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Neerja opens up to Abir, her voice laden with emotion. She confesses that she isn’t Trisha, but Neerja. She reveals that Bijoy brought her here to help Abir heal, providing money in return. Tears stream down her face as she admits she has no claim over Abir or his love. She adds that she’s from Sonagachi, speaking highly of Abir’s kindness. Her heart’s confession follows: she’s fallen for Abir. Abir rests his head on her lap and drifts into sleep.

With care, Neerja shifts Abir to the bed and lies down beside him, lost in admiration. The melody of “Humsafar” fills the air.

Meanwhile, Bijoy frets over Abir and Pishi maa’s potential reaction. Reassurances from Sartak and Moushumi do little to ease his worry. He dials Kaushik to gather information.

Kaushik’s voice carries a taunting tone as he mentions Didun’s presence, implying indulgence in their shared wealth. Shocked by this revelation, Bijoy calls Didun, confronting her motives with a stern warning. Didun’s cryptic threat hangs heavy as she disconnects. Regret gnaws at Bijoy for dealing with Didun. He decides to break the deal and asserts that Neerja won’t return.

Neerja awakens, memories of her confession flooding her. Didun enters, and Neerja admits to revealing the truth to Abir. Abir storms in, but he’s oblivious to Neerja’s revelation, putting her at ease. Neerja contemplates going back, but Abir persuades her to stay for the evening party.

As Abir leaves, Neerja’s concern returns. She worries about Bappan’s intentions toward Abir. Didun assures her and promises to handle Bappan, urging Neerja to focus on Abir’s safety.

In another setting, Kaushik chastises Bappan for failing and orders him to ensure Abir and Neerja attend the evening party. Bappan blames Neerja and guarantees success.

Later, Abir surprises Neerja with a breakfast setup. Touched by his care, Neerja regrets her deceit. Abir recalls her candidness the night before, encouraging her to always express herself. He gifts her a rose, solidifying their connection.

Neerja’s internal struggle continues as Bappan arranges to disable the hotel’s CCTV cameras during the party.

Pre cap: Abir gifts Neerja a dress for the party, surprising her. The night unfolds with a dance. Bappan’s scheme advances as darkness falls. He seizes Neerja, and when light returns, she’s vanished, leaving everyone stunned.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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