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Munmun says to Neerja tell everyone didn’t you give this packet to Laltu to give it to Maa. Neerja comes downstairs and says yes and that’s because you broke fast and this could create problems in Abir’s pooja. Neerja asks Pishi Maa to read the receipt if she doesn’t believe her. Pishi Maa asks Munmun to show the bill. Neerja thinks God I didn’t want to put Munmun in problem but for Abir I had too. Munmun believes she manipulated the bill at just the right time. Confronting Pishi Maa, she accuses Neerja of attempting to frame her. Neerja sticks to her confession that she ate the food. The priest urges them to expedite the pooja, while Pishi Maa comments on Neerja’s unfamiliarity with their customs. Pishi Maa asserts that Neeraj, not having a family, lacks knowledge that she could acquire from one. She questions how Neerja could attempt to falsely incriminate Munmun, humiliating her and demanding her swift departure from the house. Abir’s mom is concerned about how they’ll answer Abir’s inquiries regarding Trisha. Pishi Maa assures her she’ll provide an answer.

Abir instructs his cousin to drive faster. Planning for Neerja to participate in the pooja, he intends to buy a saree for her. However, he learns that Neerja won’t be partaking. He protests, believing Neerja is trying to assist, and urges his cousin to return home. Meanwhile, Munmun confides in Pishi Maa her intention to oust Neerja from the house. She tells Neerja that although she initially wanted to eject her, she can leave on her own now. During this, Bappa enters and questions Munmun about the Samosa. He inquires why she didn’t share it with him, having witnessed her eating it. Bappa had captured her actions on his Tron. Pishi Maa, infuriated by the video evidence, slaps Munmun and orders her to remain in her room without showing her face. Abir’s mom clarifies to Neerja that her actions weren’t meant to disrupt the pooja.

Pratima expresses her intention to arrange a passport for Neeraj. Jangli teases Shabbu, who then shows a video to Didun. Reacting strongly, Didun accuses Shabbu of trying to harm her. She warns her to stay away and not approach her again. This incident amuses Pratima. Pishi Maa questions Neerja’s reason for fasting for Abir, arguing that she has no right to do so. She advises Neerja not to seek a place in their home through such actions. Drawing a metaphor, she likens it to a slipper not being allowed inside a temple despite its appearance. The priest emphasizes the need to make a swift decision, as a halt in the pooja would jeopardize Abir’s life. Abir’s mom pleads with Pishi Maa to allow Neeja to participate in the pooja for Abir’s sake. Pishi Maa grants permission. Shabbo, upon seeing a video sent by Shyamli, reacts with shock. She then deflects and lies to Didun, who demands the truth. Shabbu asserts she cannot hide the truth and faces punishment—a week of washing dishes. Neerja attends the pooja, and Kaushik is surprised to see her there. Munmun vows to make Neerja pay. During the pooja, Neerja prays for Abir’s safety.

Pre cap: Munmun says I won’t let Abir and Neerja spend romantic time after spoiling my reputation. Munmun pushes in dark storeroom. Neerja gets scared and calls Abir for help. Abir wakes up and feels Neerja is in problem.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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