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Through Sonagachi everyone walks the orphanage. Munmun gets annoyed, Kaushik says just wait and watch how Baba’s reputation will soon be ruined.
Bijoy had called Didun and informed her about how Abir wanted to celebrate all rituals and if Neerja’s truth came out, our deal would be cancelled. Didun says this deal gets over only when I want and asks for more money. Bijoy agrees and says to make sure there won’t be any mess.

Didun says to Kaushik the main road to the ashram is under renovation so had to get you through Sonagachi. Neerja hopes to see Pratima inside.

Kaushik asks Munmun to find some clues about Neerja. Didun welcomes everyone inside. Kaushik asks Didun if this ashram looks new and how many years you are running it, it looks like new, Didun says it’s just like new all for Neerja and thanks to Bijoy for helping us out. Bijoy asks Kaushik if he is done with his questions.

Neerja asks Didun where is Pratima.
Didun makes Pratima and the other women work in the kitchen. Shamli says to Pratima get ready, Neerja should see you first. Didun thinks I will use this opportunity to show them my power.

Pratima ties to get out of the kitchen and sees she is locked. Pratima keeps requesting to let her meet Neerja. Munmun hears Pratima cry and goes to open the door. Shabbo stops her and asks what is she doing here. Munmun asks who have you locked inside. Shabbo says a girl is locked inside she is little insane and hits whoever she sees. Munmun says you shouldn’t lock someone like this. Shabbo says sure, but you take care she hits bad, last time she hit someone had to be operated and had 12 stitches. Munmiun gets scared and leaves.
Shabbo scolds Pratima and says this door will open only when Didun want and locks it and takes the key along with her and tells Pratima if she keeps behaving this way, Neerja will be thrown back into Sonagachi.

Prtaima says Gid how long will I have to suffer, twice Neerja came to see me but I couldn’t meet her. Everyone serves the Bagchi family. Few kids rush to Neerja and ask how are you Neerja Didi. Abir gets worried and says your name is Trisha why are they calling you Neerja. Didun asks Shabbo to take kids away. Neerja sees lotus and says to Abir, she likes lotus and so these kids call her Neerja with love.Abir gets up and picks a lotus for Neerja. Abir says beautiful flower for my beautiful love. Didun is full of praise for their relationship. She mentions that everything she did was for Neerja’s happiness, although they might drift apart after the wedding. Abir adds that they are like family to him too. Munmun suggests to her husband that they should leave as he’s not finding anything interesting, proposing they go watch a movie, and they depart. Meanwhile, Neerja sets off to find her mother.

As Neerja is about to open a door, Didun intervenes and takes her away. Neerja tells Didun that she’s determined to meet her mom today no matter what. Didun proposes that she’ll allow it if Neerja gives her an extra 50k. Neerja is puzzled, as they’re already giving them enough money. Abir joins the conversation and Didun comes up with a story, prompting Abir to give a check to Trisha who needs money.

Abir reassures Neerja that she can ask him for anything as his wife, emphasizing her right to his money. Didun mentions that someone cooked food for Neerja, triggering Neerja’s thoughts about Pratima.

Precap: Abir takes care of Pratima and says Neerja is like your daughter and I am your son and feeds Pratima.
Neerja says to Sarthak and says Abir is very nice and kind and so she wants to work hard to help him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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