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Abir says to Neerja he finds it very sweet that she is fasting for him. Neerja says everyone in this house loves you and wants to see you fit and fine. Neerja leaves. Abir happy that Neerja will be part of the pooja and decides to do something special for him.

Moushmi asks Laltu why hasn’t Neerja eaten breakfast, is she fine? Laltu says she is fine. Moushmi thinks I guess Neerja is also fasting.
Kaushik tells Munmun that she should have ordered food by someone else’s name. Munmun says once I have this food no one will find about it.
Moushmi thinking about Neerja and says even if she is fasting Pishi Maa won’t allow her to participate in the pooja. Bijoy gets Moushmi a saree and says I know this is your fav colour. Moushmi says my fav colour isn’t red but yellow. Bijoy says things don’t change so easily. Moushmi says just like you changed, I just changed my fav colour you changed my place in your life. Bijoy says please understand I am very guilty of what happened and is apologising past so many years.

Neerja notices Munmun enjoying some samosas, but Munmun’s response is rude and she uses bad words. Neerja warns her not to tell anyone and insists that people would believe Munmun over her. Neerja tries to argue, but it’s useless.

Pratima takes Chakri to the doctor along with Shabboo. Shabboo waits outside while Pratima and Chakri go in. They come up with a plan, and Pratima escapes through a window with the help of the doctor to get a passport. Neerja wants to tell Moushumi the truth, but Pishi Ma stops her. Neerja decides to do something to save the Pooja.

Pratima meets an agent who offers to send Neerja abroad, but she has to carry a package without knowing what’s inside. The agent smirks when Pratima leaves.

Shabboo enters the doctor’s room and sees Pratima coming in through the window. She promises to tell Didun but lies to Didun later, saying that Chakri is very sick.

Didun asks Pratima and Shamili to take care of Chakri. In a flashback, it’s revealed that Chakri used a video of Pratima being drunk to blackmail her. Neerja tries to send food to Pishi Maa, but Munmun twists the story, saying Neerja wants to ruin Pooja and Abir’s recovery.

Pre cap: Mahatji scolds Pishi Maa for not taking the ritual seriously, leading to the Pooja being cancelled. Moushmi reveals that Neerja fasted for Abir. Neerja and the other ladies perform the Pooja, and Mahatji blesses them.

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