’t imagine that part of serial atleast.

Bela goggles:ok..

Raanav:now lets go to sleep..you should sleep nicely for your and baby’s good health.

They both hug each other and sleeps..


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