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Neerja’s inquisitiveness about the unexpected lemon juice incident. She engages a waiter who clarifies that the drink wasn’t part of their welcome menu, possibly handed to her by mistake. Abir and Neerja take note of this revelation. In the meantime, Bappan notices Neerja, prompting Abir to distract her and steer her away. Neerja suspects Bappan’s presence and decides to investigate. Pratima expresses worry about Neerja’s absence to Shymili and contemplates seeking Bappan’s help, but Shymili advises against it due to their strained relationship. Despite this, Pratima contacts Bappan, unknowingly alerting Neerja to his whereabouts. Abir intervenes and leads Neerja away before she can approach Bappan. Shymili converses with Bappan, who avoids revealing his location. An announcement in the restaurant suggests to Shymili that Bappan is in Puri. Pratima deduces that Bappan might have followed Neerja there. Didun steps in, asserting that nobody should approach Bappan. However, Pratima is determined to thwart any harm Bappan might intend for Neerja. Abir takes a photo with Neerja to lift her spirits. Upon spotting Bappan, Neerja experiences a mix of surprise and concern. Later, due to a key mix-up, Kaushik takes Abir’s room key, leading to confusion. Abir and Neerja receive assistance from a room attendant, while Neerja contemplates her search for Bappan. Abir’s room is beautifully decorated, and he assumes Neerja arranged the surprise. Neerja continues her quest for Bappan, who is covertly keeping an eye on her. Didun attempts to contact Vijay, but he dismisses her. Neerja decides against leaving Abir alone and starts to return to him, hearing Bappan’s distinctive whistle. Pratima worries about Neerja’s safety, and Shymili informs her that Didun is absent. Diya blows out, heightening Shymili’s anxiety. Shymili reassures Pratima that Bappan loves Neerja and won’t cause her harm. Despite Pratima’s skepticism, Shymili believes in Bappan’s love for Neerja

Pre cap: Bappan’s attempt to abduct Neerja looms.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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