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The episode starts with many people reciting poems on stage. Neerja urges Abir to recite his poem too, but Abir hesitates. Neerja says that she herself would first recite his poem and he can follow her later. On the other hand, Pratima is worried about what Didun told about Neeria and believes that she shouldn’t let Neeria be even in the city, forget about badi. Sharmili asks if she knew someone to send Neerja away with their help. Pratima says that Didun knows everyone who knew her and there’s no way she could escape Didun. Her friend says that the only way Didun can’t follow Neerja is by sending her abroad. Pratima likes the idea and wonders how to get a passport for Neerja.

Neerja recites Abir’s poem, and everyone appreciates her. When asked who wrote it, Neerja takes Abir’s name. Everyone identifies Abir as the best poet and wonders where he has gone. They get surprised that he’s there and wait for him. Neerja also calls out to him, but Abir hides. The family is worried about Abir’s condition, and Pishi Ma asks Kaushik to go and check. Kaushik complains about Neerja, but Moushumi gives a befitting reply that it’s only Neerja who truly cares for Abir, so she’s making efforts. As Neerja is about to leave disheartened, Abir gets on stage and starts reciting a poem.

Neerja gets happy as she listens to the lines; she understands that it’s not for Trisha but for her. She gets emotional about the same. Abir comes out to find Neerja, who’s still dwelling on the fact that someone recited a poem for her. Abir gets romantic with her and kisses her cheeks. Neerja loses herself in the moment but immediately recoils with Didun’s threat in mind. She urges to go home. Pishi Ma gets irritated with constant messages and opens them to check. They all get happy and excited seeing Abir recite a poem.

Abir comes home, and Pishi Ma happily greets him. Moushumi goes to Neerja and thanks her for bringing back the old Abir, and she is the only person who’s concerned about Neerja. Bijoy thinks that it’s good that Abir is recovering and he can send Neerja away as soon as possible. Neerja, in the washroom, thinks about her moments with Abir. She gets swayed towards him but tries to convince herself that it’s not her place.

Moushumi praises Neerja for curing Abir and expresses her wish to see her as Abir’s spouse. Bijoy warns her to never have such thoughts, as Neerja is not the right girl for the family. Moushumi complains that their family rules only apply to daughters-in-law, but their sons can do whatever they want. Bijoy thinks that he doesn’t know how to prove to Moushumi that he didn’t cheat on her.

Precap: Neerja gets disheartened when Abir confesses love, taking Trisha’s name. Neerja thinks that no matter what, she can never be a part of Abir’s life, and it’s just a moment of happiness. Neerja gets shocked when Abir asks who she is and where his Trisha is.

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