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The Episode starts with Natasha recalling Dhawal and smiling. Suman looks on and thinks is Natasha in love with Dhawal, the guy isn’t bad. Dhawal says I can’t sacrifice my life for his mall setup. He recalls the childhood, how Amrish took the family’s responsibility and taken care of all of them. He recalls Amrish’s struggles and sacrifices for the family. He cries. Shesh comes to the store and takes money. Natasha catches him. She takes the money. He says I want some money for my new business. She stops him and says there is no money tree to waste it. She asks him to focus on studies. He argues. Suman comes and pinches him. She says you don’t want to do any job. Shesh says mum and dad left me in this poverty, I always beg. Natasha and Suman worry. He leaves.

Natasha says we are working hard to earn money, how shall I let him waste money. Suman says we should let him try, my dream is to get you married. Pranali says Amba supported Dhawal, she never takes our side. Amba comes and scolds her. Pranali apologizes.

Amba says its okay, I m worried for Dhawal, he can give his life for Amrish, Amrish has told his decision, what will Dhawal do now. Dhawal comes to Pandya store and sings Tujhe dekha to…. Two guys play the guitar. Natasha is surprised. He romantically proposes her. He asks will you marry me. Natasha asks what, if a guy and girl stays somewhere by some problem, will they get married, why shall I marry you. He says please marry me. She asks do you love me.

He recalls Amrish’s words and says I have to figure it out, heart says something else, mind says something else, when we get engaged, I will get the ring of your choice. Natasha says I m not in a hurry to marry, do you know why I got unwell last night, I just have one kidney, I m alive because my Badimaa donated her kidney to me and saved me. Dhawal is shocked. She asks what happened, you got peace now, everything is over now, get out. He says you look good, I don’t believe, you have one kidney, liar. She says yes, I have one kidney, just leave. Suman hears her and says Natasha always fights with someone. Suman comes to see. Dhawal laughs. Natasha says I have one kidney. Dhawal says I don’t care if you have one kidney, I just care for your heart where I want to live, its about marriage. Suman smiles. Dhawal tells about his family members. He asks when shall we plan that big day. Natasha asks why did you come to ask me for marriage. Suman worries. Dhawal says I want to marry for Amrish’s profit, I mean all I want is you, Urmi told me that a guy has come to see you, I got restless, I know your Dadi wants you to get married, I beg you, marry me. Suman smiles.

Amrish says I will get Dhawal and Natasha married. Suman says Dhawal is the best guy for Natasha. Amba says I will not let this marriage happen.

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