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Abir says to Moushmi, he feels like he is forgetting something he shouldn’t have. Moushmi says to Abir, we missed you these 2 years and now think about the fact that you are back to normal and it’s a new beginning for you and all of us. Abir says you are right, I have to forget past and move on, I have to forget everything in the past, even Trisha.

Neerja says Abir, I lost you before I could have you. Neerja talks to herself and says Abir has forgotten, me our memories all the promises we made. Neerja says I knew this will happen but I didn’t know it would be so soon, Abir couldn’t live without me even for 5 min and now I don’t exist for him. Neerja thinks of the situation as a fate and if Abir’s love is in her life, he will come back and may be in a sorted way.

Abir has his diary in his hand, narrates his old poems and tears all the pages. The pages fly and fall on Neerja, she sees Abir tearing the diary. Abir says Trisha, I thought we will live together forever but I guess our paths were till here, stay happy and hope we meet again and now for the first time I am starting a new chapter without you. Abir plays his mouth organ. Neerja hears that and says I guess this is a sign of a new chapter and this time as Neerja and with no fake commitments.
Laltu walks to Neerja and tells her, Bijoy has asked her to the study room.
Abir sees Neerja leave and says who is this girl, I want to know more about her.

Neerja walks to Bijoy. Bijoy thanks Neerja for her efforts to cure Abir and says I can never thank you enough, you have done a lot for us and here use this money for your future. Neerja says I didn’t do all this for money but because I respect Abir. Bijoy says I understand but Abir doesn’t remember you and I want it to stay that way and tomorrow you will go back to Sonagachi. Neerja remembers Didun and Sonagachi. Neerja says my mother has worked hard to send me away from Sonagachi and you know what will happen if I go back, just help me with a job and don’t send me back. Bijoy says I don’t want you near Abir, so please accept this money and leave. Moushmi walks in and says why are you sending her away, she is the reason our son is cured and we can’t push her out when our need is over. Bijoy says I am paying her and you don’t know the truth. Moushmi says let her stay until she is fine and to keep her away from Abir, give her a job somewhere else. Bijoy says she is going that’s it.

Moushmi says to Neerja, I am sorry but in Bagchi Family, women’s efforts are just a deal for them but I will support you, till you find a job and stay here. Bijoy gets angry and says the reason is that Neerja is from Sonagachi. Moushmi feels odd and wipes her hand with which she touched Neerja. Neerja sees that and feels humiliated. Moushmi remembers how Neerja entered their house and she took care of her. Moushmi asks Neerja to leave Bagchi house tomorrow and to stay away from Abir. Neerja says you all treated me as a daughter but now you all are humiliated, remember I was going to be sold when you helped me out of Sonagachi and now see even you are paying me, I am here because of Pratima and she wouldn’t like me accepting the money and I will leave tomorrow. Neerja leaves the room.

Didun tortures Chakri and makes her smell smoke. Shyamli begs Didun to leave her kid. Didun says I feel so sorry for you Shyamli you couldn’t give birth to a beauty but your son is a big problem. Didun burns Shyamli’s hand as punishment. Didun looks at Pratima and says I love to see fear in your eyes and asks Pratima to tell the reason why the police are looking for her. Pratima says I didn’t do anything wrong, you can kill me but trust me. Didun says why will I kill you, instead I will tell your daughter your truth.
Pratima begs Didun not to tell Neerja the truth, Didun says I won’t you tell me the truth, you have time till tomorrow. Didun locks them and leaves.

Neerja goes to her room and remembers her childhood and how she was humiliated because she is from Sonagachi and says why do I face this humiliation and how long will this Songachi be the reason we are humiliated. Neerja calls Pratima. Pratima asks Neerja is she fine. Pratima asks her why is she coughing. Pratima says dhup smoke, you tell me are you fine and what about Abir. Neerja tells Abir is completely fine now and she has to leave now, and tells the whole scenario.

Pre cap: Neerja leaving with two bags. Munmun checks her bags. Abir says all this stuff belongs to Trisha. Munmun blames Neerja of stealing. Neerja shuts Munmun and says to Abir, she is here to give back Trisha’s stuff and introduces herself as Neerja.

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