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Neerja gets shocked as she sees Bappan. She asks if he’s the one who kidnapped her. Bappan questions how she can love someone else when she belongs only to him. Neerja lashes out at him for his obsession. Abir is searching for Neerja, calling out her name. Didun finds Neerja missing, and Kaushik says Abir is also missing. They get worried while Kaushik suspects Bappan behind it. Shabboo makes Pratima and Shyamli delete the video from their mobiles. She says that she must have done something terrible for the police to chase after her. She says that she would inform once Didun comes there. They both plead with her not to, but she pays no heed and locks them in the room. Pratima gets worried about how she would send Neerja abroad without a passport.

Abir is still searching for Neerja. Didun and Kaushik question the hotel staff about their safety and both Abir and Neerja being missing. They say that they are trying every possible way to find them and say that if they still couldn’t find them, they will inform the police. Kaushik panics that if the police get involved, then all his plans would be exposed. He decides to find them before that. Didun also thinks that if they find Bappan, then they would know that Neerja is from Sonagachi, which she can’t let happen. She decides to find them before it. Bappan is still angry at Neerja for falling in love with Abir despite him being there for her. Neerja confirms that she does love Abir as he doesn’t force a girl like him, one who is obsessed with her. She says that she would love him until she breathes her last. Bappan gets angry at Neerja for daring to fall in love with someone else. He says that someone wants to kill a person, and he thought he could use the money to buy her from Didun. Neerja keeps asking him who hired him to kill Abir. Instead of answering it, he gets closer to Neerja, but Abir comes there. He gets furious that Bappan laid his hands on Neerja.

Didun suggests checking the CCTV footage as she’s sure that Bappan wouldn’t have escaped. Abir and Bappan get into a fight. The hotel staff informs that CCTV is damaged. Bijoy calls Kaushik and learns from him that Neerja is not yet found. He lashes out at him and says he would be arriving in 15 minutes. Abir defeats Bappan, and Neerja hugs him. Bappan fumes seeing them together and sets the place on fire. Seeing the fire Abir panics.

Pre cap: Neerja tells Abir she loves him. Abir carries her in his arms and both come out.
Neerja and Abir fall unconscious.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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