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The Episode starts with Satyavati doing Dev’s aarti and asks him to go, says everyone must be waiting for you. She says all the best. Dev hugs her. Dr. Singh asks Vidhi to take the decision fast, as Hariprasad has less time. Vidhi sees Bimla and thinks what Papa talked to Maa. Bimla recalls Hariprasad’s words and holds her head. She is about to faint and fall down. Vidhi holds her. Bimla asks Vidhi to call Dev and says this surgery will not happen. Vidhi says I said, but. Bimla asks her to tell Dev that they have taken this decision and that the surgery will not happen. Amba comes to Dr. Singh’s cabin and takes Vidhi’s phone which she had left there. Lady doctor comes there and asks her to wait outside, and asks for her name. Amba says Rohini. Dev comes there. Bimla tells Dev that they don’t want to get the surgery done, and says it is ok if they get the donor, and if they don’t then it will be God’s wish. Dev asks what has happened. Bimla says we don’t want Vidhi and you to have any problem in future. Dev asks her, when they will let them take up their responsibility and says what do you think that only you can shout. He then apologizes to her and says I respect you a lot. He says I am a positive person and I have decided to do this. He says Milapni Mata will do everything well, and asks how can you think negative. Vidhi says nobody is asking for my wish, one side is my papa and other side is my life partner, and says I am in dilemma. Dev asks Vidhi to come with him, and takes her from there. Vidhi says I am not understanding and says Dr. Singh said that there is a risk. Dev says when we came to know about it, you decided to donate your liver, and asks if you love him and I can’t love him as I am his son in law. He says I have seen more world than you and has much experience. He says lets do it, and asks her to make everyone believe that we are doing right.

Hariprasad asks Dev to go from there. Dev asks him to listen. Hariprasad asks if I was on your place then would have done what you say. Dev asks if you had let me die. Hariprasad says I would have respected your feelings. Dev says if I was on your place then I would have seek your help, and would have refused to die. He says when everything becomes fine, then we will sit together in home and have kachoris made by Bimla ji. He says a small part of liver will be taken out from me and will put it in you, and I will recover fast. Vidhi says you will be fine and Dev ji also. Hariprasad asks if we will be fine. Dev says if we stay positive, then the result will be good. Hariprasad asks if anything will happen to you. Dev says I will recover before you. Hariprasad agrees.

Dev is taken to the OT for the operation. Satyavati and Vidhi hold his hand as he is taken inside. Song plays kal ho na ho. Satyavati recalls her moments with Dev. Abhi recalls his moments with Dev. Vidhi recalls her moments with Dev. The operation starts. Vidhi wipes her tears and tells Bimla, Abhi and Satyavati that whenever she gets nervous, Dev ji says that I shall see the perspective from third person’s view, so that I get strength to fight. She says we shall do this.

Lady doctor goes out of Dr. Singh’s cabin. Amba comes inside and transfers data from Vidhi’s phone to her phone. After the operation, Dr. Singh says Hariprasad’s operation is successful, but Dev didn’t get consciousness till now, but he will be fine. Vidhi goes to see Dev and cries seeing him. Her teardrop falls on his hand and he gains consciousness. Vidhi says if you have only right on your life, you have risked your life and didn’t think about me. She says all your promises, you have forgotten. Dev removes the oxygen mask and smiles. Vidhi makes him waear it and says she is happy to see him fine. Dev removes the mask and asks her to give him a kiss. Vidhi kisses on his forehead. Na Umar Ki Seema Ho plays……Amba says I will clone Vidhi’s phone and will get my IVF treatment on Vidhi’s place.

Precap: Satyavati appreciates Dev for his victory with positivity. Amba comes to Milapni Devi temple and tells that she will become Dev’s baby’s mother for her stubbornness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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