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Didun says to Bappan, I have made a deal of Neerja. Bappan says but you said I could take Neerja if I pay. Didun says I remember, you keep money ready once she is free from there she is all yours. Bappan gets happy and says to Pratima, I will take Neerja with me in front of you and you will be helpless. Pratima thinks she won’t let this happen and will make sure Neerja goes far away from here.
Kaushik says to Munmun, Neerja won’t just go away from Abir’s life but from life. Munmun says this makes me so happy.

Munmun sees Abir’s surprise for Neerja and says I won’t let these two romance by ruining my life, I will take revenge from them.

Neerja sees Abir’s surprise and is very happy. Abir says to Neerja, you fasted for me all day and I wanted to make you feel special and gives her a new phone. Neerja says this looks very expensive. Abir says it’s nothing in front of you. Laltu walks in and gives lemon water to Neerja and says Moushmi sent this for you. Neerja says Abir I have no one to talk to, just you and you are always with me, I don’t need this. Abir says I will always be with you. Neerja asks Abir to go sleep and says I will come soon.

Neerja hears some noise in the storeroom and goes to check. Munmun pushes her inside, switches off the lights and locks her. Neerja has a childhood flashback and gets scared. Neerja starts calling for help. Neerja keeps shouting she is very scared of dark and asks for help. Neerja has a bad stomach ache.
Munmun outside says I sent the lemon water and the medicine in it will give Neerja stomach ache and that will give me relief.

Munmun hears Neerha shout in pain and listens to Neerja talking about Pratima. Neerja says Pratima come save me from this darkness. Munmun doesn’t understand what Neerja is saying and leaves.
Neerja starts saying Didun please forgive me and remembers Pratima saying Abir will protect you. Neerja starts shouting Abir’s name and asks him to come help her.
Abir wakes up as he feels Neerja is in pain and sees Neerja isn’t back yet and starts looking for her.

Munmun sees Abir what is he doing here? Abir says I am looking for Neerja. Munmun says she must be in the garden. Munmun says you two will suffer and that will give me peace.
Abir hears some noise near the storeroom and says I hope Neerja isn’t there she gets scared of darkness. Abir picks a torch and starts looking for Neerja in darkness. Neerja hears footstep and shouts Abir. Neerja says Abir I am scared of darkness please get me out. Abir says don’t worry I will get you out. Abir tries to open the door but it doesn’t open. Abir talks to her from beneath the door like Pratima did.
Neerja remembers how Pratima took care of her when she was locked. Abir asks Neerja to hold his hand. Neerja holds Abir’s hand. Abir asks Neerja to close her eyes and imagine she is in the skies with a lot of light and has wings and can fly. Neerja imagines herself and Abir in lot of light. Abir says just keep breathing and step back and I will break open this door.

Abir kicks the door and opens it and sees Neerja lying scared. Neerja gets scared and hugs him and says please never leave me alone. Abir says don’t be scared I promise I will never leave you, Trisha. Neerja realises she got carried away.
Neerja unable to walk due to stomach ache. Abir lifts her in his arms and takes her to their bedroom.

Abir says to Neerja, take a deep breath and asks do you have a stomach ache. Neerja says yes. Abir gets her medicine and says have it by tomorrow morning you will be fine. Abir asks Neerja to try and fall asleep and sings for her, his and Trisha’s favourite song. Neerja falls asleep. Abir says Neerja loves me so much, she fasted for me and fell sick.

Next day, Abir gives Neerja medicines. Abir asks Neerja how did she get locked in the storeroom. Neerja says I slipped and the door got locked.
Neerja thanks Abir for supporting her last night. Abir says I will always be there for you and asks where her phone is. Neerja gives him her phone. Abir asks Neerja to call Pratima and that will cheer her up. Neerja thinks I can’t call Pratima what if Abir finds the truth.

Pre cap: Neerja calls Didun and says I don’t want to go. Didun says Bijoy has paid her and so she has to go or else she will be back in Sonagachi.
Kaushik says to Munmun, Abir and Neerja are on holiday but only one will return.

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