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Neerja sees Abir is asleep and makes herself comfortable on the sofa. Abir wakes up and says you make daily some excuses and shift to the couch and today, you will have to tell me why?
Neerja thinks about Didun’s warning. Abir walks to Neerja and says I understand new bride take time to adjust, I understand that but lets make a deal until you get comfortable around me lets take turns to sleep on the bed. Abir makes Neerja sleep on the bed, switches off the lights. Neerja gets scared. Abir switches back the lights on and smiles. Neerja rests on the bed and Abir shifts to the couch. Neerja thinks Abir takes care of me and for him I have to take him to the trip but something is bothering me, God please give me strength.

Moushmi performs Neerja and Abir’s aarti as they leave for the trip. Pishi Maa asks Abir to take care of himself and keep calling her. Abir says not to worry my Trisha is with me. Pratima walks into Bagchi’s house. Neerja gets worried. Abir gets happy and welcomes her in. Pratima greets everyone and says I am sorry I just wanted to hand this to Neerja. Abir introduces Pratima to Pishi Maa. Pishi Maa asks Pratima what she has got. Pratima says I heard from Bijoy that you are leaving for Puri and so I got this for Trisha, her sweater and umbrella, she gets very cold soon and her favourite snack she can have it while travelling. Abir says you are just like my Pishi Maa even she has taken care of all my needs. Neerja looks at Bijoy, he nods yes. Neerja walks to Pratima and takes her blessings.

Kaushik checks on Bappan and says we are leaving in 10 min the girl is wearing pink colour dress. Bappan gives him a sign he is ready. Kaushik says lets go to holiday and send Neerja to holiday forever.

Pishi Maa asks Pratima her relation with Neerja. Neerja says she is my mother, she is my aunt but takes care of me just like a mother and to love someone you don’t need to be just a biological mother just like Lord Krishna and Maiya Yashoda. Bijoy says now let them leave or else they will be late. Kaushik says lets leave.
Pratima says to Neerja, I understand you are awkward but don’t forget you are just here to take care of Abir and this locket will protect you. Bijoy says to Pratima, don’t come back without permission next time.

Neerja says to Moushmi, don’t worry I will take care of Abir as promised, and says I will never cross my lines I promise and I will try and see Abir comes back fine. Abir and Neerja leave.
Pratima prays for Neerja.
Pratima gets call from Passport Agent and she says she is on her way.

Bappan follows Neerja and Abir’s car. Abir asks Neerja what is she looking at. Neerja says its so pretty outside. Abir says not as pretty as you. Abir asks Kaushik to put on Bluetooth and plays music. Munmun says enough of these romantic songs we know you love Trisha a lot.
Kaushik sends Bappan a voice note that they are waiting at Gayatri Dhaba and tells everyone that he sent it to Bijoy.

Abir says to Neerja we forgot your smile in the house. Neerja smiles. Abir says he is in pain, her silence is very disturbing and asks her to talk to him.
The passport Agent gives Pratima a parcel and says you have to deliver it to a man and then leave and here is your daughter’s passport form. Pratima in pressure agrees to deliver the parcel.

Bappan finds a location apt to shoot. Kaushik says to Abir lets wait at Gayatri Dhaba. Munmun says yes I am very hungry. Kaushik says okay and sees Bappan’s car and understands Bappan has taken his position. Kaushik stops at Gayatri Dhaba. Munmun asks Abir and Kaushik to go get something to eat and she and Trisha will wait in the car.

Pre cap:A woman asks Neerja to help her find her son. Neerja steps out of the car. Bappan shoots her.
Abir hears Neerja scream and rushes to her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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