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The Episode starts with Natasha giving the paper to Hetal and asking her to read the dialogues. She says I was an actor in childhood, I can tell the dialogues, you prepare it. Hetal says I can’t do this. Natasha says please, you can’t refuse. Chiku sees the Pandya store. Natasha records Hetal’s dialogues. She says one thing is sorted, come with me. Hetal asks where. Natasha says just jump from here. Hetal asks are you mad. Natasha says jump, simple. Hetal says no, I never did it. Natasha says jump from here, I will just come. She goes. Hetal says she has a good heart, but I can’t do anything that makes Amrish feel bad. Mittu says Natasha asked us to stay here. Shesh says no. Chiku comes to the store. Suman scolds him and says if you come close to me or my store, then I will file a complaint against you, you don’t know me. He says I know, you are Koi nai. She recalls Chiku.

He says don’t become my Dadi Amma, I came to ask if there are sweets. She says I don’t want to become your Dadi Amma, I m your Koi Nai/nobody. He goes. She thinks why do I feel Chiku is close to me. She cries. He goes. Natasha asks Hetal to jump. Amba and everyone are in puja. Natasha helps Hetal. Amrish says you did right, Maa, you made Natasha’s brothers leave, she should know she has to obey her Sasural. Amba says no, she is very clever, its imp to change her. Amba asks Natasha to sit in the puja. Natasha says I will get the other items. Amba says sit down, see how Dolly is making the preparations with love. Natasha thinks Hetal’s brother can come and meet her outside. Hetal sees Chabeli coming and hides. Pandit says we will do the puja now. Natasha takes the Mauli. Dhawal signs no to her. She keeps it back.

Amba says Chabeli, Natasha didn’t do any drama, something is wrong, go to kitchen and check. Pranali asks Chabeli to get new saree from her room. Natasha goes to jump from the window. The rakhi plate falls. Natash goes out to Hetal. Hetal says there will be a drama. Natasha says we are not doing anything wrong, come with me. Hetal says its wrong, we will get trapped. Natasha says just come with me. Chabeli goes to kitchen and sees the plate fallen. Amba says I told my bahus to get coconut, they don’t do their work. Dhawal says I will go and get the coconuts. Shesh says I m leaving. Natasha calls him out. She runs to her brothers. Shesh stops and goes to Natasha. Mittu says see, she has come after crossing many difficulties. They smile. Natasha and Hetal come to them. She says Hetal’s brother didn’t come till now. Mittu asks her to tie rakhi. Shesh says she didn’t get Rakhis. Natasha says wait for 2 mins. She goes and gets some leaves. She crushes the leaves and does tilak to her brothers. Jeevan ka ye pahiya….plays… She ties a thread to their wrists. They get emotional. Hetal smiles seeing them. Natasha says wait, I will just come. She goes to ask a man for a lighter. She gets the lighter. She does their aarti. She hugs them. Chabeli comes to Amba and says Natasha and Hetal aren’t in the kitchen. Amba asks where did they go. Hetal worries.

Natasha argues with Dhawal. He says you have tried to hurt Amrish’s heart, you won’t do anything that Amrish doesn’t like.

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