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The Episode starts with Dev telling Hariprasad that he wants to tell him that he and his wife had done his insult, first Bimla ji pulled my nose and took inside the house for the marriage, and then you. He says it is time for revenge, but for that you have to get up from the bed. Hariprasad apologizes to him and says don’t know what had happened to me. Dev says whatever you did is wrong, what did you think that we will run away if you scold or threaten us. He says you are precious to us, how can we leave you.

Abhi tells Satyavati that he will go and give tiffin to Bimla, Vidhi and Dev. Satyavati says even she will come to see him. The doctor comes out and tells Bimla and Vidhi that their blood group don’t match with Hariprasad’s blood group. Bimla asks her to check again. Doctor says we had checked and asks Bimla to ask other family members. Vidhi cries and prays to God, and says I know Papa did a mistake by not trusting on you and Milapni Devi. Dev gets his blood group checked. Doctor asks him to sit outside and says she will tell the result in sometime. Vidhi is praying to God to save her father. Dr. Singh comes out and tells Dev that his blood is matching with patient’s blood. Dev says it is good. Satyavati and Abhi come there. Vidhi also comes there. Doctor tells Dev that he is talking to other donors as there is much risk involved. Dev says I am ready to bear the risk. Dr. Singh says he will start the operation arrangements. Satyavati comes to hariprasad and apologizes to him. Hariprasad asks her not to apologize. Dev tells that he got his blood tested and Doctor said that he can donate his liver. Satyavati says there is a risk in it. Hariprasad refuses to take his liver. Dev asks Vidhi to make him understand. Vidhi says but. Hariprasad says I don’t want to be here, and tells Dev and Vidhi that they are same for him. Dev says we have relation of father and son, though we have less age gap, and asks him if son in law doesn’t have any right on him. hariprasad says you are more than a son to me, but I can’t let you do this. Dev says if I can’t do this, then I can never forgive myself, today I am getting a chance to do something for a good person like you, who is helpful to others. He says for me, nothing is important than your health. Hariprasad says give me sometime to think. Dev says we don’t have much time. Satyavati asks Hariprasad to take rest and says she has to go, as Chitra is alone at home. Dev asks him to rest and goes behind Satyavati.

Amba thinks she shall get Vidhi’s three things for IVF verification. Vidhi tells Dr. Singh that she wants to talk to him. Dr. Singh asks her to come. Vidhi leaves her purse, but comes back to take it. Amba thinks she lost the chance, as she was about to steal the purse.

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