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Abir offers Neerja a job, but she refuses, saying she’s not the right fit. Neerja then leaves. While she’s on her way, she sees a group of boys teasing a girl who sells momos by the roadside.

Neerja rushes to help when one of the boys splashes water on her face. She confronts the boys and demands they compensate the girl. They respond rudely and threaten her. Despite this, Neerja stands her ground, insisting on receiving the money.

Abir and Satark witness this situation but decide not to intervene because they believe Neerja can handle it. Neerja successfully teaches the boys a lesson and gets the money back. The boys eventually run away. Abir tells Satark that although Neerja was initially scared, she fought back bravely.

Later, Abir praises Neerja for standing up for others. She thanks him for letting her handle it on her own, explaining that she prefers to face challenges head-on, influenced by someone named Protima from her orphanage days. Abir offers to drive Neerja home in his new car, and they set off.

During the drive, Abir makes a stop at his favorite coffee shop, and Neerja questions the detour. Abir insists on having coffee and playfully claims he’ll get sick without it. Neerja eventually agrees, and they enter the coffee shop.

Inside, Abir orders two cappuccinos. Upon learning that the coffee shop manager isn’t feeling well, Abir considers calling to offer help. Neerja suggests a more discreet approach, advising Abir to assist without revealing his identity. Abir appreciates her suggestion.

As they leave the coffee shop, Neerja briefly bends down to pick up a fallen sugar packet, and Abir moves the table to prevent her from hitting her head. They then return home together.

At home, Abir reminisces about Neerja while playing the mouth organ, struggling to play it correctly. Satark notices and asks him about it. Abir admits that he’s been thinking about Neerja and acknowledges that Satark was right about her. He reveals that he unintentionally criticized Neerja’s resume earlier when she declined the job offer. Abir asks Satark to help Neerja find a job through his connections, promising to provide a reference, but he requests Satark to keep it a secret from Neerja, recalling her past words.

Pre cap: Neerja in a class. Didun walks in. Teacher there asks who are you. Didun says I am her owner she is my girl from Sonagachi. Teacher asks Neerja to getout.
Didun throws Neerja infront of few men. Neerja pushes them and breaks a glass bottle and threatens Didun

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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