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Neerja thinks, Abir loves Trisha and so I have no right over this love and this is just my duty my job. Abir knocks door and says I can’t see you like this. Abir starts sneezing. Neerja says first go freshen up. Abir leaves.

Pratima says I need a passport to send Neerja out of the country but who will help us? Shyamli says I can help you, I know someone. Didun asks who are you talking about. Chakri starts coughing and says I have TB. Pratima says TB is very bad and everyone can get it here its contagious. DIdun says take Chakri tomorrow to doctor and Shabbo will come too. Didun leaves.

Didun says to Shabbo, Pratima is upto something new and asks her to keep an eye on Pratima.

Neerja gets steam for Abir. Abir says finally I feel like we are husband and wife. Neerja says quickly take the steam. Neerja sneezes. Abir asks her to join him take steam. Neerja says first you take. Abir says if you don’t come I will also stop. Neerja gies sit beside Abir and both take stea, together. Abir asks Neerja why did she behave this way and holds her hand and says I love you Trisha. Abir says keep talking your silence kills me. Abir keeps talking, Neerja feels bad and remember how she met Abir and from that day he calls her Trisha.
Abir asks Neerja why is she so lost. Neerja says to him, I got a little distracted and says now I am on right track.
Neerja asks Abir to go to sleep and thinks this love is for Trisha and Neerja has no right over it.

Shabbo says to Didun there is no one here who has a charm like hers. Didun sees some white hair and asks Shabbo you appiled Mehndi in my hair right. Shabbo says yes. Didun gets angry and kicks her and says how do I have white hair here then.

Shyamli calls Shabbo inside and says don’t feel bad come have sherbet with us. Shabbo says okay. Shabbo hugs Pratima and starts crying. Shyamli adds alcohol in the sherbet. Shabbo gulps the whole glass. Shyamli says to Shabbo you are so loyal to Didun but Didun always insults her and treats her as a slave. Shabbo gets angry and says now I will show Didun who I am, she is so heartless and that to for a single white hair, what does she think she will never get old but when she gets I will show her my power.

Neerja next day walks to Abir to wake him up. Abir sees Neerja and asks what are you doing here and asks where is my Trisha. Neerja says I am Trisha. Abir says then where is the smile on your face. Neerja smiles, Abir says now I have my Trisha here, I will go freshen up and then we will have tea together.
Neerja keeps thinking about date night and gets tensed. Neerja says I cannot fall for Abir he is not mine, whatever happened last night was just a moment and it doesn’t mean love. Abir walks to Neerja and asks what is she doing here. Neerja says I am looking for something. Abir asks are you writing poetry too, Neerja says longingness makes you write poetry too and look the clouds are gone and there won’t be rains now. Abir says come with me I will show you rain.

Abir takes Neerja out. Munmun sees them leave. Abir takes Neerja to the garden and makes her stand beneath a tree and shakes it. Neerja gets very happy and says Abir you can do anything. Abir says my love does everything for you. Munmun and Pishi Maa see them together.
Sarthak rushes to Pishi Maa and shows Abir’s news that people in business have recognised Abir and our shares are gowing after Abir’s last night appearance. Abir mentions his Japnese project. Bijoy asks him does he remeber about the project. Abir says yes and says with my Trisha’s support I can do anything. Abir tells Pishi Maa how relieved he felt after narrating poem last night. Kaushik thinks he will not let Abir get back to normal.
Abir leaves.

Pishi Maa says to Neerja, Abir is changing but that doesn’t mean she can take advantage of the situation and says she should never forget where she belongs too.

Pre cap: Abir gets angry and starts hurting himself and says this is because you keep leaving me. Abir goes in in traffic and goes in front of a truck.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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