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Bappan watches Neerja and receives Kaushik’s call. Neerja enters her room and finds it decorated.
Abir expresses his love for Neerja through a voice recording. Neerja gets lost in his love for a moment but recalls her job. She reprimands herself for getting lost in his love as it’s her last chance to cure Abir. She switches off the voice recording with a heavy heart. Abir comes from behind, shirtless, and caresses her with a rose. Neerja gets lost in the moment but recovers when he calls her Trisha. She gets away from him, and Abir asks what’s wrong.
Neerja says they’ve just got married and she needs time. Abir says that she’s the one who made the arrangements, but Neerja denies it. Abir gets confused, while Neerja asks him to put on his shirt. Abir leaves to do so.

Munmun is lashing out at hotel employees for not decorating, but they say that Kaushik switched the keys. They leave, and Munmun gets frustrated. Kaushik says it’s for the better, as the more Abir grows affectionate towards Neerja, the more impactful her death will be. They’re shocked when they see a waiter near the door, but it turns out to be Bappan.
He asks them to discuss the murder in a closed room. They taunt him for not completing his work, but Bappa says his brother intervened. He says he has another plan but thinks in his mind that he’s about to kill Abir and take away Neerja. Neerja feels bad for staying away from Abir.

Lost in thoughts, Bappan comes from behind. At first, Neerja thinks it’s Abir, but she soon realizes it’s not. She tries to shout, but he covers her mouth. Abir tries opening the door but finds it locked. He shouts and gets worried for Neerja when he hears the sound of a vase breaking. He breaks open the door, and Bappan escapes through the window. Neerja tells Abir about the intruder, and Abir runs after him.
Neerja thinks the target is Abir and rushes after him. She stops him, lying that it was just her hallucination. Bappan hears it all and makes a plan to kill Abir. He calls Kaushik and informs him of his plan. Kaushik and Munmun call them out for boating. Neerja tries to make an excuse to safeguard Abir, but Kaushik and Munmun force her to give in.

Pre cap: Neerja and Abir are riding a boat, and Bappan is on the boat with his face covered. Munmun and Kaushik wait for Bappan to drown Neerja, but instead, he drowns Abir, shocking everyone. He removes his mask, and Neerja gets shocked seeing Bappan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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