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Abir and Neerja arrive at the lake. Neerja says I can’t swim so I am sacred of boating. Abir says don’t worry I am with you. Neerja asks can you swim. Abir says no but if I can’t save you, I will drown with you and your love keeps me alive so don’t be scared let’s go. Neerja thinks, god I think someone is behind me or Abir so please protect us.

Sarthak tells Bijoy that they are enjoying a lot and are going boating. Bijoy panics and says Abir can’t swim. Sarthak says don’t worry Kaushik will take care of him.
Kaushik meets Bappan and asks him to make sure work is done. Bappan says yes and thinks I am not going to kill Neerja but kidnap her.

Kaushik tells everyone he has asked for a boat rider too for easy sailing. Bappan with face covered in Neerja and Abir’s boat. Kaushik and Munmun are in another boat excited that Bappan will drown Neerja and Abir can’t swim so will just keep calling for help and we will just save Abir and no one will doubt us.
Abir plays his mouth organ and sings for Neerja. Abir insists Neerja on joining him. Neerja sings with Abir. Abir splashes some water on Neerja. Neerja realises they are far away and says they were instructed not to go deep. Bappan says sunset looks great from here. Abir gets excited and says lets go.

Munmun says to Kaushik, she is tired how long will Bappan take. Kaushik says have patience, look Bappan is taking them deep inside so that no one can save Neerja, so lets enjoy the view from here. Neerja requests Abir to go back and says she is very scared. Abir gets up to take a sunset picture. Bappan shakes the boat and Abir falls inside.
Kaushik says this man is an idiot. Neerja gets scared, Bappan walks to Neerja and removes his face cover. Neerja in shock to see Bappan. Abir drowning, Bappan asks Neerja how will you save him. Neerja says I will drown but not let him die. Neerja slaps Bappan and jumps in to save Abir. Bappan says how can Neerja risk her life to save this mad boy, does she love him?

Kaushik says God, I have to jump in to save them.
Bappan says I won’t lose this chance, Bappan asks Neerja to leave him and catch the plank and get in. Neerja uses the plank to save Abir but Bappan about to push Abir inside. Didun and her men reach the location and shoot Bappan. Didun’s men jump in to save Abir and Neerja.
Didun asks Neerja not to panic. Didun sees Bappan trying to escape.

Abir hugs Neerja and says he is fine. Neerja hugs Didun and thanks her. Didun whispers I loved your bond with him this will give me more money. Kaushik and Munmun rush to them and ask are you two fine. Didun asks where were you two, you didn’t come to save them. Kaushik says we were behind, couldn’t catch them, but Thank God these two are fine.

Bappan gets to the shore and thinks about Neerja and realises Neerja is in love with Abir and so he will kill Abir to get his Neerja.
Abir says to Neerja why did she jumped in when she couldn’t swim. Neerja says to him, how could she let anything happen to him. Abir hugs her. Kaushik starts fighting with Manager and says how dare someone use your boat. Abir says that is not important, I could see the man was fully planned to kill us, so call police. Didun says he must be thief here to steal some money and jewellery and scolds manager. Kaushik says Didun is right. Didun thinks Bappan dare you come in front of me because I won’t spare you.

Munmun asks Didun how come she is here. Didun says I dreamt of snakes roaming around Neerja and that was scary so I came here to see my child. Abir says to Neerja don’t be scared we are fine, lets go to hotel. Didun asks Abir to book her room near their room because she is sacred for Neerja. Abir says sure. Neerja thinks about Bappan and is sure he will try again.

Pre cap: Abir asks Neerja will she try Brandy, that will reduce the cold. Neerja tries a sip and says its so tasteless and smelly.
Abir and Neerja get drunk. Abir lies his head on her laps and asks when you love me so much why don’t you express it. Neerja says because I am not trisha but Neerja and the biggest truth is I am from Sonagachi.

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