Nisha Rawal addresses backlash over son Kavish’s Independence Day attire choice

In the wake of Mahhi Vij facing backlash for sharing her daughter Tara’s namaz practice, Nisha Rawal has also become a target of social media criticism. Nisha received negative comments after she dressed her son Kavish in Muslim attire on Independence Day, sparking controversy.

Taking to her social media platform, Nisha decided to address the wave of negativity head-on. Through a series of heartfelt videos, she candidly expressed her sentiments, stating, “I recently posted images of my 6-year-old son dressed in a Muslim attire while proudly holding our nation’s flag. To my surprise, I received an overwhelming number of messages containing threats to unfollow me and unsettling remarks directed at my child.”

Nisha went on to respond to each comment individually, sharing her thoughts: “Allow me to respond to these heartless remarks as a mother. Through my son’s innocent eyes, I witness a world that transcends divisions, where differences are powerless to erect barriers. His pure heart knows no room for prejudice or animosity. In a world often consumed by divisions, we chose unity to celebrate the essence of our nation’s spirit. By dressing my beloved son as a symbol of harmony, it goes beyond mere performance—it instills lessons that will mold his character. To those who propagate negativity, always remember that love ultimately conquers hate. My son will continue to shine brilliantly, embodying tolerance and empathy. While threats and unfollows may arise, they can never overshadow the resilience born from embracing our shared humanity.”

Independence Day saw Nisha sharing videos of her festivities with her son, mother, and their domestic help. She expressed her view on true independence: “True Independence, to me, is the freedom to live life on my terms. It’s the ability to breathe without the weight of insecurity about my fundamental rights—my emotional, physical, and financial freedom. A world free from judgment, stigma, and taboos, where love resides in every heart. Wishing everyone a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.”

This situation mirrors a previous incident involving Mahhi, who also encountered negative remarks for showcasing her daughter Tara’s namaz practice. Mahhi responded to the trolls in a similar fashion.

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