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Abir holding Neerja’s hand and asks Neerja what is she thinking about. Neerja sees Pratima with other ladies and rushes to her and hugs her. Neerja takes Pratima’s blessings. Neerja asks Pratima is she fine. Abir asks who she, Trisha looks so happy. Didun says she is Pratima cooks here and is close to Neerja. Abir greets Pratima and takes her blessings. Pratima stops him and says don’t do this. Abir says she is so happy to see you, please bless us. Pratima asks him will he have food cooked for rituals. Abir says yes.

Pratima serves Abir. Abir asks why didn’t you serve Neerja. Pratima says I have something else for her and gives her sugar roti. Neerja gets excited and has it. Abir remembers Neerja telling him how much she loves sugar roti. Abir stops Neerja from taking another bite and has it himself. Abir says I remember this test and holds Pratima’s hand and says your hands are magical and Abir leaves. Pratima asks Neerja did she do something else. Abir gets cold water and a hanky and says you have high fever, this will help you. Pratima tries to stop him but Abir doesn’t listen and takes care of Pratima. Neerja remembers she used to take care of Pratima similarly when she was a kid. Abir scolds Didun to show some humanity and only money can’t help. Didun says I keep telling her she won’t listen. Pratima says no one forced me. Neerja says this is the way she is. Abir says we will take care of her, come with us to our home. Pratima says I am fine here. Abir says if you don’t take care of yourself I will take you with us.

Bijoy says I have a call to make. Didun follows him. Didun says to Bijoy you can at least thank me. Bijoy asks for what, you are using my son’s emotion for money. Didun says its hard work, Bijoy says when I was paying you why did you ask Abir for money, no one can take advantage of my son but you won’t understand because you think money can buy everything and because of you women here are not respected. Didun says enough, I know how to take revenge for my insult and no one should try to cross me, so don’t cross your line next time. Bijoy leaves. Didun says Bijoy this insult is going to cost you.

Abir starts massaging Pratima’s head. Pratima keeps requesting him not to trouble himself. Abir says Trisha is like your daughter, so I become your son-in-law. Abir feeds Pratima with her own hands, and Neerja is very happy. Pratima asks Abir to have it too. Pratima calls Neerja to join them.
Abir while leaving asks Pratima to take care or else he will send doctor to give you injection and says after so long I have seen Neerja happy and goes to see the kids.
Pratima asks Neerja is she fine. Neerja says she is and says I just miss you so much and says I need some strength too and tells her about Pishi Maa’s challenge. Neerja says to Pratima don’t worry I will handle everything and Abir is so nice I will surely work hard for him.

Abir gets home and hugs Pishi Maa and says he loved everything there. Pishi Maa asks him to go rest. Abir holds Neerja’s hand and leaves.
Pishi Maa asks Bijoy he looks worried. Kaushik tells her that Bijoy was in Sonagachi. Pishi Maa asks what nonsense is this. Bijoy explains that they had to go through Sonagachi because the main road to the ashram was closed. Pishi Maa says we are reputed people how dare you enter that area. Kaushik says it was so suffocating there. Munmun says I couldn’t stand that place. Pishi Maa scolds Bijoy. Bijoy apologises.
Bijoy thinks about Didun and says I got ready thinking Abir will get well soon but now I feel its a mistake.

Neerja thinks about how Abir was kind and took care of Pratima so well. Sarthak walks to her and asks her how was her day. Neerja says very nice and today I saw Abir is really very kind and tells him how Abir took care of Pratima. Sarthak says there is no one who could hate Abir. Neerja says I want to help him and I have my next plan ready and Neerja says I have to learn more about Trisha to bring Abir out of this.

Pre cap: Neerja gets dressed as Trisha based on how Abir has described her in the diary.
Neerja walks to everyone.
Abir and Neerja go out on a date. Neerja narrates one of his poems and asks Abir to continue. Abir gets scared and hides.

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