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Doctor examines Abir and Neerja. Kaushik starts making drama and says if something happens to my brother I will sue you guys. Kaushik says to Bijoy, lets admit Neerja somewhere local and take Abir along with us. Didun hears that and walks to Bijoy and says don’t try to ruin your reputation by taking this step and I will also make sure to not spare you. Bijoy says I have taken Neerja’s responsibility and I will make sure she is fine.
Ambulance comes everyone leaves, Didun says to Bijoy I want my girl as she is and if something happens to her face get her a plastic surgery I want my beauty back. Bijoy says today I saw how low can someone fall.

Didun gets call from Pratima but she disconnects. Pratima keeps trying. Didun receives phone and asks her to let her talk to Neerja, she is very restless. Didun tells Pratima that Abir and Neerja had a fire accident. Pratima collapses.

Pishi Maa prays for Abir’s health, and Moushmi joins Pishi Maa in prayers. Pishi Maa says I will keep praying till my Abir is fine. Sarthak tells Pishi Maa and Moushmi that Abir and Neerja will be at the hospital soon. Pishi Maa asks Moushmi to go with Sarthak and prays she will do a Nirjala fast until Abir is fine. Moushmi leaves with Sarthak.

Doctor asks for girls family. Bijoy goes aside to inform Pratima about Neerja. Munmun sees Moushmi and stars her drama and says Sarthak good you came take me to temple I want to do some donations in Abir’s name.
Moushmi asks Bijoy how is Abir and says please don’t lie tell me the truth, I can’t lose him, he is my only hope to stay alive. Bijoy asks Moushmi to have faith and says Abir is fine, you will not lose anyone.

Pratima keeps saying Neerja’s name and wakes up scared. Shyamli tells Pratima that Bijoy had called and has assured Neerja will be fine. Pratima says I will go to my Neerja. Pratima begs Shabbo to open the door and let her go meet Neerja. Shabbo says Didun will be back and then you can go, keep quiet or else I will tell Didun all your secrets.

Bijoy appoints IPS Das to investigate the issue. Kaushik says to Bijoy why worry Das Uncle it must be a short circuit case. Bijoy says I want the reason and I will find the truth.
Doctor tells anyone that both are seriously inured and have lot of smoke in their lungs and within 8 hrs if they gain conscious that is good or else it will be very critical, especially for Abir.

Pishi Maa keeps thinking about Abir and performs her pooja. Moushmi praying for Abir and Bijoy, Sarthak and Kaushik near Abir. Pratima praying for Neerja.

Neerja gains conscious and remembers the incident, she looks around and doesn’t see Abir. Nurse asks Neerja to rest. Neerja asks where is Abir. Nurse says he is sent home. Neerja says good he is fine. Nurse tells her Abir is serious and is showing no sign of recovery and so we sent her home. Neerja loses her calm and runs outside and says I have to meet Abir. Neerja sees Moushmi and Bijoy and asks about Abir. Moushmi says Abir is very serious and we don’t have hopes. Neerja says don’t say this, I am sure Abir will be fine, let me talk to him as Trisha and I am sure he will be fine. I know how much faith Abir has in Trisha please let me. Bijoy says all this is of no news. Neerja says yesterday, I saw him fight with his fear of fire for Trisha. Bijoy says enough, its better if even you leave. Moushmi says Neerja will come with us, Bijoy agrees looking at Moushmi. Neerja thanks Moushmi.

Pishi Maa near Abir with Munmun, Sarthak and Kaushik. Munmun says Abir was so happy and I wish God had taken me into fire than Abir. Moushmi walks in, Pishi Maa says ask Abir to call me. Moushmi requests Pishi Maa to let Neerja meet Abir. Neerja walks to Abir and holds his hand and asks Abir to wake up, Neerja starts motivating Abir to wake up. Neerja says to Abir, you promised me you will never leave me and says you said we are here because of eachother and so when I am alive, why are you unconscious? You said you love me everytime you see me and for the sake of your love, for your Trisha, you have to wake up. Neerja says look I am smiling, you always wanted me to smile right, common smile now.

Pre cap: Didun says to Neerja, Abir is fine and now you will go back to Sonagachi.
Neerja sees Abir going in his car and stops him and says look you gave me this pendant, I am your love. Abir ignores Neerja and later returns her pendant and says I think you are looking for someone else, I don’t know you. Didun drags Neerja to Sonagachi.

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