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Pishi Maa says to Neerja, thank God Abir doesn’t remember you or the past 2 years, so it would nice, if you will be sent far away. Moushmi asks Neerja to rest in the guest room and asks to not meet Abir for sometime, Pishi Maa leaves. Moushmi says to Neerja, Abir is asleep niow, after sometime I will get your belongings back.
Neerja breaks down. Neerja says Abir shouldn’t find about me, I won’t see him and this means there is no relation between us, not even of memories. Neerja thinks about Abir.

Moushmi says to Pishi Maa, she is very happy and wants to donate food to poor. Pishi Maa says even I will go to Vrindavan and donate gold. Bijoy asks Sarthak to make the new cabin ready and says it’s for Abir. Kaushik says I was going to shift there with you. Bijoy says I know but Abir deserves the bigger cabin and I am so happy today. Bijoy gets call from Didun. He goes aside and receives her call and says I can’t talk to you now, stop calling me frequently. Didun calls Bijoy back. Didun says if you can’t talk, I will come to see you Bijoy. Bijoy says to her, don’t you understand, I will call you when I need it. Didun says to Kallu, something is wrong how is Bijoy showing so much attitude.

Kaushik and Munmun go to their room. Kaushik gets angry and throws his phone and says Everyone forgot me, the elder son. Munmun says all this is because of Neerja, she didn’t die and created problems for us. Kaushik says the Bagchi empire is mine, no one can take it. Munmun says I won’t let Neerja live in this house.

Didun reaches Sonagachi and sees Shabbo having a nice massage and has her eyes covered and reveals about Chakri and Pratima. Didun walks to Shabbo sitting on her place. Didun changes her voice and asks what is in the video. Shabbo says I am not stupid to tell you. Didun threatens Shabbo and asks Shabbo what is in the video. Pratima hears Didun’s voice and asks about Neerja. Didun says shut up and asks Shabbo about the video. Shabbo tells Didun what’s in the video.

Neerja sees Moushmi happy and making arrangements for Abir. Moushmi says now the ill Abir will never return. Neerja hears that and thinks about Abir.

Neerja sees Abir in her room and asks her why is there photo of him and her as bride and groom. Neerja tells him, he thought she was Trisha and married her, she shouldn’t have fallen for him, as the love was for Trisha. Neerja says how can I not fall for you, you loved me so much and cared for me, do you at least remember the poetry and narrates it. Neerja tells him, he framed this photo because she fasted for him and loved her smile so much but today she isn’t smiling and Abir hasn’t noticed it yet and why did he forget her and asks her did he also forgot about the locket.
Neerja says to Abir, don’t love me back but at least don’t forget our memories and when you had to forget me why did you save me or love me so much?

Laltu walks in and asks Neerja who is she talking to? Neerja realises it was just her imagination. Laltu says here’s your food and Moushmi has asked you to eat it in the room and leaves.

Abir says to Moushmi, he doesn’t remember anything from the past and feels lost. Moushmi says its just a mess which you have to organise and all will be fine.
Neerja in the garden crying, remembers time spent with Abir there and says everything is over, I have no hope left and I don’t know how to live. Abir says to Moushmi, he thinks he has forgotten something he shouldn’t have.

Pre cap: Bijoy asks Neerja to leave as soon as possible. Moushmi asks why is it, why can’t she stay for some time. Bijoy says because she is from Sonagachi. Moushmi feels weird and wipes her hand that touched Neerja.
Neerja calls Pratima and says she is coming back tomorrow morning.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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