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Neerja threatening to harm herself and fleeing. Didun orders her men to capture Neerja without harming her. Meanwhile, Kaushik manipulates Abir by claiming that Bijoy doesn’t appreciate his talent. As a result, Abir is asked to present a project he’s been working on for months. Abir requests Kaushik to do the presentation instead, but Kaushik refuses, asserting that Abir is Bijoy’s favorite son.

A waiter serves juice to Abir and Kaushik. Abir drinks it and notices a different taste. Kaushik suggests swapping their drinks, and Abir complies. Soon, Abir faints after drinking the drugged juice. Kaushik leaves, vowing to humiliate Abir in public. Neerja, on the run from Didun’s men, hides behind a shop and prays for her safety.

Abir tips the waiter, who questions why he tipped for not spiking his drink, contrary to Kaushik’s instructions. Abir cryptically responds that their relationship complexities are beyond the waiter’s understanding. Abir wonders why Kaushik acted as he did instead of allowing him to handle the presentation. He decides to buy a Ganesh statue for the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi puja.

Didun confides in Protima about Neerja’s escape and her likely hiding places: either here or at Abir’s house. Didun heads to Abir’s house, leaving Protima locked in fear. Neerja changes her hiding spot and finds refuge in a truck.

At the festive gathering, Bijoy welcomes guests and praises Abir. Guests inquire about Abir’s whereabouts, and Bijoy explains that Abir is out buying a Ganesh statue. Neerja mistakes Abir for one of Didun’s henchmen and attacks him. She’s shocked when she realizes her error. A flashback reveals Abir’s suspicion when he saw Neerja entering the truck. They share a tearful hug before Neerja apologizes.

Curious about each other’s presence outside, Neerja asks Abir why he’s not at home. Abir explains vaguely that he can’t go home yet. The truck starts moving, and their attempts to stop it fail. They resign themselves to the situation, and Neerja reflects on Abir’s history of helping her in times of trouble.

Back at home, Satark informs the family that Abir’s phone is unreachable, and the driver reported Abir entering a truck upon seeing Neerja. Pishi Maa blames Neerja, and Bijoy worries about the upcoming presentation. Kaushik offers to replace Abir, supported by Moushmi and granted permission by Bijoy. Meanwhile, Neerja and Abir, realizing they are far from Kolkata, continue their journey on foot. They stop at a roadside tea stall, and a moment of nostalgia strikes Neerja as she accidentally spills her tea, reminiscent of a similar gesture of kindness from Abir. In another subplot, Didun shares her intent to visit Abir’s home to uncover the truth with Shobbarani.

Pre cap: Didun sees Abir performing aarti and learns that he is cured now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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