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Neerja asking Sartak about Trisha. Moushumi asks Bijoy the reason for visiting Sonagachi. Bijoy says he needs to as Neerja’s orphanage is near it. Moushumi says even if the flowers are bloomed in trash, they seem to reach the feet if God. She believes the same miracle will happen with Abir. She believes that Neerja would be able to cure Abir as she can already see the changes. Bijoy warns her to not get too close to Neerja as it’s just a fake relationship and won’t last for long. Moushumi gets taken aback. Sartak asks Neerja if she’s sure of what she’s about to do and she says she does. He shows her a box.

Didun is showing off the money Shabbo who rejoices that Abir’s family is bringing them so much money. She asks what they would do once Neerja gets thrown out of the house. Didun says Neerja may think that she got out of her home just because she let her too. However, she would still come back tomorrow in the end and she very well knew how to make money using her. Pratima hears it and gets worried. She prays to God to send Neerja to a faraway place where she doesn’t have to come back at any cost. The next day, Neerja gets ready as Trisha and struggles to walk in her heels.

When everyone asks what she’s doing and Kaushik and Moushumi taunt her that whether she’s trying to replace Trisha in Abir’s life. They mock her, but she says that she’s trying to revive Abir by making him recall the memories of Trisha.

Everyone, including Bijoy, was against it as it could worsen Abir’s situation. However, Pishi Ma gives her nod but with a condition that if Neerja fails to bring any changes in Abir, then she must leave the house. Neerja agrees to the condition while Munmun rejoices that Neerja would leave soon. On the other hand, Neerja goes to wake up Abir, and he gets happy seeing her smile. She asks about the important day today, but Abir recalls all the important days and times except this. Neerja says that it’s their first date anniversary and proposes to go on a date with him to celebrate it. Abir immediately agrees.

Abir takes bike keys from Sartak despite him being worried about it and leaves with Neerja. Neerja tries to sit as far away from Abir, but Abir rides fast, making her hold onto him. They come to the same jazz bar where Abir once visited with Trisha, and Abir gets flashes of the past.

Pre cap: Abir recites a poem for Neerja. Neerja gets shocked when Abir kisses her and starts falling for Abir’s love. However, she suddenly recalls Didun’s threat and comes back to reality.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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