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Abir suggests to Neerja that she should video call Pratima. Neerja worries about potential problems but decides to call. She shows Abir’s face first. Chakri answers the call and pretends Neerja is Trisha. Even Pratima plays along. Abir shows his love for Neerja.

Neerja asks Abir for some private time, and he agrees and leaves. Pratima praises Abir’s love for Neerja. Pratima says to Neerja, Abir loves you a lot but this love is for Trisha and so don’t get too caught in this drama or else you will hurt yourself. Neerja says to Pratima she understands.

The doctor visits and Abir greets him. Pishi Maa asks why the is doctor visiting. Doctor says Kaushik called him. Bijoy asks Abir to go check the project file in the study. Abir leaves.
Kaushik says to the doctor did you see Abir’s progress, he says yes and I am impressed with Neerja.
Kaushik says Pishi Maa remember Abir loved travelling and would travel with trisha too and as doctors say I think Abir should go on a trip with Neerja and it would benefit him, we should send him to the place he visited with Trisha. Sarthak says the place is Puri. Kaushik says correct.
Pishi Maa worries Neerja might take advantage, but the doctor supports the idea. Kaushik offers to accompany them to watch Neerja. Bijoy reluctantly agrees due to no better option.

Munmun gets upset with Kaushik for proposing to go with Neerja who she hates so much. Kaushik says this is part of the plan, we will go all together but only one will return, Abir is not our target Neerja is, and with her the chances of Abir’s recovery also will go away.

Pratima gets a call about a package delivery. She’s suspicious but the caller insists. Pratima asks whats in the package is it legal. He says you are from SOnagachi you shouldn’t think about all this, think about your daughter or else I will look for someone else. Pratima says I will come.
Pratima says to Shyamli she is very scared.

Neerja meets Bijoy and says she doesn’t want to go on Holiday with Bijoy. Kaushik walks in and says this is for Abir’s betterment. Bijoy says the orphanage won’t allow Neerja to go out of Kolkata. Kaushik says Abir is happy and excited, you shouldn’t upset him and Kaushik leaves.
Bijoy says to Neerja, he regrets his decision and he now again has to talk to Didun who will take advantage of the situation and demand more money.

Abir is excited and packing, Neerja says to Abir he is packing excessively. Abir says he is very excited to revisit their college memories and has everything planned. Neerja worried.

Bijoy visits Sonagachi. Didun welcomes him and asks what he wants now. Bijoy gives her money. Didun says this isn’t enough, you are demanding more from Neerja then just taking care of Abir and as a security deposit I want more money, I need 10 lakhs or else I will accompany them.
Bijoy reluctantly agrees.

Abir gets comfortable shoes for Neerja so that she doesn’t have problems due to long walks on the beach.
Didun calls Neerja and pressures her to accept the trip. Didun says Bijoy has paid her and so she has to go or else she will be back in Sonagachi. Neerja is left with no choice.

Pre cap: Pratima praying the diya goes off, she gets worried for Neerja. Kaushik says to Munmun, Abir and Neerja are on holiday but only one will return.
Neerja gets shot.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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