Nisha Rawal opens up about having suicidal thoughts; Advocates mental health awareness on World Suicide Prevention Day

Renowned actress Nisha Rawal took to her Instagram handle to share a heartfelt message on World Suicide Prevention Day, shedding light on her own battle with suicidal thoughts in the past and emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health issues openly.

In her candid post, Nisha Rawal revealed that she has grappled with feelings of isolation and anxiety since her childhood, a journey marked by the challenge of managing her Bipolar disorder. She bravely spoke about contemplating suicide during her struggle with this mental health condition.

Nisha also shared the difficulties she faced in openly discussing her Bipolar disorder, especially in the media, where she experienced ruthless trolling and judgment, particularly regarding her roles as a mother and her physical appearance.

In her emotional caption, Nisha disclosed, “Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and here is my contribution to normalize this conversation: Being a public figure constantly under the microscope can be reason enough to feel isolated, anxious, pressurized, stressed, traumatized, and resort to substance abuse. It’s not just celebrities, but thousands of people commit suicide every year. I have felt all of the above, taken meds in the past for my anxiety, suffered from Bipolar disorder.”

She continued by sharing her challenging upbringing in a single-parent household and her gradual awareness of mental health issues. Nisha admitted to concealing her condition due to societal stigma and being subjected to derogatory labels in the media. However, she expressed her determination to rise above these challenges and defy societal expectations.

Nisha also revealed how her friends distanced themselves from her due to her Bipolar disorder, leading her to face even greater struggles. Despite these hardships, she persevered, emphasizing her dedication to her child, work, personal growth, and her ability to seek strength and inspiration from various sources, including podcasts and audiobooks.

In a touching message of hope and unity, Nisha encouraged her followers to support each other and share their stories. She affirmed that no one is alone in their struggles and emphasized the power of a supportive community in preventing suicide.

The post garnered support and admiration from fellow industry friends and colleagues who applauded Nisha Rawal’s resilience and bravery. Juhi Parmar, Yuvika Chaudhary, Saumya Tandon, and Tannaz Irani, among others, expressed their love and admiration in the comments.

In a video accompanying the post, Nisha appeared cheerful and surrounded by bunnies, signifying her triumphant journey of overcoming past suicidal thoughts and embracing her present strength.

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