New parents, Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar, recently shared a captivating reel on their Instagram, announcing their much-anticipated international vacation alongside their baby boy, Zehaan.

The reel showcased a delightful moment as Gauahar and Zaid engaged in an energetic dance, brimming with happiness, within the confines of the international airport. Gauahar, acclaimed for her victory in Bigg Boss 7, radiated elegance in a pristine white tank top paired with sleek black jeggings. Meanwhile, Zaid, father to the adorable Zehaan, exuded effortless style in a sleek all-black ensemble, complemented by a chic black jacket.

Expressing their elation, Gauahar crafted a fitting caption for the video, encapsulating their emotions as “New parents overflowing with excitement on their inaugural international escapade.”

Furthermore, Gauahar penned another caption that reflected their sentiments: “Alhamdulillah. We are thrilled to resume our cherished shared pursuit, #travel, this time embracing the enchantment of family as we embark on our maiden journey with our precious child. Baarik Allah fi.”

Take a look at the post:

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