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The Episode starts with Amba acting in front of Natasha. Natasha says you don’t worry, I will handle it. Amba says fine. Hetal and Dolly come. Hetal says sorry, we got late. Natasha says food will be made of Amrish’s choice. Amba says good, make khandvi and dal dhokla, aamras and puri also. Natasha worries. Amba says make it in 2 hours, you have Dolly with you. Dolly says I have explained the chef, he will handle everything. Amba says no cheating, Natasha said the bahus will make the food together and we all will dine together, no need of chef. Dhawal tells his friend about Natasha.

She asks don’t you like Natasha. Dhawal says yes, I also like her, she looks sweet, she is making me write notes, she is good hearted. The girl says you got habitual to her, so cute, you are just talking about her. He says no. She says its good to talk about her after marriage. He says no. Mittu calls Natasha. Natasha is busy cooking. Amba sees the phone and answers the call. Mittu says they got the bull dozer, come fast, else they will break our store. Amba disconnects. He says don’t know she heard anything or not. Chiku comes to break Pandya store. Suman and Mittu stop him. Suman throws her stick at Chiku. He picks it. She asks him to get out.

Chiku taunts her. He says talk to the boss, let me do my work, sorry. Suman says then you have to go over my dead body. Mittu calls Natasha again. He asks Natasha to come fast, they are breaking the Pandya store. Natasha asks what are you saying, don’t worry, I m coming. She tells this to Amba. Amba thinks Amrish has done it, now Natasha will know what we can do. Natasha says Suman would be worried, can I go. Amba says yes, go.

Natasha goes. Amba says who will make the food now. Hetal says we can’t keep the family hungry, don’t worry, I will make everything. Amba says you are my fav bahu, come, I will help you. Hetal says cylinder is empty. Amba asks what, how can this happen. She does a drama.

She asks Chabeli to massage her legs and head. Chiku argues with Suman. Natasha comes running. She gets shocked. Main tumko nai chodungi….plays… Natasha throws the dirty mud at Chiku. Suman smiles seeing her. Natasha climbs up and pulls Chiku. She scolds him. She says this area belongs to my Sasural. He says your Sasural ordered me to break this Pandya store. Natasha and Suman are shocked. Chiku says go and talk to them first. Natasha says you will say and I will believe you, no, this is my family, my store, get down right away.

She stops him. Shesh comes. Mittu asks him to see what’s happening. Shesh calls out Chiku and asks him to fight them. They all attack Chiku. Chiku ties them up.

Suman asks the neighbors to help them. Dhawal comes there. Suman gets relieved. Chiku says I m not scared of anyone, I will clear it. Suman says my son in law has come. Dhawal asks who gave you the orders to break this store. Amrish comes with Dhawal. Dhawal beats Chiku. He asks Natasha to come. The man goes to Amrish and says this work is going on because of your orders, we were breaking the Pandya store. Everyone is shocked.

Natasha argues with Dhawal. He says you have tried to hurt Amrish’s heart, you won’t do anything that Amrish doesn’t like.

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