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Neerja refuses to continue lying to Abir any longer. Didun then threatens Neerja, reminding her of her origins in Sonagachi, a fact she cannot deny. In Sonagachi, Pratima becomes anxious when Chakri informs her that the police have arrived, suspecting they are looking for her. At this point, Neerja questions Didun about whether the girls from Sonagachi can have feelings, which surprises Didun. Didun also wonders if Neerja has genuinely fallen for Abir. Didun is taken aback when Neerja refuses to pretend to be Trisha any further. Meanwhile, Shabbo Rani interrogates Pratima about her fear of the police. Chakri deceives Shabbo Rani by claiming that Pratima is not anxious about the police but about Neerja. Shabbo Rani sends Chakri to talk to the police.

Simultaneously, Didun warns Neerja not to let her feelings for Abir interfere with her work. Abir interrupts their conversation and serves them food. Meanwhile, Shabbo Rani blackmails Pratima, demanding that she delete a video in which she speaks against Didun if she wishes to avoid trouble with the police. Pratima is torn, fearing that deleting the video will lead Shabbo Rani to reveal the truth to Didun. She is uncertain about what to do.

The inspector questions Shaymli about Pratima’s absence from her room and heads towards her room. Seeing this, Shabbo Rani urges Pratima to make a quick decision, causing Pratima to panic.

Abir invites Neerja to dance with him, but she initially declines. However, she later joins Abir, and they share a romantic dance together. Bappan calls Kaushik and informs him of his plan to make Neerja disappear when the lights go out. He disconnects the call, adding that he also intends to make Abir vanish. Bappan prepares to execute his plan by damaging the main electrical box.
Munmun dances and Kaushik joining in, both of them mocking Didun.

The inspector knocks on Pratima’s door. Shabbo Rani, wearing Pratima’s saree and a face mask, answers the door. The police explain that they are searching for a woman in similar attire, but Shabbo Rani manages to deceive them and make them leave.

Meanwhile, Didun concludes the episode with a dance performance, in which Abir and Neerja eventually join her, dancing together. Kaushik informs Munmun that Neerja’s end is near and begins counting down. As the lights go out, Abir and Neerja get separated in the darkness, calling out to each other. Bappan takes advantage of the darkness to kidnap Neerja. Abir calls out for Neerja but can no longer hear her voice. Meanwhile, Kaushik and Munmun celebrate Bappan’s successful execution of the plan, oblivious to Neerja’s situation. Didun regrets leaving Neerja alone and wonders why the lights have gone out as Abir desperately searches for her. Eventually, the lights come back on, and both Abir and Didun are shocked to find Neerja missing. On the other hand, Neerja is equally shocked to see Bappan.

Pre cap: Bappan asks Neerja does she love Abir. Neerja says yes she does.
Bappan tries to forcefully kiss Neerja. Abir steps in and fights with Bappan. Bappan puts fire around Neerja and Abir. Abir gets scared and hugs Neerja. Bappan runs away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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