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Munmun asks Kaushik and Abir to get something for them and she and Trisha will stay in the car. Kaushik says okay and gets down with Abir.
Munmun asks Neerja, did she ever think if she ever dreamt of such a lavish life and says don’t get used to this. Neerja says to her, don’t worry I know I am temporary. A woman comes to their car and asks Neerja to help her find her son. Neerja says lets go. Munmun says just sit here and don’t fall for all this. The woman begs Neerja to help her. Neerja asks Munmun to inform Kaushik and Abir and goes with the woman to find her son.

Abir asks Munmun where is Trisha, Munmun tells her that she tried to stop her but she left. Abir goes to look for Neerja.
Neerja finds herself alone looking for the boy. Bappan unaware its Neerja aims at her to shoot her.
Kaushik pays the woman and asks her to go underground for a few days.

Munmun having snacks its so fun, Abir won’t be able to save Neerja. Kaushik asks how can you eat in so much stress. Munmun says I am stress eating, what if someone finds the truth, we will be sent to jail.
Bappan shoots.

Pratima arrives at the location and sees police around. Police has top that someone is selling drugs. Pratima gets scared and says let me find the person, I will deliver and leave.

Neerja sneaks and is saved. Abir rushes to Neerja. Bappan aims again at Neerja. Neerja calls Abir for help. Bappan shoots again.Abir pulls her and the bullet misses again. Abir hugs Neerja.
Bappan sees Neerja hugging Abir and thinks God wants me to meet my Neerja. Bappan thinks but why does Kaushik wants to kill my Neerja.

Abir says Trisha don’t worry I am with you. Neerja leaves him and says someone is seeing us from there. Abir checks and says no one is there and who is shooting. Neerja says this place isn’t safe lets go.
Abir and Neerja leave, Abir says don’t be scared of what happened. Neerja says I felt like I was the target why would someone want to kill me? Abir says you are my life, you are priceless for me and no one can touch you. Neerja says if not me, was it you. Abir says why would someone shoot me. Neerja says I don’t know all that let’s go it’s not safe.

Munmun and Kaushik worried and waiting for Bappan to give them news. Munmun sees Neerja and Abir. Kaushik thinks how is she alive.

Pratima sees the man and walks to him to give him the parcel. The man asks her to hand the parcel quikly. Police sees them and follows Pratima.

Abir tells Kaushik and Munmun that someone tried killing Neerja. Kaushik says how is this possible, who was it? Abir says I don’t know. Munmun says I asked her not to trust unknown people but this girl doesn’t listen. Abir says she is already sacred don’t scare her and says I should complain. Kaushik says this is a forest and many dacoits must be here so let’s go on holiday and forget about all this, you two are safe and that enough.
Kaushik asks everyone to sit inside and says I will go pay the dhaba. Kaushik calls Bappan and says how did you miss. Bappan says your brother interrupted the mission. Kaushik says come with me to Puri and I will guide you and next, I want to hear the news that the girl is dead. Bappan says okay and thinks I will abduct Neerja and take her away and for that I will have to fool Kaushik and get money for us to live peacefully.

Police catch some other woman in a purple saree and Pratima leaves. Passport Agent pulls Pratima and says police is looking for you, what are you doing here, here change your saree and hide in Sonagachi don’t step out. Pratima thinks Oh God how will I send my Neerja away now.

Bagchi’s arrive in Puri. Munmun keeps taunting Neerja and asks her not to embarrass their family name. Neerja feels bad and says I am orphan doesn’t mean I don’t have manners. Neerja doesn’t see Abir around and starts looking for him and gets worried and thinks Abir’s life isn’t safe here I will have to make sure he is safe.
Abir walks to Neerja. Neerja says where did you go, please promise me you won’t go away from me. Abir says don’t worry I am here.

Munmun asks receptionist did she make special arrangements as asked.She says yes.
Staff offers drink and Neerja is given different drink. Neerja tastes it and is in shock. Abir asks why is your drink different. Neerja says this is lemonade just like I like to have it with jaggery. Bappan in the hotel as staff. Neerja asks a waiter who made this. He says this is not what we serve you must have received someone elses drink by mistake.
Neerja thinks this drink can’t be a mistake, I have to find out what is it?

Pre cap: Neerja asks Abir to go in the room and follows a whistle. Bappan says Neerja I will take you away from here.
Shyamli tells Pratima, Bappan is in Puri. Pratima says I have to go save Neerja. Didun walks in and says no one goes away from here, I will teach Bappan his lesson.

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