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The Episode starts with Amba thinking to clone Vidhi’s phone and get the IVF treatment done with her ID. Vidhi realizes she has forgotten her phone in Dr. Singh’s cabin. She comes there and switches on the lights and takes her phone and bag. Satyavati tells Hariprasad that his operation is successful and says Dev said right that if we stay positive then the result will be positive. Hariprasad asks about Dev. Vidhi says yes, he is fine and he got consciousness in night itself. Amba enquires with someone about Dev. The guy says he is fine. Amba says I know that Vidhi will ruin him, and says all the documents are with me, and says I hope this procedure is successful and I get Dev’s baby. She asks how much time is needed for IVF treatment. Yogesh hears her. Vidhi brings Dev to Hariprasad. Hariprasad says I don’t know how to thank you, and says when I first met you, I didn’t understand you, but later on, I got impressed with your honesty, simplicity and goodness. He says you have made me indebted to you and says I have done some good thing in past that God gave me such good damad in this life. Dev asks him to become Milapni Mata’s devotee again. Hariprasad says I can give you my life, but I can’t give you what you are asking me. He asks why shall I do puja, and says my daughter has suffered a miscarriage and Milapni Devi was just looking on, and says it is just a stone. He says how to act when I have no devotion for her, and says I will not do puja, until Maa Milapni makes trust build in me. Dev looks on.

Later Dev gets discharged and goes home. Vidhi asks him if he is comfortable. Hariprasad is also discharged and goes to his home. He apologizes to Bimla. Bimla says she will bring food for him. Vidhi brings soup and makes Dev have it. Dev looks at Vidhi and smiles. Satyavati comes and asks Dev, how is he? Dev says he is better. Satyavati says you are stubborn like your father and says you have defeated fear with your truth and positivity. Vidhi gets a reminder of IVF treatment, but she doesn’t see.

Amba comes to the Milapni Devi and says she is going to hospital for IVF treatment, to become Dev’s child’s mother. She prays to her and asks her to help her get successful. She says you didn’t unite me with Dev, what you didn’t give me, I will get it with my stubbornness.

Dev recalls having food with Vidhi at the Dhaba. Vidhi asks him to have breakfast. Dev says we shall go to Dhaba and have food. Vidhi says you are not yet fine. Dev says today’s date is special as someone has confessed her love to someone. He shows her diary. Vidhi says I want to know when you got feelings for me in your heart. Amba comes to the hospital and says I have an appointment for IVF treatment. The receptionist asks for the ID proof. Amba gives fake ID card. Receptionist looks at Amba. Amba says she has hormone problem. Receptionist says you might have got OTP on your phone and email. Amba shows the OTP on Vidhi’s email. Receptionist asks her to give OTP which came on phone.

Bimla calls Vidhi and says your Papa wants to go out. Vidhi says even Dev wants to go to Dhaba to have food. Bimla asks if they got same, as they have the same liver. Vidhi says then our work is easy, and says we have the make one person understand and the second one will agree himself. The receptionist asks Amba to give OTP. Amba shows the OTP. The receptionist asks her to come.

Vidhi tells Dev that she will take him for walk. She goes with him. The days are passing by. Vidhi has forgotten about IVF treatment. Dev plays guitar and asks Vidhi to play it. Dev takes Vidhi to room. They get closer. After some days, Amba comes to the hospital and says I need my IVF procedure reports. Receptionist asks why you want the reports. Amba says I want it as I want to compare it with my IVF treatment reports which I got it few days back. Receptionist says but Vidhi Raichand is naturally pregnant, and her reports were positive. Amba is shocked.

Precap: Amba comes to Dev and Vidhi. The Police Inspector comes there and says he has come to arrest her for getting IVF treatment done with fake identity. He says hospital staff has accused you for this. Vidhi asks what did she do? Inspector says she has forged with your identity and got the IVF procedure done.

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