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A car hits Bappan. Abir rushes to Neerja. The car driver apologises. Abir says I know you are not at fault, I will give a statement from your side but take him to the hospital. Neerja decides to call Shaymli and inform about Bappan, she sees Bappan’s phone and messages Shyamli and throws phone back in the car.

Abir asks Neerja, how can she take such a big risk and says he was so worried and says forget all issues and please lets go and I told you, you are like my family and forget what elders have said now let’s just go or else I will have to force you. Neerja sits in the car.
Abir explains Neerja that Pishi Maa scolds Laltu a lot but he never leaves the house and so even you shouldn’t.

Abir and Neerja reach home. Neerja goes to her room and says I don’t know why I dreamt of you but now I want to fix things for myself and Protima, our house.

The next day Bagchi family perform morning aarti. Moushmi says Pishi Maa would be so happy to see you performing pooja. Abir hints at Bijoy and says Neerja came forward and told us truth but instead she was insulted and she left the house but luckily I found her. Moushmi asks Neerja fine. Moushmi thinks thank god Neerja is fine.
Kaushik asks is the goon caught. Abir says no.

Abir gets ready for office. Moushmi gives him curd and sugar as good luck for his new beginning. Neerja makes herself curd and sugar as good luck for her new beginning and says Protima fought all her life for me but now I will for her. Bijoy gave Abir a new car as a gift to mark a fresh start in his life, which stirred mixed feelings in Kaushik and Munmun. Abir promptly drove off and received a warm welcome at his workplace. Meanwhile, Neerja faced the challenge of job interviews, where she was repeatedly rejected due to her Sonagachi background and lack of work experience.

During a staff meeting, Abir spoke, and Bijoy surprised him with a new office cabin, an offer Abir initially declined. Kaushik supported Abir’s decision but Bijoy insisted it was a gift for Abir’s new beginning. Abir then suggested hiring new staff for an upcoming project, a proposal that Bijoy eventually accepted.

Neerja, determined to find a job, continued her search and received an opportunity for an internship with a reference. She remembered Bijoy’s refusal to hire her and returned home, where Munmun taunted her. Bijoy remarked that it was a good thing Neerja was seeking employment, implying her departure from the house. This saddened Neerja, who turned to prayer for guidance and left.

Later that night, Satark approached Neerja, who was still awake, researching companies for interviews. Satark suggested she ask Abir for help, but Neerja declined. In response, Satark promised to arrange a job for her through his friend’s office. Neerja expressed her gratitude, cherishing their unwavering friendship amidst the changing dynamics with her family.

The following morning, Neerja went for an interview at a company without realizing it was Abir’s family-owned business. Abir, while reviewing Neerja’s response to why she needed the job, grew irritated and chastised his assistant for considering such a candidate. Standing outside his cabin, Neerja overheard his criticism, realizing that her chances of securing a job there were slim.

Pre cap: Neerja sees few boys teasing a girl and misbehave with her. Neerja fights with the boys.
Sarthak and ABir see her fighting. Sarthak asks Abir to help her. Abir says Neerja doesn’t need help she is a fighter.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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