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The Episode start with Amba coming to the hospital after few days and says I want my IVF procedure reports, and asks her to hurry up. Receptionist asks her about her name. Amba says Mrs. Vidhi Raichand. Receptionist asks why you want it. Amba says I got it IVF procedure done few months back and says I want to get these reports compared with those reports. The Receptionist tells her that Mrs. Vidhi Raichand is naturally pregnant, she had come with her husband Dev Raichand, and I gave her reports. Amba is shocked and says there can be two person with the same name. Doctor comes there and asks what happened? The receptionist tells him that she is asking for Vidhi Raichand’s IVF reports when she is naturally pregnant. Amba asks if there can’t be two woman with the same name. The receptionist tells that your surname is same and you are saying that your age is 22 years. The doctor tells that someone has stolen Vidhi Raichand’s personal details and says it is a criminal offence. He asks receptionist to show her reports. Receptionist shows Amba’s reports and says her IVF procedure was done, and her reports came negative, and that she is not pregnant. The doctor says this lady has manipulated with the system and asks her to call Police. Amba leaves from there.

Vidhi and Dev give the good news to Satyavati. Satyavati blesses them and says my blessings are always with you both, and says we shall go and take Milapni Devi’s blessings. Vidhi says we shall go. Satyavati does the puja in the Milapni Devi temple and does Dev and Vidhi’s tilak. Bimla blesses them both and says Vidhi did right by marrying you, and says we never thought that someone will love her more than us. Satyavati praises Vidhi and says she takes care of us and knows our likes and dislikes and tells that she has changed Dev’s life for better. Priya says she is so happy and can’t wait to become Chachi. Chitra congratulates them both. Vidhi says thank you Chitra, I got a friend in you. Amba comes there and tells Milapni Devi that she has lost, all her plan has failed. She says whatever I wanted for myself, is in Vidhi’s side. She says love, family, respect, wealth, baby and Dev…everything Vidhi got. She says I can’t do anything, if this is Milapni Mata’s wish, then I fold my hands and accept her wish happily. Amba comes to Vidhi. Dev asks what is this new drama? Amba says it is not your mistake, I have always betrayed you as a friend, and recalls snatching Raichand Industries and Raichand Mansion from Raichands. She says forgive me Dev, now nobody will believe me even on my goodness. She says I deserve this, I was mad in your love and has done so much to get your love. She says I had forgotten that I was doing wrong and apologizes to him, saying she didn’t understand that love can’t be snatched and I was ruining one woman’s house, being a woman myself. She says God has made Vidhi and your relation. She comes to Chitra and apologizes to her, and says you had come to my house as Lakshmi, but I made you as a weapon, to get what I want. A fb is shown. Amba emotionally blackmailing Chitra and Chitra telling that she will get her married to Dev. Then Amba asking her to burn Dev and Vidhi’s wedding card, and asking her to apply haldi to her. fb ends. Amba asks her to forgive her and says I am really sorry for everything.

Inspector comes there and says Amba Mehta, you are under arrest. He says we are arresting her for getting IVF treatment done with fake identity, and says hospital staff has accused her. Lady constables are about to take Amba. Vidhi asks what did she do? Inspector says she took your ID’s support and got IVF done on herself. Everyone is shocked. Inspector says if you want then can file complaint against her. Vidhi says I don’t want to file complaint against her, please leave her. Satyavati asks what you are saying? Priya asks what’s wrong with you. Vidhi says the person who is already punished by Milapni Devi, don’t need to be punished by me. She says when a person realizes her mistake, then nothing is big punishment and repentance than this, and that’s why I don’t have any complain with her. She asks Inspector to leave Amba ji and go. Inspector leaves. Amba feels bad and folds her hands, and says I know you all don’t trust me, but if possible please forgive me. She walks away from there. Hariprasad comes there and rings the temple bells. Bimla, Vidhi, Dev and others smile. Vidhi says Papa. Hariprasad says I apologize that I got late to bring sweets. Vidhi says you have agreed. Hariprasad says when you have crossed the age barrier, then can’t I end my anger. He says Maiyya has blessed my daughter, I did a mistake by misunderstanding you, and says you have made me realized my mistake. He says you have given the happiness to my family and made me closer to you. He thanks Milapni Devi for giving happiness to Vidhi, and says Milapni Maiyya ki Jai. Hariprasad and Bimla do the aarti together. Dev and Vidhi do the aarti next, then followed by Abhi and Priya, Satyavati and Chitra.

Dev tells Vidhi that time has changed, how we met, fell in love, got married and now we are going to be three. Their moments are shown from the start, starting from their first meet. Vidhi says when we were about to marry, when many people thought that their relation will not survive. The fb is shown, Urmila and neighbors taunting Vidhi and Dev, and Pandit refusing to do puja in her house. Dev announcing his marriage decision to the media, and then they get married. Vidhi says we have crossed all hurdles, problem and troubles and it made us what we are together. Chitra says we shall take a family selfie. They all pose together. She takes their selfie. Everyone say Milapni Devi ki jai.

The show ends on a happy note with Amba realizing her mistakes and apologizes to Dev, Vidhi and Chitra. Dev and Vidhi have a fresh start waiting to welcome their baby in their lives. All the family members pose together for a happy picture.

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