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The Episode starts with Natasha refusing to marry Dhawal. Suman asks what shall I do of this girl. Dhawal and Natasha’s bracelets get tangled. He smiles and says see your family likes me. Natasha says get out. She scolds him. Suman stops him and asks do you like Natasha and want to marry her. He says yes, I want to marry her. She asks do you like her. He says yes, I like her. She asks can you keep her happy. He says more than you do. She says there is a problem, I told your family that I will give Pandya store to Natasha’s Sasural, you want the store to make a mall, right.

He says I just love Natasha and don’t want anything. Suman says I have two conditions, Pandya store will not go anywhere, it will never become a part of the mall, you have to prove that you deserve her. Dhawal lies and promises her. Natasha gets the ring and recalls Dhawal. She says he has no sense. Suman asks can you keep the promise. They hear Natasha and leave. Dhawal comes to Amrish. Amrish says Bhaven, we have to return the money to the investors, I will clear that we aren’t making the mall, we couldn’t get Pandya store in control. Amba smiles. Dhawal stops him and says mall will be made there, I can’t see you upset, because I convinced her Dadi for this marriage, her Dadi accepted. Amrish smiles and hugs him.

Suman asks Natasha to just agree for marriage, she will find any guy. Natasha thinks how is she saying this with confidence, did she hear that mad guy proposing. Dhawal tells Amrish about Suman’s conditions. He says I have proposed her for marriage. Amba says you are going fast, did Natasha agree. Dhawal says no girl can refuse me, she will agree, she has no interest in Pandya store, she wants to do a job. Amrish says go and tell Suman that Pandya store will be there, I will think for her betterment after marriage, go and try to convince her. Natasha asks where are you going with the jewellery. Suman says Shesh is coming. Shesh steals some jewellery and thinks to invest and double the money. Suman says I will get the jewellery polished. Natasha asks what happened suddenly. Suman says nothing, I want to be ready always.

Chirag gives love tips to Dhawal. Dhawal says I don’t love Natasha, I m not ready to marry her, I m doing this for Amrish, I lied to her Dadi, I m feeling guilty. Chirag says love will happen after marriage. Amba says Dhawal is sacrificing his happiness for Amrish’s sake. Amrish comes and says come, we have to meet Bansi. Chirag says yes. Amrish says you are doing a lot for me, I m so grateful to you, I know you don’t love her and want to marry her, but you proved you are my backbone, if I fall down, I m sure you are there for me, thanks a lot. Amba looks on. Dhawal says I can give life for you, don’t say thanks, I love you so much. Amrish says Hetal and I had no love between us, Hetal loves me the most today, your wife will also love you, I guarantee that. He goes. Dhawal calls someone. Amba and Chabeli come for shopping. Amba thinks of some idea. She recalls Natasha’s family. She says we will use that weak link. She sees Mittu with Shesh. She sees Shesh with a gold chain. She says this guy is the weak link, he has stolen that chain. She sees him selling the gold chain. She says I will ruin their family, I won’t let the marriage happen.
Some guys tease Natasha. Dhawal comes there and fights the goons. Suman calls Natasha and says he is coming. She gets scared and shouts for help.

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