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Pishi Maa says to Neerja, Abir is showing improvement but that doesn’t change the fact that you don’t belong here and don’t dare to take advantage of the situation. Abir calls Neerja inside. Bijoy says to Pishi Maa that he is very happy for Abir he is talking about business too. Pishi Maa says to Bijoy, don’t forget Neerja is an orphan and it is going to cost us a lot and I am worried she is going to be a trouble for us and so we will have to do something to keep her away from the house.

Pratima, Chakri and Shyamli thinking about how they will manage going to the doctor. Didun says don’t worry I won’t let any plan be successful I have called the doctor here and leaves. Pratima says I am so worried my head is getting hot. Shyamli says I have an idea and asks Chakri to lie holding onions and she will have a fever.

Abir, Sarthak and Neerja in a car. Sarthak makes Abir stop the car near a park and says to Neerja, you remember we use to come here after college lets go. Abir forgets his wallet at the petrol pump and asks Sarthak to go get it. Sarthak says okay and leaves. A girl asks Abir to buy flowers. Neerja says we are good thankyou. Neerja says to Abir lets wait inside till Sarthak comes back. Abir says okay.

Kaushik and Munmun discuss how they will keep Neerja away from Abir so that they can rule the Bagchi Empire. Kaushik and Munmun see Pishi Maa telling about the havan she has organised for Abir and says I have a feeling that this havan will cure Abir and Neerja will have to leave.

Abir gets flowers for Neerja. Neerja says you didn’t have the wallet. Abir says I tricked Sarthak so that I could spend some time with you. Neerja remembers Pishi Maa’s warning and says I am going and walks away. Abir loses his calm and asks Neerja to come back but she doesn’t. Abir starts throwing benches and hitting polls in anger. Neerja rushes to him and tries to calm him down. Abir says I won’t let you go, why do you keep leaving me. Neerja trying to stop Abir hurts her hand. Abir gets worried for Neerja and rushes outside. Neerja follows Abir and tries to stop him. Abir almost gets hit by a car but he keeps going through the traffic. Neerja chases him to stop him.

Doctor visits Sonagachi. Didun asks Kallu why did he get Compounder instead of Dr. Das. Compounder says don’t worry I am working with Doctor for 20 years. Didun asks does she have TB. Compounder says no. Pratima says Chakri has blood on her hanky because of coughing. Compounder asks Didun to get Chakri admitted. Didun says okay.

Abir pulls Neerja out. Neerja asks what were you doing there? Abir cleans and band-aids Neerja’s wound. Neerja says you are injured too. Abir says that is nothing in front of the pain you are giving me. Neerja says I am sorry. Abir says promise me you will never leave me. Neerja thinks I will promise you but will never be able to keep it. Neerja promises Abir. Abir asks Neerja does she love him. Neerja says yes, your Trisha loves you a lot and promises to stay with you always. Neerja thinks Abir cares so much about his love which is not for me.

Sarthak gets back and sees Abir’s wallet lying beside him and understands Abir must have tricked him.

Neerja, Sarthak and Abir get home. Neerja hears Pishi Maa instructing Munmun and Moushmi that they will have to fast for the pooja. Munmun looks at Kaushik and thinks I will not let this pooja succeed. Pishi Maa says to them also inform Bijoy and Kaushik to give you Suhagan Saree after the pooja and says Mahantji has said if we successfully complete this pooja it will be good for Abir. Neerja decides to fast for Abir.

Pishi Maa next day supervising all arrangements for Pooja. Bijoy tells her that Abir shouldn’t be affected by havan so I have asked Sarthak to take Abir out for some time. Bijoy asks Moushmi what colour saree she wants. Moushmi says to him she doesn’t care. Pishi Maa asks Moushmi to ask Neerja to not attend the pooja. Moushmi thinks Bijoy has done such great sin but isn’t objected on other hand Neerja who is doing such nobel work is kept away.
Pishi Maa asks Kaushik to make sure Munmun doesn’t break her fast. Kaushik thinks Abir will never be fine.

Neerja tells Laltu she doesn’t feel like having breakfast. Abir asks Neerja why she doesn’t want breakfast. Neerja says she isn’t hungry and by mistake tells Abir she is fasting. Abir finds it very sweet and says you are fasting for me and says am I that special. Neerja says you just love normal people and they become special for you.

Pre cap: During pooja Munmun says before I am falsely accused because of Neerja let me tell you the truth. Neerja says Pishi Maa I am not lying I saw Munmun eat Samosas. Mahantji says only 3 women who are fastingc an participate in the pooja.
Pishi Maa gets angry at Neerja

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