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Mahantji says that pooja has successfully taken place. Mahantji blesses Neerja and says Abir and Neerja’s relation is made by good they were destined to meet and no one can ever separate them because today they have seeked Mahadev’s blessings.

Pishi Maa scolds Munmun and punishes her to eat only outside food that is samosa and pani puri for a whole month. Munmun apologises but Pishi Maa doesn’t listen. Pishi Maa says to Neerja that you are temporary don’t forget that. Bijoy as per ritual gives Moushmi saree and thinks she shouldn’t have allowed Neerja to be part of pooja and disrespect Pishi Maa. Abir walks in and says Neerja come with me and gets her suhag saree as per the ritual. Moushmi happy by Abir’s gesture but others get angry. Abir puts saree on Neerja’s head and puts bangles on her hands, feeds her sweets by his hand.

Bijoy asks Kaushik to renew contract with Banarjee’s. Kaushik says yes I will get 10% discount. Abir says they are Banarjee’s they won’t give even 1% discount. Kaushik says this will increase production cost. Abir says no, just reduce days that will reduce labour cost and give us good profit. Bijoy happy with Abir’s suggestion.

Munmun in pain because of eating outside food. Kaushik says now its time that she learns her lesson, she made a big mistake by messing with us. Kaushik makes a call and says I want to meet you right now and leaves. Munmun says I will take revenge from Neerja today.

Abir makes decorations for Neerja and plans a surpise for Neerja. Sarthak sees the decoration and asks what is this for. Abir says this for Neerja, without her I felt trapped and sad and now I feel so relieved. Moushmi walks to Abir says me, Neerja and Moushmi are going Ghat. Abir says thats made my work so easy. Moushmi thinks Abir and Neerja look so good together and Neerja works so hard for him but everyone just scolds her and doesn’t understand their feelings and I just wish Abir doesn’t collapse again.

Abir says something is missing and asks Sarthak to get his and Neerja’s wedding picture framed and says this will make her feel more special.

Kaushik meets a man and pays him advance. The man says this man will do work for you and points at Bappan. Bappan says don’t worry I will make sure your work is done.
Bappan later says this man looks very rich I will follow him and see how much more he can pay me.
Munmun asks Kaushik was everything well. Kaushik says they looked dangerous and will make sure work is done properly. Munmun says for the first time we are doing something so dangerous. Kaushik says don’t scare me and anyways Neerja is orphan no one will have a problem.
Bappan sneaks in Bagchi house, and says he is so rich and was just paying 5 lakhs. Munmun sees him and shows Kaushik. Kaushik asks Bappan what is he doing here. Bappan says you are so rich, why do you want to kill someone. Kaushik says do what you are paid for. Bappan says I will need 10 lakhs now because you are so rich. Kaushik sees Sarthak entering and asks Bappan to be quiet and says don’t say a word infront of him. Sarthak sees Kaushik and walks towards them. Bappan leaves. Sarthak asks Kaushik who was that man. Kaushik says union informer. Munmun walks to them and says who are you to ask the elder son of this house questions just leave. Sarthak leaves,

Bappan gets Didun gifts and Payal. Didun asks what is this for? Bappan says Shagun for Neerja. Didun starts laughing. Shyamli asks Bappan how did he manage all this. Bappan says Didun I will give you whatever amount you want, I will give you any amount for Neerja.

Abir sees frame and says I want to tell Neerja my whole life is her.
Kaushik says to Munmun, Neerja is Abir’s life and with her death Abir will loose all his senses.

Munmun pushes in dark storeroom. Neerja gets scared and calls Abir for help. Abir wakes up and feels Neerja is in problem.

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